Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard Review

The sleek Inboard M1 Premium Electric Skateboard has been growing rich in its features and controls since it bagged the best cheap electric skateboard award. The addition of dual trucks (front and rear) mechanism provides maximum protection from wear and tear. The REV wheels with 80mm diameter and 78A durometer provide the maximum weight carrying capacity (280LBs of rider weight) with the board weight of 14 pounds. The manta drive (inboard trademark) containing the motor assembly, urethane wheels, retaining ring and screws assembly, provides the top performance for the Inboard M1 Premium. Maximum speed of the board is 22MPH with 7 miles range (+/-2 miles tolerance).

Construction of the Inboard M1 Premium

The construction of the Inboard M1 Premium is highly efficient due to the intelligent layout of the trucks, wheels, battery, nose, and the tail onboard. The Inboard M1 Premium deck is made of light weight wood having high tensile strength with a dimension of 37.5” X 11.25”. The braking is regenerative and it works in real time to provide instant stopping effect without vibrations and shocks.

  • Skateboard Deck: The fabricated deck provides warp free service for many years and carries maximum payload (rider) weight over long distances. The composite wood has high Flexural strength for protection from bending and deformation. The other skateboard with high quality deck is the Atom Electric B.36.
  • Manta Drive: The motor and wheel assembly contains two in-wheel motors which work efficiently on the flat roads and inclinations up to 17%. The motor power is 1000 watts on continuous run mode, while it can reach a maximum of 1600 watts under standard conditions. Since the assembly has no gears and belts, the motor can deliver maximum power without any loss at all the stages of operation. The near zero friction of the motor action keeps it running without getting heated up.
  • Rear Truck: The design of the rear truck is highly critical for the efficient and seamless operations of the Inboard M1 Premium. The strong metal base plate has the maximum resistance to vertical stress, while its flexibility makes it work efficiently on tough road conditions and the curves. The hanger and the bushings have strong responsive property while running. The device can absorb maximum shocks and vibrations from the wheels, motor, vertical weight, and the reverse resistance for forward movement.
  • Touch Sync: The touch sync technology is highly useful while connecting the Inboard M1 Premium to the remote controller through the Bluetooth. The sync is highly sensitive as it can maintain the connection at high speeds, bad weather and bumpy road conditions with the same efficiency.
  • RFLX Remote: The device has a unique design to provide firm grip to your hand, as it wraps around and the probability of dropping is near to zero. After turning on the remote you need to tap twice on the onboard touch sync with three fingers. The task of pairing the skateboard with the remote is very simple. They can detect each other automatically after every battery change, device repair, or other maintenance tasks. The remote gives you the options for controlling the board’s forward and reverse movement, braking, turning, accelerating and inclination travel perfectly. The remote ahs two separable parts namely the top and the removable tail. The tail wraps around your hand and gives firm grip while operating.
  • Inboard Vision: The inboard vision is a user friendly app which can control the M1 throttle, LEDs, rider mode, and the Inboard M1 Premium throttle. Changing the mode can result in speed and acceleration modifications. The seamless connectivity between the app and the board makes it highly efficient and energetic.

Riding on the Inboard M1 Premium

  • Acceleration: You can start accelerating the board movement from the moment you start. The time required to hit the maximum speed is only a few seconds. If you are a beginner, you need to take special care while negotiating the steep curves and inclinations. Avoid braking frequently while riding. Instead, you can keep the speed at moderate levels to attain the maximum specified range. The Inboard M1 Premium allows you to change the acceleration levels according to you needs.
  • Speed: The Inboard M1 Premium can run on rugged roads without compromising on the speed. The 5” height of the board provides protection shocks and vibrations. You need to check the Inboard M1 Premium speed while moving downhill. The gravity factor could pull the M2 Premium at a higher speed than you have chosen on the remote. Hence, you may need to reduce it to move at optimum speeds.
  • Torque: The Inboard M1 Premium has an upgrade in the torque by 40% in the advanced mode. You can experience top speed while moving uphill at an inclination of 15%. The mass moment of inertia with reference to the Inboard M1 Premium’s center of gravity balances perfectly due to the increase in torque. Hence, the flow of motion becomes smooth. The increase in torque can also provide maximum stability your body. The time delay for accelerating from lower to higher speed and vice versa gets reduced due to optimization of the torque.
  • Battery: –The Inboard M1 Premium is equipped with a fast swappable lithium battery working at 432.V and 97Wh. The standard range provided by the battery is 7 miles (+/-2miles). The display shows the current charge level as green (>=20% and <=100%), red (<20%) and blinking red (near to zero). When the red light starts blinking you can swap the battery with a fully charged new battery. You can extend the range to your required level without having to go in search of a charging point. You can also find an equally efficient battery on the Onewheel.
  • Braking: You can control the regenerative braking from the remote control or the app. The braking generates heat, which gets converted into energy and transfers into battery. The system works within a few seconds to ensure maximum safety at high speeds.


  • Torque enhancement by 40%.
  • Light weight with Flexural strength for higher payload.
  • Dual truck for maximum safety and control.


  • Reduced touch sync sensitivity during low battery


The Inboard M1 Premium Electric Skateboard is a state of the art personal transport device for experienced pros. If you are a beginner, you may wish to try the Acton Blink Board and train for a few months before choosing the Inboard M1 Premium.