Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard Review

It must be said that often with products the need to innovate to stay ahead of the crowd needs a particular mention. At times the use of a more advanced material could provide the user with the much needed lead over the others in the field or it could be a more innovative approach in using already existing material. It is really hard to come to one of best electric skateboards in 2016. But it could be said that the Inboard M1 would stand a good chance of coming out on top at any time and not just in the year 2016.


That a skate board must last the distance needs not particular mention. It is often a good selling point to have boards that would outlast the competition at all times. There are a few points that need a special mention with this board that would simply stand out.


  • A light weight design that takes off where the Action Blink S2 started is what is so noteworthy of this skateboard. The further refinements not just contribute an increased range and endurance but a better rid ability as well.
  • Using one of the strongest batteries in terms of storage capacity this board can offer a full 7 mile range.
  • The use of a design that allows an easy swapping of power units to further extend the ride distance comes rather handy to have. It could be said to be the more innovative uses of technologies possible to have around.


  • It must be said that despite the higher capacity batteries in use, the Inboard M1 does not have the corresponding range. The increased comfort levels do use up a significant battery capacity in this case.

Safety of use

It must be stressed the need to have a transport option that is more than convenience, just safe. This accent to provide the rider as safe as an option as is possible, can be noticed in the very design of the board. The future standards of safety are going to be more stringent than before thus needing more practical solutions to common occurrences.


  • The levels of safety as compared to the Boosted Dual+ are far better in terms of rider safety as well as safety to the skateboard.
  • Of particular mention must be of the battery or the power pack. It is possible to have as rough a ride and yet still have it functioning just as well.
  • With 4 riding modes that can be preset, it not just gives a more customized ride, but a better lasting battery in terms of longer lasting ride.
  • The customized polymers in use for the wheels do provide a control that helps keep the board in control as well in the desired line as well.


  • The need to present a low weight has meant that the thickness of the board has been shaven to the bare minimum. This could be a problem for the heavier riders as it could feel rather unstable while negotiating the corners.

Regenerative Braking

That something as futuristic as regenerative braking has been tried out on a skateboard is indeed commendable. This is no doubt a far-sighted approach that is bound to take the skateboard place in terms of areas of operation as well as applications. It is this factor that would see more people use things like skateboards for more common utility than entertainment purposes.


  • The most innovative use of technology that is regenerative braking does add some miles to any ride. It does reduce the over dependence of recharging the battery and can be relied to provide a smoother ride as well.
  • This piece of technology would go a long way in getting the skateboard more accepted in general society for the utility as well as the very futuristic application of the technology.
  • Generally the regenerative braking is smoother in use than the application of brakes to slow down the rider. Thus, it would lead to a smoother ride at all times.


  • There is a general tendency to consider this bit of technology as a mere fad as the power fed back to the system rarely is enough to make a big difference to the ride distance possible.

The Motor

It must be said that the motor is use to provide the drive power is one of the most modern and up to date offering that is available in the market. The more up market boards like the Acton Blink Lite would get to use this offering to power the riders as well.


  • This could well be one of the most powerful offering in its class that can provide the sudden acceleration and braking so needed to power the skateboard.
  • It is primarily the quality of the motor that gets to use the regenerative properties to help conserve charge with each use and with the Inboard M1, the role that the motor plays in providing a superlative ride quality in its class cannot be denied.
  • The very design of the motor provides for a cool operation that does not cause a significant overheat at any time. Even in the steepest of climbs and times when coasting downhill thus calling the regenerative action into play, the motor retains its poise right through.


  • The cost of the board is primarily provided to by the motor than any other single element. Here the need to provide a good set of operational parameters meant the use of an expensive motor that has contributed to the most extent to its higher cost.

The Manufacturer

The Inboard M1 does come from a stable of skateboards that have been particularly noteworthy for their quality of build as well as ride. This manufacturer has been at the forefront of using the most up to date technology that brought greater conveniences to those who got to use their boards like regenerative braking and remote control functions too.