HYPER GOGO Off Road All Terrain Hoverboard Review

For someone who is searching for the best reviewed hoverboard, this is a considerable product. The Hyper Gogo brand has delivered some of the most spectacular products to the audience.

This is a simple off-road hoverboard that you will really enjoy riding. It has got all security features that you would want for your child.

All in all, this product is very similar to Hoverboard Hyper Gogo 6.5″ UL2272 Certified Self Balancing electric scooter which is by far one of the best hoverboards on the market.

Features and Specifications

This review is dedicated to the Hyper Gogo Off Road All Terrain Hoverboard. In this section, I will explain all the amazing features of this product.

Beautiful Design

The design of this product is something that every person will talk about as soon as anyone will look at it.

First of all, this model comes in 4 unique colors and graphical designs that will impress most of the buyers.

The stealing point of this product is its beautiful lighting on the wheels. There is a 3d hole on the wheel which has got a rainbow of mesmerizing colors.

No wonder that this product is so popular among the kids. It is very beautiful.

Safety Standards

Well, as far as the safety of your child is concerned, you are mostly worried about the overheated batteries that can cause huge accidents.

Other thing is the overall performance of the product which means a lot to most buyers. You wouldn’t want the product to fall apart when you child is riding it.

Sometimes, kids are riding the hoverboard on high speed. In this case, when it falls apart, it can cause dangerous accident.

Fortunately, you get UL2272 certification on this product. It assures that this hoverboard is checked for the performance of the overall product and the batteries. You can rest assured that your child will be riding something safe.

Self-Balancing Mechanism

Parents are mostly worried while getting the first hoverboard to their kid as the balancing could be a problem for them.

Well, this product is close to the standards of FLYING-ANT Self Balancing Hoverboard Electric Scooter in delivering high stability and self-balancing performance to the child.

Your child will never find any problem of balancing with this hoverboard. It will give great stability to the beginners.

Bluetooth Speakers

To ensure on-road entertainment of your child, you can get them this hoverboard as it has got high-quality Bluetooth speakers.

Unlike many other products on the market, this one comes with amazing speakers that comes with great noise quality.

Your child will appreciate the feature of Bluetooth speakers. At least my child is totally in love with the speakers.


The 6.5 inches vacuum wheels of this product are high in quality. There are kids that like to take challenges and they ride the hoverboards off-road.

It is important for the wheels to be of such quality that the performance of the hoverboard is not bothered because you have picked a different terrain to ride the hoverboard.

The wheels of this product are definitely one of the biggest strengths of this product. You can find same kind of wheels in one of the other amazing products like CITY CRUISER Off Road Hoverboard Dual Motors Electric Self Balancing Scooter.


The speed of this product is suitable for the beginners. As a new hoverboard rider, you don’t want speed that you are not able to handle and manage.

This product comes with decent speed and performance that helps you in learning how to balance a hoverboard effectively. This is a highly suitable product.

Carry Bag

Another feature that I absolutely love is that this model comes with a carry bag. This allow you to store the hoverboard easily and effectively when it is not in use.

The carry bag also helps you in taking the machine to different places like a farm house or holiday location where you can enjoy the rides.

The Good

Here are some of the best things about this product that you will appreciate.

Amazing Tires

The tires of this product are great in looks and performance. To begin with, the 3D hole on the wheels that comes with all the colors is a showstopper point of this product.

Other than that, its tendency to take up on any terrain and off-road platforms is great. The overall performance of the hoverboard is highly amazing.

Suitable Price

Unlike many other products on the market, this one is genuinely available on a suitable price. You will really appreciate the features in respect to the cost of this product.


Thanks to the construction material, this one is pretty durable and lightweight. Whenever the need arises and your kid has to pick up the hoverboard, that won’t be a problem because of the light weight of the hoverboard.

Carry Bag

Interestingly, this hoverboard comes with a carry case. This means whenever your child is not using the hoverboard, you can keep it stored in a carry bag.

The bag is also essentially useful when you have to take the hoverboard to some other place.


The Bad

Here are a few things that you might not like about this product.

Too Less Color Choices

While there are a few color choices available with this product, they are not too much that will impress a lot of selectors.

Kids who like to have a choice and want more color options will be disappointed with this product.

Who Is It For?

This hoverboard is for the buyers that don’t want to spend a lot of money on a product like hoverboard. It is suitably priced and yet the features fully justify the cost of the product.


I would like to conclude the Hyper Gogo Off Road All Terrain Hoverboard by saying that this product is very interesting. It has got all the essential features that you will appreciate.

You don’t have to worry about the safety of your child with this product. I personally recommend this product to all.

Happy Shopping!