Hybrid Surfboard – Performance Foam Longboard Surfboard Review

Can’t decide between soft and fiberglass surfboards? Luckily for you, this longboard series called the Hybrid Surfboard has the best of both worlds. It features boards with soft foam decks on top of hard bottoms made of fiberglass. Take a look at the specific characteristics that make this product a star on several longboard surfboard reviews.

Features and Specifications

Soft Top

Proving that the Hybrid Surfboard is ideal for beginners and intermediate-level surfers, the deck is cushioned with soft foam. The foam is securely attached to the deck thanks to a resin that’s completely waterproof. In fact, the structural integrity of the entire board has a lot to do with multiple resin layers weighing a total of six ounces.

As a plus, the deck is wax-free. It’s low-maintenance to save you some time when cleaning and storing the board. Some users are still waxing the top surface like a regular surfboard, but it’s easier for them to spread and buff a small amount of wax.

Fiberglass Bottom

While the soft deck prioritizes comfort and convenience, the fiberglass bottom aims for durability and performance. It also contains bamboo for a harder feel without losing flexibility.

What exactly is fiberglass and why is it used on most surfboards? It’s basically plastic that’s scientifically strengthened through glass fibers. It’s similar to the quality of carbon fiber except for the lower cost and higher flexibility.

And, the best part? Fiberglass can be more durable than some metals. No wonder it’s being used for manufacturing aircraft and automobiles. Its applications even include septic tanks, pipes, and roofs.

Thruster or Quad Fin System

Since this product is a series, some of its surfboards are thrusters while others are quads. This is a huge advantage because surfers usually choose between the two fin systems.

The three-fin system (thruster) has been existing longer than quad since it was specifically designed for higher waves. However, it can still ensure control and balance when it moves on smaller waves. It’s extremely versatile.

On the other hand, the four-fin system (quad) is all about speed. Even though it’s as versatile as the thruster, you need to constantly adjust the fins to achieve the quality of ride you’re going for.

Additional Details

  • Closed-cell EPS foam core
  • One wooden stringer
  • Tapered rails
  • Fingerprint texture on the deck for better grip
  • Comes with a free safety leash

The Good

Easier Paddling

Surfing isn’t just about standing on the board. It may also involve paddling. Fortunately, the Hybrid Surfboard is wide, thick, and buoyant enough for that purpose despite its ability to duck dive.

No Extra Flex

The solid structure of this surfboard eliminates unnecessary flex when moving on water. That’s why it’s effective for heavier waves. It will be easier for you to control it no matter how intense the waves can be.

Can Be Customized

We’re not only talking about customizing the fin setup and other technical features; this surfboard will also give you the freedom to style its deck. The top surface is purely white, perfect for additional graphics that will suit your personality.


The Bad

Not Buoyant Enough for Experienced Surfers

On its own, the Hybrid Surfboard floats decently on water. However, when compared to other longboards, some frequent surfers aren’t very satisfied with its buoyancy. That’s one of the reasons why some beginners find it trickier to train with this product.

Who Is It For?

The Hybrid Surfboard is ideal for smaller surfers, especially younger riders, because of its strong grip on the deck. Its bottom tail also has a concave for more exciting rides.

The concave is essential for high-performance surfboards to force the water to flow toward the fin system. This lets the fins do their job in enhancing speed while maintaining stability. Another purpose of the concave is to let the air flow under the board for a smoother ride.

More about the appeal of this surfboard for young surfers, it can catch small waves fast. A child can still have a fun time on the board even when the waves aren’t too dynamic.

When it comes to its weight capacity, this surfboard can support 200 to 300 pounds, depending on its size. The bigger the board, the heavier the load it can carry.


Aside from the expected soft top and fiberglass bottom, the Hybrid Surfboard is also an excellent series of products because of the fin systems it offers. You can choose either a thruster or quad from the models available. Despite being less buoyant than other popular products out there, this longboard is still a decent choice for different types of surfers thanks to its minimal flex and blank deck for customized designs.