HUBO SPORTS Ski Snow Goggles Review

Have you experienced skiing on challenging slopes and having your goggles fog up? This can be a frightening experience, especially when you are skiing at a fast pace. The risks and dangers are heightened in this situation. It is always a must to have a reliable eye gear to back you up. Check out the review of the HUBO SPORTS Ski Snow Goggles, one of the best snow goggle brands in the market. We have laid down all the essential details you need to decide on whether this is a good fit for you.

Features and SpecificationsHUBO SPORTS

Permanent Anti-fog Lens

Products like the ZIONOR Lagopus Ski Snowboard Goggles UV Protection Anti Fog has anti-fog coating to keep the lens clear. This model has taken a step up from the standard and decided to decompose the anti-fog material and incorporate it on a sheet that gives an anti-fog effect on the glass entirely. This is made to last for a long time, so you do not have to worry about its quality.

3M Glue

This can be considered a good feature because it exemplifies a stronger viscosity than others. This has less bubbles at the band with the lens and is created to compliment the aesthetic aspect of the goggles holistically.

Anti-fog Lens and UV 400 Protection

Similar to the Juli Ski Goggles,Winter Snow Sports Snowboard Goggles with Anti-Fog UV Protection Double Lens, this is created with air ventilation holes to make sure you get crystal clear vision. This is coated with an anti-scratch lens that offers UV400 protection on both layers of the lenses. Thanks to this feature you will not have to worry about the quality of your vision when skiing in sunny and snowy days.

Advanced Over the Glass (OTG) Design

If you like the AKASO OTG Ski & Snowboard Goggles, Mag-Pro Magnetic Interchangeable Lenses for having an OTG design, you will definitely love this too. This is ideal for those who like to wear their own prescription glasses when snowboarding. This compliments the quality of your vision while giving you comfort above anything.

Elastic Strap

You will love the universal helmet compatibility of this model. This is made with an elastic strap that you can perfectly fit a helmet for adults, teenagers and kids. It is sturdy and convenient to use because it has a bendable safety TPU frame.

Reliable Warranty and Solid Support System

The biggest factors that give you the peace of mind upon purchasing this item would be the warranty and support system of the company. Why go for a company who does not make support available to you? When you purchase this model, you will be given an 18-month warranty for your peace of mind.

The Good

Excellent Anti-fog Feature

Users who have used this model only had to say good things about its anti-fogging mechanism. A lot of them used this in snowy and sunny areas and it gave them constant results. You can be sure to have clear visibility of the slopes you are to take on.

Efficient Eye Protection

This model delivers the promise of providing UV400 protection whenever you play under the sun. It has high quality double lenses that make sure the wind does not seep in and make your eyes cold.

Reliable Over the Glass (OTG)

A constant favorite for many would be this model’s capability to fit well with a variety of glass frames. Apart from helping you keep your best vision while wearing it, it also gives a comfortable fit despite having overlapping glasses on your face.

High Impact Resistance

Unlike other brands that shatter in moderate to severe hits and traumas, this one is built to endure better. It is lightweight in build, but its sturdiness stands out from the rest. This is also a factor that makes it worth the price.

Friendly Customer Support

There were users who have experienced minor problems due to package handling and most of them were happy with the assistance they got. The 18-month warranty is one thing to be happy about, the rest of their team makes it even better.


The Bad

May Have Awkward Fit

While this model has an over the glass (OTG) feature that works for the majority of its users, some people had trouble with its fitting because of their glass frames. It is recommended to stick to the average-sized frames to minimize the chances of this from happening to you.

Sizing A Bit Inaccurate

This may not be a problem for those who only want a one-time purchase. However, some users have raised the concern of buying three pairs and having varied sizes for each. The difference is not too dramatic, however, it may pose as an issue if the user wants to have all three in the exact same sizes.

Chances of Frosting

This can be great when used in sunny snowy slopes, however, a tendency of frosting may be present when used in extreme snow conditions. It is recommended to make sure the goggles are snug and fit before use to make sure snow does not accumulate on the gaps.

Anti-scratch Feature Not Too Effective

The glasses are no doubt anti-fog, however, the anti-scratch feature may be a drawback for this one. Some of the users mentioned that they experienced times of handling the lenses properly, but still ended up with scratches on the lens.

Who Is It For?

This is perfect for people who want to maximize the over the glass (OTG) feature. It works great for people with average-sized prescription frames. The HUBO SPORTS Ski Snow Goggles’ anti-fog feature is the bomb too. Snowboarders who hate fogging will definitely find this pair as a treat. It works great for snowy terrains, even with mild to moderate winds in play. This is a good purchase for those who know how to handle the lenses properly, not for those who have a hard time with maintenance and storage. This may not be for those who plan to use larger frames beneath it.



The HUBO SPORTS Ski Snow Goggles is a purchase that will give you your money’s worth. It has features that are truly efficient and handy. This will remain a good pick for beginners and snowboarders who want to transition into a higher level. This allows you to conquer different terrains and varied weather conditions.