How to Ride an Electric Skateboard

Riding an electric skateboard for the first time can be easier than expected. The rider simply needs to understand the basic techniques as well as tips for proper control. As soon as the rider masters the correct foot placement, stance, and operation of wireless control, becoming a pro won’t be too difficult.

Since a lot of first-time riders are unsure about which foot should be in the front end of the deck, there are ways to test the most comfortable foot placement for different people. The effectiveness of the placement all depends on personal preferences.

How to Know the Right Foot Placement

Tug of War Test

Imagine playing tug of war. Pay attention to which foot is placed forward. How the feet are placed while playing tug of war can be used as the standard when riding an electric skateboard.

Step Test

Stand in front of a staircase or a chair. Then, step forward without overthinking. Remember which foot was used first because that’s also the same one for the front end of the electric skateboard deck.

Ride Test

This is the best type of foot placement test if the novice skater isn’t alone. One person can hold the rider while slowly moving with an electric skateboard in different directions. This can be done while trying either right or left foot continuously for a few minutes so the rider can instantly identify which placement is the most comfortable.

How to Stand Properly on an Electric Skateboard

  1. Make sure the gap between feet is as wide as the hips.
  2. Bend the knees to turn more smoothly, balance easier, and avoid serious injuries.
  3. Keep the weight balanced by not leaning forward or backward excessively.

How to Control an Electric Skateboard

Controlling an electric skateboard is mostly about using the wireless device properly. That’s why a responsible skater should always learn the major features of the remote control before riding an e-skate for the first time.

Another factor in guaranteeing total control of an electric skateboard is the rider’s body. To successfully practice the skill of maneuvering an e-skate through subtle physical motions, a spacious area is required.

After everything is prepared for the first ride, here are the next steps:

  1. Push the sliding button forward or pull the mechanism to unfasten the throttle (depends on the type of remote control).
  2. Brace yourself for acceleration by slightly bending your knees (the front leg should be more bent while the back leg is tenser and slightly moved forward).
  3. Once you reach your target speed, maintain it by balancing your weight (keep your knees on the same level while the back leg is slightly moved backward to achieve the proper stance).
  4. Change direction by putting more weight on your heels or toes and letting your head lead your upper body (that’s why you should always keep your eyes on the road).
  5. Push the sliding button backward or release the mechanism to activate the brakes (still depends on what kind of wireless control you’re using).
  6. Get ready for the brakes by slightly bending your legs again (this time, you want to lean backward to make the front leg tenser unlike the forward shift of acceleration).

What to Do When the E-Skate Is Out of Control

Electric skateboards can be dangerous since electronic systems can malfunction without warning. That’s why many people still doubt the safety of e-skate riders[Are Electric Skateboards Safe]. Also, every skater needs to know how to escape an accident or lessen the impact of the situation.

There’s nothing else to do but jump away from the electric skateboard. This is much easier and safer to do if the speed is low. Don’t forget to catch the device to avoid hurting anyone else.

What about during high-speed rides with electric skateboards[How Fast do Electric Skateboards Go]? Doing a sudden roll needs to be done properly to protect the rider’s head and other fragile parts of the human body. If there’s still some control left, make the electric skateboard pass a grassy area or soft ground to lower the chances of injuries.

The key is to tuck the head by lowering the shoulders and pushing it toward the body with both arms. That position cushions the head when it’s time to roll away from the e-skate. It must be done even if the rider is wearing a reliable helmet.

Lastly, for higher prevention of accidents, invest in a high-quality e-skate. It’s less likely to malfunction because of its well-designed system and superior materials. Before buying a new unit, find a list of the best electric skateboards to serve as a guide.