How To Measure Skateboard Trucks

Measuring your skateboard trucks might seem like a confusing thing to do. Maybe you are a complete noob who doesn’t even know where to start.

Well, don’t worry, this guide on how to measure skateboard trucks is for all.

Measuring Skateboard Trucks

The most important part about finding a skateboard truck and measuring it and also making sure that it corresponds perfectly with the size of the board is making sure that it doesn’t stick out further than the board.

Also, you pretty much don’t want to look down on the skateboard and be able to see the wheels from top and if that happens, it simply means that your trucks are too wide

Most of the skateboards being sold on the market nowadays a little bit wider.

The usual width is eight or eight and a half. So, also make sure that your trucks aren’t too narrow as well and it shouldn’t turn right or when you lean on the edges it’s going to tip a little too much.

So, to simply measure a skateboard truck, you’re going to grab it and measure the size of the truck using a ruler.

Measuring the Length of Truck

I’ll be a bit nerdy here and explain everything you need to know about measuring a skateboard truck the right way. I’ll kinda get into every nitty gritty detail of it.

Depending on which brand truck you have, the length will vary accordingly. For instance, let us say that you have venture feather light 5.0 truck and is usually seven and a half exactly. However, if you are buying a new truck, make sure that it matches perfectly with your skateboard.

Measure On A Skateboard

Just in case you don’t have a way to measure it, you can simply put it on your skateboard and what you do is put your skateboard on side horizontally and put the truck in the same manner so it lines up with your board.

Now check if the board’s width matches with the truck and it isn’t too wide or too narrow. If the board is too wide, get a wider set of trucks and vice versa.

You can also put the skateboard vertically, put the truck on it and have a quick look from top and try to figure out if it goes well with the profile of the board. If it does, you’re lucky to have found the best skateboard trucks.

However, a final check is to fix the truck, put the wheels, flip over your board and check if you can see wheels from top. If you can, you’ve probably got a too wide truck.

Variations With The Tightness Of The Trucks

Another way to measure skateboard trucks is simply identifying it with its tightness. However, this is more of a personal preference.

Have the tool with you, put on the truck, skate around and see if you want to adjust it more. Maybe you want to loosen or tighten it bit.

Measure The Kingpin

Another measurement that might be a problem is that the kingpin sticks out a little bit and it simply means you’re grinding that part when skating and it can take a little while to grind that away.

However, if a truck has a kingpin which is sticking out after you fix it on your board, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a bad truck. It might fit perfectly on another skateboard. You just have to find the right truck based on personal preferences.

If you like to grind over the axle, you can just go with a sticking out kingpin.

So, these were a few ways to measure your skateboard trucks.

Hope this guide was helpful and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section.