How to Make A Skateboard Bearing

Creating a skateboard bearing is pretty much easy, and all it requires is a few tools and some basic skills.

In our today’s discussion, we’ll be learning how to make a skateboard bearing and the concept of making it is pretty simple.

You simply take a bearing and make it into a ring…!


Well, keep reading till the end you’ll get to know what I’m talking about.

Make a Skateboard Bearing

To start with our project, we’ll need the following tools in hand:

  • A skateboard wheel
  • A hammer
  • Two hex wrenches for the wheel
  • A 12-inch spike or a screw driver tweezers and an exacto knife

So, let’s get started.

1: Take the skateboard wheel and two hex wrenches. Now unscrew the back wheel of your skateboard.

2: Once unscrewed, take the bearings out of the wheel. To do this, grab the hammer and spike, and start beating the middle of repeatedly. Continue to do this to hit out the center piece. If this doesn’t work out for you with the spike, use a screwdriver. This will push the bearings out of the wheel.

3: Now that you have the bearings out, let us move on to taking apart the bearings.

Important: Before moving ahead, make sure that you do the same exact thing on one side of the bearing as you do on the other side.

4: Firstly, take the exacto knife and search around the bearing to find a small ring on the outside of the bearing. Once you find it, pry it upwards and after uprooting it, dig the exacto knife into the bearing’s casing and pry it lose.

Usually, there is a casing that holds the bearings into the bearing. We have to take that off.

5: Once all of the stuff and the small bearings are out, make sure to clean out of the bearing, and you’re finished.

So, that’s it, skateboarders, now you’ve learnt how to make a skateboard bearing the right way. Let me know if you also have any questions about best skate bearings. I’ll happily answer them for you.