How To Lubricate Skateboard Bearings

To ensure that your best skateboard bearings run optimally for a long time, it is wise to regularly remove sand, dirt and moisture from the bearings and then grease them again. This will keep your bearings at their speed and last longer.

Important: Avoid water and sand!

The durability of ball bearings is significantly reduced by travelling / storage in damp conditions!

Step 1

You need:

  • Cleaning agent (petrol, turpentine or detergent) a bucket or bowl, a ballpoint pen, a small brush and fresh grease or oil (build a complete set)
  • Remove all ball bearings from the inline skate rollers
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  • Clean the rollers and track to prevent clean bearings from being mounted on dirt

Step 2

Clean the ball bearings from the outside until no dirt can be seen or felt.

Check whether the bearings are open or closed. Only open ball bearings can be maintained – open ball bearings have a sealing washer which can be removed on both sides.

Step 3

Remove the sealing washer with the help of a pointed object (not all ball bearings have such a sealing washer).

Many ball bearings also have a locking ring which must be removed before the sealing washer can be removed.

Clean gasket and sealing ring.

Step 4

Put the ball bearings in the bowl with the detergent. Clean the ball bearings thoroughly by brushing them and clean the bowl several times for a few minutes.

Step 5

Take the ball bearings out of the bowl and remove debris from the cleaning agent by rotating the ball bearings and blowing them at the same time (preferably with compressed air). Put the ball bearings on a piece of cloth or kitchen roll.

Step 6

Check if the ball bearings are really clean. Hold the ball bearing on the inner ring and slightly turn the outer ring. If the ball bearing does not rotate easily or if you can hear clearly crunching noises, it is not yet clean. Repeat the cleaning process again. With very dirty ball bearings it can happen that you have to repeat all steps 2-3 times.

Step: 7

If the ball bearings lie on a piece of fabric, fresh lubricant can be applied. Drops 2-3 drops of oil (not more, as this only attracts more dirt) or about 3mm of grease into the ball bearing.

Distribute the lubricant afterwards by turning the ball bearing (the best way to do this is to put the ball bearings on a drill)

Step 8

Finally, the sealing washers (and possibly also the sealing rings) are put back on the ball bearings. If you maintain and clean your ball bearings very regularly, the sealing washers do not necessarily have to be fitted. You can also simply put the open side inwards into the role.

Carefully lubricate a thin layer of oil on the outer metal parts of the ball bearing to prevent rust. Reinstall the ball bearings in the rollers and on your inline skates.

After cleaning ball bearings, it is normal that you have to drive a few kilometers before the lubricant has spread correctly in the bearing and the ball bearing runs optimally.