How To Rollerblade The Right Way

It doesn’t matter if you are using those inline skates or rollerblade pair for fitness or for a serious purpose, other than just being a hobby, it is a healthy activity as it improves your fitness, cardiovascular activity and heart rate.


You need to learn how to rollerblade the right way before you can wear those sleek and shiny pair with cool graphics.

Nothing to worry about because we are here today with another great post on how to rollerblade with some cool tips and techniques that will help you improve your skills.

How to Rollerblade?

Without further ado, I’ll get straight to it.

You’ll start by putting on your best rollerblades. Now, this has to be done perfectly. If you put them too lose, you are going to hurt your ankles bad. And if they are too tight, you’ll barely be able to move.

So, there must be a comfortable tightness of the laces and the clips going across the front of the skates.

Once you have the skates nicely and comfortably on your feet, it is time to start skating.

How to Skate?

You will start in a nice “T” position. It is probably the easiest way to start as you have sight to push off on to easily get going.

You may see people starting with their both feet beside each other and then push out as we do in ice skating. You can start this way if it feels comfortable to you but here is the trick.

Slightly angle one-foot dig into the floor and then push on to one foot. Once you get going, continue pushing out and finally push out in the diagonal motion as you are in a steady flow of skating.

In simple, you will be carving the floor to your right and to your left.

Once the momentum is built up, you can increase your pace and try out some tricks as well. But obviously don’t get overexcited and hurt yourself. Master the basics and then advance to the tricks part.

How to Stop On Rollerblades?

So far, we’ve learnt how to build a good momentum of rollerblades and how to skate using two different methods.

Now that we have a good flow and have mastered the skills to skate, the next thing we need to learn is how to stop the rollerblades.

There are two ways: The tea stop or hockey stop!

As you are skating and want to stop, drag one of your foot behind and then stop slowly. Doing it too fast may get your body out of balance, and you can probably fall off.

However, if you want to stop a lot quicker without losing your balance, try the hockey stop. To do this, simply plant one foot and then flick out the other side.

This gives a cutting edge and stops you at a shorter distance as compared to a T stop.

How to Rollerblade Backwards?

The best way to rollerblade backwards is to start with your toes pointing in and your heels pointing out.  And as you push out your feet, you will get to a point just past your shoulders, and then you have to pull your feet back in again towards you.

I would recommend not to connect your feet. This will result in a trip over and go backwards.

So, you’ll simply start with your toes inwards and your heels out. Then push out, and just as you get to a point, you want to pull them back in not all the way into they touch but then push them out again. This will give you a snake-like motion, and as you get the hang of that, you need to look over your shoulder for people behind you, so you don’t bump into them.

It is pretty simple!

You push out and in and look what’s behind your shoulder and keep going. This will give you a basic skating backwards motion.

What’s amazing about this technique is that you can do the same thing going forward as well. You can practice it as much as you can when going backwards.

The wider and the harder you push, and every time you push it out, it will make you go faster.

Once you have fully mastered going backwards in the snake, you can then try putting one foot behind the other simply by crossing them over.

So, as you push out, you are crossing it over.

As you master it, you can also stop backwards in the same manner we do for forward rollerblading.

It is the same!

As you go backwards, plant one foot and keep the second foot out. And as you are kicking out, push into the floor and try stopping your bobble momentum going forward.

How to pick up more speed on blades?

Now the last thing you need to learn is picking up speed on blades. To do this, you will need to bend your knees a lot more than usual and dig in deep at the same time.

As you dig in deep, you can push and cut into the rink a lot faster. You’ll feel getting a lot quicker at your blades.

However, don’t try getting speed immediately. Start slowly and as build up momentum, cut in faster, and this will make you go much quicker.

As you pick up your speed, try to get lower to the floor. This will help you gain more speed, and as you put weight on your shoulders, you’ll find out that you can switch more power and weight in your legs.

Finally, to maintain the balance, which is the art here, first try walking with your blades on a patch of grass. Grass helps to provide you with enough traction, and you won’t begin to roll immediately. This is the best practice to learn how to balance on rollerblades. You can also practice on gravel if there is not grass around.

So, that’s it, guys! That is how you rollerblade the right way. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.