How to Fix Hoverboard

The best thing in life is getting to accomplish things in one go. With the numerous responsibilities we have, it is quite challenging to squeeze some methods or activities of relaxation into our schedule. Thanks to technology advancement, we now have devices that can provide us with both recreation and functionality. A good example would be the emergence of hoverboards. This has sparked a craze in the first weeks and months it was out in the market. Hence, if you want to give it a try, you have to do your own research to get the best quality hoverboards in the market.

Hoverboard Issues and Resolutions

While we can enjoy the experience of owning a hoverboard, there are some things that we should know to have a less frustrating time in case problems occur.

Best Hack: The Master Reset Method

Sometimes, hoverboards can stop functioning properly. Most of the time, it can be resolved by simply resetting it. Sometimes, hoverboards stop working but can be fixed with a simple reset. Some issues include when the hoverboard is leaning towards one direction with the continuous sound of the alarm. Another would be when a red light is displayed on the segway board. Or when the hoverboard is pointing upwards, or when it is not charging properly.

Learning the Master Reset Method

The first way to do it would be to put it on a flat surface and turn it off. Hold the button for 8 to 10 seconds and you will notice a small red circle appearing on the segway board. Once the circle disappears, you can go ahead and turn the device on.

Common Hoverboard Problems and How to Resolve Them

Hoverboard Red Light Error

When the hoverboard red battery light flashes once, it indicates a possibility of having loose cables and wires. When this happens, unscrew the hoverboard and tighten loose cables using a screwdriver. You can also try to disconnect and reconnect the wires.

If the red battery light flashes twice or thrice, this may be an indication of an internal circuit problem. This may call for a hoverboard circuit replacement. If the red battery light flashes four or five times, this may indicate a need for a battery replacement. If the red battery light flashes seven or eight times, a gyroscope replacement may be necessary.

Hoverboard Is Not Turning On

If this happens, the first thing to check is whether it can be charged or not. If the green light on the charger box does not turn on, this may mean that the internal circuits have a problem. In this case, replacement is necessary.

Hoverboard Cannot Be Turned Off

When this happens, you should unscrew it and remove the batteries. This will stop the beeping sound and turn the device off. It may be necessary to buy a hoverboard repair kit to address the problem.

One Side of the Hoverboard Not Functioning

A faulty gyroscope can be the cause of this incident. Usually, replacing the gyroscope can solve the problem. You just have to check if the gyroscope is male or female to make sure it matches the model you have.

Soaked or Wet Hoverboard

Inevitable things can happen. Your hoverboard can get soaked or can fall in the water by accident. When this happens, switch it off and remove the battery and motherboard. Bury it in raw rice placed in a bowl for a couple of days to have the moisture absorbed. Once all the parts are completely dry, you can try to assemble it again. If it does not work, you may need to replace some parts of it.

Hoverboard has Charging Problems

Being proactive is always a good habit. Make sure to follow the charging instructions that come with the device. Charging usually takes two to three hours, a red light present when the device is charging means that it is charging well. A green light indicates that the battery is full. On the other hand, if it is slow charging, you may have the wrong charger or there may be a temperature problem in the area where you are charging in.

Hoverboard Light Won’t Turn Off

If the device doesn’t move, or if the hoverboard light won’t turn off, the possibility of having a malfunctioning gyroscope is high. In this case, you can attempt to fix it by replacing the gyroscope with a new one. There are a couple of reliable online stores that sell legit and quality gyroscopes.


Owning a hoverboard entails a lot of studying and understanding about how it works. In this way, you will not be inconvenienced by issues that may arise. Knowing how to do basic troubleshooting goes a long way. It can save you a lot of time and can resources. So the moment you get a hold of your hoverboard, take some time to read about the most common problems and its resolutions.