How to Draw Roller Skates

Planning to design roller skates or sketch a roller skater for your next artwork? Luckily for you, it’s super-easy to learn how to draw roller skates. You just have to initially draw a particular shape and make it a guide for the details.

Drawing roller skates follows the basics of sketching. It is not really different from drawing a human out of messy lines and circles. With roller skates, you just have to make a crooked, chunky letter “L” first and take it from there.

The 10 Steps on How to Draw Roller Skates

Before you start sketching, make sure to use different tools and strokes to separate the guides and the actual details. You should start with a pencil first and then darken outlines with something permanent like pens.

Go ahead and start learning how to draw roller skates based on the following steps:

  1. Make a thick letter “L” while visualizing a boot.
  2. Add a crooked rectangle or bar from the base of “L” as a guide for the roller skate’s sole and wheel assembly (the right side should be thicker than the left).
  3. Draw four circles evenly along the rectangle or bar.
  4. Create the details inside the “L” guide while visualizing an ankle boot or a basketball shoe (the top part should have a downward slope while the sole should be emphasized).
  5. Add a buckle below the slope.
  6. Emphasize the toe part of the skate by adding a similar yet bigger shape right on top of it.
  7. Add height to the shoe by drawing another downward slope plus a front flap.
  8. Improve the rectangle or bar underneath the base of “L” by visualizing the blade of an ice skate.
  9. Draw a doughnut in each circle.
  10. Add more details according to your personal design.


Take a break from getting design ideas from a roller skates review and unleash your inner artist. Once you know how to draw roller skates, you have all the freedom in the world to create a fresh design. Just make sure to create a rough guide so you’ll be able to sketch realistic components.