How to Calibrate Hoverboard

It’s all fun and games until your hoverboard stops functioning. Owning a hoverboard is truly a fun, convenient and exciting experience. This is a device that allows us to travel from one point to another. Apart from providing means of personal transportation, a lot of people have taken this as a hobby and a part of their leisure. If you are interested in trying it out, the first step that can give you all the benefits would be proper research. Knowing all the ins and outs of it can get you the answer to your long standing question, “What is the best hoverboard?

How to Reset a Hoverboard

When is Calibration Needed?

A newly bought hoverboard will definitely function well for a long period of time. However, as it is continually used, the need for it to be calibrated increases. You may ask, what happens when you fail to calibrate your hoverboard properly? The consequences are detrimental to your safety when using it. The hoverboard may vibrate, shake, or create movements incorrectly. Also, it may be extra sensitive when shifting to different directions. Failure to calibrate your hoverboard in time increases your risk for accident and falls so know that you are responsible for keeping your calibrations settings in check.

Different Ways to Calibrate Your Hoverboard

General Calibration

This is a step that works for almost every brand. Generally, hoverboards come with manuals. It is always good to check on that first before taking on any other step. But if you do not have the manual in hand, here are steps that you can do. If you notice the signs of malfunctioning, start by pressing the power button to completely turn off the hoverboard. Turning off the hoverboard using its remote is not sufficient as it only turns your hoverboard into a low power mode instead of turning it off completely. Making sure that the hoverboard is resting on a flat and level surface, press on the power button for five seconds until you hear a beeping sound. You will notice the hoverboard lights flash. Wait for 30 seconds before pressing anything. Make sure that your board does not get disturbed or bumped during the process. After that, press on the power button again to turn off the hoverboard and lock the calibration.

Calibrating Using a Smartphone Application

Bluetooth hoverboards can be calibrated in the same way you do non-bluetooth one, resetting should also be done only when necessary. Do know that incorrect resetting and calibration can fry the internal chip. The first step would be to install the application that comes with your hoverboard on your smartphone. Once it is installed, connect the board to the application. Making sure that the board is level and lying on a flat surface, choose the “calibrate the unit” option in the app. Follow instructions carefully to make sure your board is calibrated well and you do not harm the internal chip of your device.

Testing Your Hoverboard after Calibration

After doing the necessary steps for calibration, you have to make sure that you check the hoverboard before using it. In a safe space, turn the device on and hop on the board. Use it to go around different directions, taking note of its balance while doing turns. If you feel that the board cannot balance properly, you may need to do further testing to check if there are problems with the circuit board or wirings.

Troubleshooting Your Hoverboard

If you have finished the calibration process and your hoverboard is still malfunctioning, you have to dig deeper for its causes. Unscrew the frame so you can check if there are loose wirings or if there are damaged parts. If you see loose and unconnected wirings, try to reconnect them and secure them properly then check again. You also have to inspect other parts; there may be a need to change connectors, gyroscopes, or the entire circuit board.

When to Consult an Expert

Calibration can be done by anyone. However, 100% success is not guaranteed. There are a lot of factors that can affect the results after it is done. Every step is critical, so if you do a step incorrectly, the chances of your hoverboard getting fixed decreases. Also, there are several other reasons why a hoverbaord malfunctions. If none of the steps above works, consider seeking professional help. There are a lot of hoverboard experts that you can consult with to get you recommendations on how to fix it without costing you an arm and a leg.


Owning a hoverboard entails a lot of additional responsibility. It isn’t all play and ride. You have to know how to check for problems and learn how to resolve them on your own. This plays a huge part in making sure you or any other rider is safe when the hoverboard is in use. There are different ways to calibrate and reset your hoverboard, choose one that fits you.