How to Buy a Second Hand Inline Skate

The best way to secure cool roller blades is to buy brand new pair from reputed outlets. Nevertheless, if your budget doesn’t allow, you can get by with second-hand roller blades.

However, you have to have the right skills to identify the used inline skates that last a long time. For that reason, here are a couple of helpful tips to consider;

Points to Consider when Buying Second-Hand Inline Skates

Purpose for Skate

Before considering the condition of the shoes, take note of your purpose for wanting the skating shoes. That will help you settle for the appropriate type of skate[ Inline Skate Types] that match your need.

Boot Condition

Of all the inline skate parts[Parts of An Inline Skate], the boot contributes a significant fraction to the overall cost of the skates. So, you have to choose the rollerblades whose boots are still in good condition.

First, the shell should offer your feet snug support. Forget about the minor scratches on the boot as it doesn’t have a significant input lifespan of inline skates[How Long do Inline Skates Last]. Instead, try to exert pressure on different parts to reveal any signs of weaknesses or tear.

Pay attention to where the shell joints to the frame. Observe if there are thin lines of weaknesses. Remember replacing a boot cost almost a similar amount to an entire skate.

Depending on the severity of a weak point on the boot, you can choose to leave it or claim a discount on the price.

Boot Liner

Another crucial part that’s expensive to replace is the boot liner. The liners shouldn’t display severe signs of worn out and compressions. Therefore you need to notice how the liner feels on your feet.

More so, take note on how the area covering the fasteners feel. If it exerts pressure on your skin, then you may need to replace it. So it’s a cause of worry. Similarly, check on the state of the tongue and inner sole.

Buckles and Fasteners

Reach out to know the condition of the fastening system. Test the laces, the buckles and feel how strong they are. You can fasten the laces, adjust the tightness and notice how the buckles respond. Weak and worn laces aren’t a major deal as they are less costly to replace.

However, the condition of the buckles should worry you. Though replaceable, it requires a considerable amount of effort and cost.

Condition of the Frame

The frame is a core part of the rollerblade. You can know its overall condition by observing signs of cracks and bent regions. After that, try readjusting the tightness of the wheels. Try rotating the wheels, and watch if the frame also moves or remains firmly in place.

Adjust every loose part, then put the skate to the actual test. If it generates some strange noise, then most likely it has grown loose.

Regularity of the Wheels

Observe the condition of the skating wheels. Though worn out, the wheel should still present a regular shape and not slanting. Give it a spin and take note if it’s buckled. Also, scrutinize the core. If you see signs of cracks, then you can factor that in the overall cost.

Ball Bearings

The bearings attract a substantial amount of money. Thus their condition is of utmost importance. Even if the wheels turn continuously, it doesn’t mean they are of the correct quality. Beware of the bearings that have no grease, have traces of sand, and don’t produce uniform sound.

Brake System

Inline brakes wear out quickly, so that is no cause for alarm. However, it’s wise to go for skates with a braking system whose replacement parts are easy to find. Also, take note of the state of the brake screw and its support.

Prevailing Market Price

Besides drawing out a budget, it’s crucial to know the prevailing market price of the skates you wish to buy. Then after identifying two or three suppliers, you can compare the prices they charge, the state of the shoes, and how it deviates from the cost of brand new pair.

On the same note, ask for the return policy and guarantee that the store outlines. Does it allow customers to swap skates if it doesn’t fit them?


When under a budget, you can still reap the benefits of inline skating[Benefits of Rollerblading] from second-hand rollerblades. All you have to do is make an informed choice. And with key points outlined in the post, you can’t go wrong in your selection.