How to Buy a Second Hand Electric Skateboard

Not everybody needs a brand-new unit of the best electronic skateboard. There are a lot of skaters all over the world who are actively looking for a cheaper unit due to budget constraints or the risk of breaking an expensive product during a beginner’s training. Some recreational skaters also refuse to spend so much money for something they’d use casually.

Fortunately, it’s easy to find secondhand electric skateboards nowadays. That’s because there are many marketplaces and options online. People can also contact sellers even from the other side of the world without any hassle thanks to the internet. They just need to know where exactly to browse for used e-skates to make the process faster.

Where to Buy Secondhand Electric Skateboards

Online Marketplaces

Amazon and eBay are two of the most popular online marketplaces. Both of them are generally offering used options alongside brand-new ones. The latter, however, has more secondhand choices because it has more individual sellers who just want to sell some of their possessions for personal reasons. Amazon sellers are usually companies or businesses so they’re more likely to focus on profit, hence fewer secondhand options.

Official Brand Websites

Most manufacturer or company websites have their online store integrated into the same system. However, only a few of them offer secondhand options so this particular type of browsing method isn’t efficient enough.

To make things easier, check out Meepo’s site before anything else. The brand itself sells refurbished models that are significantly cheaper than the brand-new choices.

Electric Skateboard Forums

One of the best ways to find secondhand electric skateboards is by communicating with other e-skate enthusiasts. A lot of those people are more likely to buy the newest models, so the odds of finding e-skates that aren’t being used anymore is so high.

The top forums for buying, selling, and trading e-skates (including individual components) are Evolve Forums and Electric Skateboard Builders Forum. They highly encourage sellers and buyers in the community.

Facebook Groups

One great thing about Facebook is the massive popularity of its groups or communities. And, the best part, it has large groups for any interest including electric skateboarding. Simply type the topic, subject, or group name on the search bar.

The two popular Facebook groups that are all about buying and selling electric skateboards are the Electric Skateboarders Marketplace as well as the Electric Skateboard Buy and Sell. The FB group named Electric Skateboard/Scooter/Bike Buy And Sell also include other types of transportation devices for sale.

There are also Facebook groups for electric skateboard users in specific areas, which makes it easier for buyers and sellers to interact and contact each other once a deal has been made. Good examples include the Electric Skateboard Buy and Sell Australia – ESK8AUS and the Electric Skateboard Buy and Sell USA.

If you want to sell your electric skateboard and you’re currently living in the United States, you need to be aware of the proper shipping process of e-skates from the US to other countries[How to Ship Electric Skateboards from USA to Worldwide] to avoid violations.


Unlike Facebook, Reddit is mainly composed of communities. That’s why it can be easier to search there for a particular group of enthusiasts.

The subreddit called r/EBoardMarketplace focuses on electric skateboards for sale. There’s a much larger subreddit called r/ElectricSkateboarding, but it’s too general. On the bright side, more people would be able to see posts regarding secondhand e-skates.

What to Ask When Buying Used E-Skates

To avoid regrets after purchasing a secondhand electric skateboard from popular e-skate forums and groups[Popular Electric Skateboard Forums & Groups], buyers need to read the post carefully and ask all the necessary questions to the seller. The following details or proofs should be asked (if they’re not included in the post):

  • Brand name
  • Receipt with the exact purchase date to identify how old the e-skate is
  • Clarification of whether the electric skateboard was frequently used or not
  • Close-up photos of the deck, motor, battery, system, enclosure, and wheels
  • Specific details like the weight capacity, highest speed, and maximum distance
  • Availability of accessories
  • Total price, including the shipping fee (if necessary)

Unfortunately, there will always be a risk of buying used electric skateboards from people who aren’t truthful about their claims. However, that’s completely normal when purchasing any secondhand item.