How Much Do Electric Skateboards Cost?

Electric skateboards can either be cheap or expensive depending on the complexity and quality of their design. Size can also be a factor.

Still, some of the best electric longboards or shortboards can actually be cheaper than expected for people with a tight budget. Many high-priced options also have aspects that are unnecessary for a lot of skaters. It all depends on personal preferences.

Based on Amazon’s list of bestselling skateboards and longboards as of this writing, the price range of e-skates starts from $100 to $500. There are also electric skateboards worth more than $1,000 but mostly found in exclusive online stores of top manufacturers.

The Price Range of Electric Skateboards


E-skates with decent quality below $200 usually don’t go lower than $100. The ones for adults aren’t usually brand-new, although they’re still good enough for casual use. This is good news for people who prefer buying secondhand electric skateboards[How to Buy a Second Hand Electric Skateboard].

The design of $100 e-skates is usually plain with minimal texture on the deck. That can be a disadvantage due to the lack of grip.

Additionally, the performance of $100 electric skateboards is far from great when it comes to frequent commutes and long-term use. Their battery can generally reach five miles only.

Cheap electric skateboards have flimsier and shorter decks as well. Their weight capacity is just 150 to 180 pounds. That’s why they’re best for kids, not adults and pros.


Some high-quality electric longboards don’t exceed $300. They still have a plain design but with increased texture on the deck, which results in a safer and more attractive skateboard.

The simple electronic system of a $200 electric skateboard only covers 1/4 of the deck. It only has a couple of wires. Unfortunately, the compartment of the system is too bulky for tricks and bumpy roads since it protrudes under the deck.

$300 – $400

Electric skateboards costing $300 to $400 are the most in-demand for adults. They perfectly balance affordability and quality.

The deck of e-skates in this price range is more durable. Its weight capacity can reach more than 200 pounds. As a plus, it typically has more graphics and colors, making it more fashionable even without customization.

However, these electric skateboards can still be similar to the ones in the $200 price range. The electronic parts of some options remain in a bulky compartment under the deck. Their top speed and power aren’t significantly higher as well.


This price range offers e-skates that are very different from cheaper options. For starters, these electric skateboards can go extremely fast[How Fast do Electric Skateboards Go]. Their top speed can reach 20+ miles per hour. They can also contain a dual-motor with at least 500 watts of power. As expected, their range can go more than 10 miles.

One can immediately spot a $500 e-skate just by observing its style. It’s usually decorated with unique stylish colors. Its color combination is seamless, too.

And, the best part? The typical compartment for the electronic components is flat and compact. It looks subtle, enhancing the overall design of a $500 electric skateboard. It’s obviously lighter as well.

Regarding the wires, they’re perfectly concealed. They’re also protected by a solid case.


Brands like Evolve Skateboard are famous for their heavy-duty and high-performance e-skates. But, they’re also known for manufacturing extremely expensive electric skateboards costing more than $1,000.

Some of their models are powered by a 3,000-watt dual motor. They’re also composed of enhanced materials and super-tough wheels. Their looks are more on the elegant or classy side as well.

Cheap vs Expensive Electric Skateboards

More affordable e-skates are ideal for beginners and younger skaters. First-time skaters shouldn’t focus on buying expensive electric skateboards because they might not be able to handle too much power. Besides, cheaper skateboards are mostly shorter with flimsier decks, which isn’t great for many adults.

On the other hand, pros or advanced skaters can appreciate the challenge with expensive e-skates. They’re more likely to handle excessive power from a dual motor.

High-priced electric skateboards are more durable with a higher range as well. That’s a good investment for daily commuters.