How Long Do Electric Skateboards Last?

Electric skateboards, especially top electric longboards, can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So, it would be a huge waste of money to buy something that can’t last for a year at least. Let’s find out whether e-skates can keep functioning for several years or not.

Standard Lifespan of Electric Skateboards

The lifespan of an electric skateboard primarily depends on its components. Some e-skate parts[Parts of An Electric Skateboard] wear out faster while others are meant for permanent use like decks, ESCs, motors, and trucks.

Additionally, proper usage and maintenance have a huge impact on prolonging an e-skate’s lifespan. That’s why durability also depends on how the owners handle their e-boards.

Since electric skateboards vary in lifespan, it’s best to check popular forums or groups composed of experienced users to get an idea, estimate, or average number. According to a well-known subreddit specifically for e-skaters, a properly maintained electric skateboard can last for two years or more.

The Lifespan of Electric Skateboard Parts


Electric skateboard decks are designed in an extremely sturdy way to last a long time despite daily use, which involves a lot of bouncing, abrasion, and impact. The only usual thing owners need to replace is the grip tape.

When it comes to the material, carbon fiber decks are the best ones in terms of performance. However, they can be considered the least durable. That’s because they can crack due to their higher level of stiffness. Skaters need to check their riding style before deciding which material is right for their e-skate decks.


  • skate motors can last for several years. However, they need regular maintenance if they come with belts. They also require total protection, which leads to the importance of waterproofing electric skateboards[How to Waterproof Your Electric Skateboard].

Even if the motor is the brushless hub type, the owner must inspect for little damages, especially after long-distance off-road rides. Motors work so much despite their small size, so they certainly have a limit. That can cause a sudden malfunction.


The lifespan of electric skateboard batteries is generally estimated through the expected number of charge cycles. An e-skate battery with 300 charge cycles can last for a year. Meanwhile, others with 1,000 cycles can reach two years despite daily use while occasional riding promises three years.


These components endure a lot because of their position, which is right under the deck. That means they have to deal with the rider’s weight. So, does that mean they have a short lifespan?

If the trucks are constructed properly with high-quality metals, they can last for years. The ones that need regular maintenance are their screws or bolts. This is crucial to guarantee foolproof attachment between the deck and the wheels.


The parts that need frequent maintenance the most are the wheels, especially the bearings. Aside from dealing with the skater’s weight, they also need to endure friction and road obstacles.

Fortunately, a broken wheel is mostly a minor problem. It’s easily replaceable. Even though some wheels can only last for weeks or months, they don’t significantly affect the lifespan of electric skateboards.