How Fast Do Inline Skates Go

One of the sheer joys of rollerblading is in the speed. That’s especially enjoyable when you secure good rollerblade brands that are relatively safe and efficient. So the issue of how fast inline skates comes into mind.

So How Fast Do Inline Skates Go?

On average, the speed of rollerblades varies from 6 to about 25miles per hour. That pertains to the ordinary fitness or recreational skater.

However, some inline skaters have even attained a 40mph speed downhill. Astonishingly Sandro Brovo has gone into the Guinness book of records as the fastest inline skater at the speed of 77.47mph.

So as you have realized, the top speed an inline skater can attain varies greatly. Here are the core factors influencing skate speed.

Factors Influencing the Speed of Inline Skaters

Your Rollerblading Skills

When starting inline skating, your range of skills is limited and thus restricting how fast you can go. On the other hand, a skilled skater with vast experience in racing can achieve higher speeds than a beginner.

The pro skater often has undergone strength training. When coupled with his rich skating skills, he can attain swift speed without losing balance.

Wheel Size

The size of the wheels can positively or negatively influence the speed of the rollerblades. In the usual setting, wheels of large diameter roll faster than those of smaller diameter. Fortunately, you can boost the speed by switching to large wheels and a frame that matches them.

Number of Wheels

Besides the diameter, the number of wheels on a skate influence how fast you can roll. For you to have many wheels on the boots, it means their diameter must be compromised.

Thus it increases the stability and grip at the expense of speed. That’s why speed skates have fewer wheels.


The durometer refers to how hard or soft the skating wheels are and varies on a scale of 0 to 100A. The higher the durometer value, the softer the wheel is. And when it comes to speed, harder wheels roll faster than their softer counterparts.

On the other hand, although slow, soft wheels offer better shock absorption. Generally for outdoor skating, a durometer of about 85A to 90A is adequate. It’s beneficial to test the wheels of different durometers to know what works best for you.

Quality of the Bearings

The ball bearings determine how smooth you can roll on skates. Therefore to skate at high speed and enjoy the immense benefits of skating[Benefits of Rollerblading], you need high-quality ball bearings.

Keep off cheap bearings. Instead, go for the quality ratings from leading brands. But in case you are in doubt, seek opinions from major inline skates forums and groups[Popular Inline Skate Forums & Groups] on trusted brands to buy.

Nature of the Skating Pavement

Besides your skills and skating shoes, the quality of the surface you are skating on determines how fast you can go. A course pavement slows down a skate.

However, some surfaces like newly paved roads may look smooth and tempting to skate on when they aren’t ideal. The presence of fresh tar makes the surface somehow sticky and hence limiting speed. You are thus more likely to skid on such a surface.

The Gradient of the Road

If you have tried skating uphill[Can Inline Skates Go Uphill], then you have realized how demanding it is. However, rollerblading downhill isn’t energy demanding. It’s easy to achieve a higher speed down the slope. However, you need to exercise a lot of caution and ensure you have reliable brakes.

The Resistance Offered by the Wind

The force of the wind either boosts or slows down your skating speed. When riding skates against the wind direction, it creates significant resistance that slows you down.

On the other hand, if you are going in the same direction, you will feel a reel boost. So before rolling out in the street to rollerblade, take into account advice from the weatherman.


So that should give you a rough idea of how fast inline skates can go. But before you think of flexing your muscles to attain high speed, ensure you have all the safety gears and the rollerblades well maintained.