How Fast Can Electric Skateboards Go

Not everybody uses electric skateboards for practical reasons like commutes and errands. Some skaters want to challenge themselves, compete with pros, or simply have a more exciting time on e-skates. One way to improve as a skater, win in competitions, or experience an adrenaline rush is to ride at higher speeds.

Let’s go over this simple electric skateboard review to find out some of the fastest e-skates from different brands.

10  Fastest Electric Skateboards

Model Top Speed Motor Wheel Size
Boosted Stealth 24mph 2,100W 85mm
Evolve Bamboo GTR Street 26mph 3,000W 97mm
Exway Atlas 4WD – All-Terrain 32mph 3,000W 90mm
Jking H2B-02Max 28mph 1,000W 105mm
Kyng Mountain 25mph 1,650W 200mm
Meepo Hurricane 35mph 7,000W 155mm
NGV Nextboard 70mph 8,000W 85mm
Skatebolt Breeze II 30mph 900W 100mm
TeamGee H20T 26mph 1,200W 103mm
Wowgo AT2 25mph 3,000W 175mm


The fastest electric skateboard nowadays is the NGV Nextboard. Its top speed is significantly higher than most commercial e-skates. Unsurprisingly, it’s also the most powerful one on the list with its four 2,000-watt motors integrated into the wheels. However, its wheels are also smaller than other options, which still makes sense since they can roll much faster on solid flat surfaces.

Generally speaking, a more powerful motor results in a faster electric skateboard while bigger wheels can increase speed. But, there are still other factors that can affect an e-skate’s performance such as the deck, truck, enclosure design, and battery. That’s why the comparison list seems inconsistent.

How to Increase Speed of Electric Skateboard

Add another motor

This is only best for single-motor electric skateboards. It’s also important to note that this way of increasing speed isn’t 100% effective. Some users won’t be able to see the difference, especially if they’re only using their e-skates casually. The original purpose of this method is to support a heavily-used motor.

Ride with bigger wheels

The improvement guaranteed by this method is just minimal. However, it’s the easiest to modify.

Just remember to think about other relevant factors before changing the wheels. For example, the pulley must match the new set.

Additionally, the ultimate downside of larger wheels is less torque. That affects acceleration and uphill riding with an electric skateboard[Can Electric Skateboards Go Uphill].

Use a better battery

To be more specific, a battery with a higher voltage can increase the speed of an electric skateboard. However, this solution is the most expensive one. It also comes with a higher risk because it should always match the ESC’s specs. That’s why it’s also one of the most important safety tips when building DIY e-skates[How to Build an Electric Skateboard DIY].