How Far Can Electric Skateboard Go

Craving for a nice long ride on an electric skateboard[How to Ride an Electric Skateboard]? There’s one thing that should be checked first–the range. The higher the number, the farther the e-skate can travel.

Check out this top electric skateboards list and learn the following models that can last for hours on the road.

10 Long Range Electric Skateboards

Model Range (miles) Battery (mAh) Motor Wheel Size
Boosted Stealth 14 5,525 2,100W 85mm
Evolve Bamboo GTR 2in1 31 14,000 3,000W 97mm
Exway X1 Max 18 5,180 1,500W 105mm
Hiboy S22 12.5 4,000 700W 90mm
Jking Jupiter-02 18 7,500 900W 90mm
Kyng 38” 12-15 4,000 960W 90mm
Meepo Hurricane 31-44 4,200 7,000W 90-155mm
Skatebolt Tornado II 24 7,500 500W 90mm
TeamGee H20 25 7,500-9,600 1,080W 90mm
Wowgo AT2 15-18 11,600 3,000W 175mm


The other thing that makes Meepo Hurricane stand out aside from being the model with the highest range on the list is its extremely powerful motor. In general, powerful motors shorten battery life. But, as long as the whole device is designed properly to enhance other aspects, some motors won’t affect the battery too much. The result is a more balanced electric skateboard.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that the battery capacity is still the primary factor. Just look at the specs of Evolve Bamboo GTR 2in1. It has the highest capacity on the list with its 14Ah (14,000mAh) battery, making it the second model with the longest range.

How to Increase Electric Skateboard Range

Use a battery with higher watt-hours

Ampere per hour (Ah) or milliampere per hour (mAh) isn’t the only factor that should be considered in terms of battery features. A lot of product descriptions don’t include watt-hour (Wh) but it can be calculated. Simply multiply Ah or mAh by the indicated voltage.

Ride with a single motor

If the skater doesn’t mind moving slower, the minimal power of a single motor can stop a battery from overworking. That leads to a longer range because of the higher lifespan.

Choose large wheels

Bigger wheels tend to move faster, hence increasing distance. However, they shouldn’t be too large to prevent excessive friction that can impede acceleration.

Avoid heavy electric skateboards

More weight requires higher energy from the battery. That’s why the main components of the electric skateboard[Parts of An Electric Skateboard], especially the deck, should be made of lighter materials like carbon fiber.

Observe certain riding habits and techniques

Batteries need more energy in tough situations like traveling in muddy areas and other challenging terrains. Staying on flat roads can increase the ride’s duration.

The way the skater controls an electric skateboard can also affect range. Smoother acceleration, lower speeds, more careful braking, and kicks while accelerating are quite effective in making batteries last longer.