How Do Skateboard Trucks Work

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Our today’s discussion is to know how skateboard trucks work.

We’ll be looking at its assembly along with how it functions and what purpose does it serves.

Skateboard Trucks Functioning

No matter which best trucks for skateboard you have, whether it be a standard skateboard truck or a longboard truck, the basic principles are the same.

To understand how the truck works, we must get to know what actually makes it up and here is the list:

  • Hanger: The main part of the truck. It is long, pretty much like the base of it. It’s also the biggest part of the truck. It helps to hold the wheels in place
  • Baseplate: As important as the hanger. They help to hold the hanger in place and it’s also what mounts to the board
  • Bushing: In case of independent trucks, they are orange in color but the color might be different for other trucks. It sits between the hanger and baseplate, usually known as the bushing seat. It usually wraps around the pin on the baseplate, known as the kingpin
  • Washer: It goes underneath the bushing and provides it a little bit more support

How it Works?

Once you’ve assembled the truck by inserting the washer, then bushing on top and finally the hanger into the kingpin, your truck would be ready to be mounted on your skateboard. There’s also a top bushing that sits on top of the base bushing and another washer that goes on top and finally we top it off with the kingpin bullet itself. Use a skate tool to tighten it and complete the assembly.

Don’t tighten it too much else you’ll compress the bushes too much.

Once under your board, the truck will help you in performing those flip tricks and giving you the momentum on road. It basically goes to and fro as you ride.

I hope you have had the idea of how a skateboard truck works and how it is assembled. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section.