How Do Electric Skateboards Work?

A modern e-skate follows a universal system whether it’s the best electric longboard, shortboard, or any other type regardless of quality. It will only work smoothly if the throttle, electromagnetic waves, and  ESC or Electronic Speed Controller are functioning together.

The Three Factors


It’s a given that if a motor is used, there should be some sort of control to activate the system. The remote controller of electric skateboards is wireless, but it can make the throttle open right away with a single command. Open throttle is crucial to let the electromagnetic waves access the ESC.

Electromagnetic Waves

According to NASA, electric and magnetic fields on earth keep on changing together to produce electromagnetic waves. These waves can be controlled to travel from one device to another with the proper technology.

Electromagnetic waves are essential for electric skateboards to allow the remote control to send signals to the ESC. The ESC then decodes the signals to read data and convert it to specific forms relevant to the system like speed and power.

Electronic Speed Controller

The small yet complex system that controls all the components of an electric skateboard is the ESC. Its control is either direct or indirect, depending on how the parts are connected.

In particular, the ESC directly works with the motor and braking systems. It’s also the basis of how multifunctional an electric skateboard is. Bluetooth compatibility is part of the ESC’s design.

The performance of the ESC relies on a certain factor, though. It should be strong enough to function with large batteries. If not, it will burn due to overheating. It has a significant purpose on electric skateboards but still fragile physically because of its tiny size and delicate wires.

The fragility of the standard ESC leads to the invention of its more advanced version called the VESC. Each type has its pros and cons, so skaters should learn more about ESC and VESC in electric skateboards[ESC & VESC in Electric Skateboard Guide] before changing anything.

The Sequence

First, the throttle should be opened by the remote control. Next, when another button is pressed on the wireless device to make the electric skateboard move, the electromagnetic waves will deliver the data to the ESC.

Then, the ESC will interpret the data and follow the command by controlling the brake or the motor. Components connected to those two major systems will work accordingly. Meanwhile, it’s the skater’s responsibility to control the direction with his body while riding an electric skateboard[How to Ride an Electric Skateboard].