What is a Hoverboard?

Gone are the days where kids’ minds were blown away by how a skateboard works. As technology evolves, the enhancements and improvements in almost everything keeps on getting better. Back in the days, skateboards were the hottest item in a kid’s Christmas list. Fast forward then to now, you will see their eyes beam on … Read more

How Do Hoverboards Work

Back in the day, the concept of hoverboards was just a mere product of people’s imagination. It has been a fantasy and a dream for kids, and its emergence has truly revolutionized the way people interpret fun and convenience. This innovation has been used by many for personal transport and play. If you are looking … Read more

How to Ride a Hoverboard

With the tight competition among professionals today, people barely get time off to rest and recharge. Leisure and recreation has been put on hold for more important tasks on a daily basis. At this point, people need to understand the concept of recharging. With modernization comes along innovative ways to rest and play. A good … Read more

How to Fix Hoverboard

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How to Calibrate Hoverboard

It’s all fun and games until your hoverboard stops functioning. Owning a hoverboard is truly a fun, convenient and exciting experience. This is a device that allows us to travel from one point to another. Apart from providing means of personal transportation, a lot of people have taken this as a hobby and a part … Read more

How to Make a Hoverboard

Have you ever felt tired of doing the same things again and again? Going through the same tasks on a daily routine can be boring and sometimes, exhausting. Hence, it is always a bright idea to try something new. Work on a project, build something that can add up to your productivity and recreation. Build … Read more