Hover-1 Titan UL 2272 Certified Electric Scooter Hoverboard Review

Hoverboards have been widely used by kids and adults for fun purposes. This put parents in a place to search and successfully find the best-selling hoverboards. When I started with the research, I came across many models but what genuinely attracted me was Hover-1 Titan UL 2272 Certified Electric Scooter Hoverboard.

This product checks all the essential features that one could want in a hoverboard for their child. I also liked the Gyroor Swift Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter as well for all the effective features it has but Hover-1 simply won my heart.

In this review, I am going to talk about this model and how it is different from the competitive hoverboards.

Features and Specifications

The quality of this product talks for itself. Some of the best features of this model are:


While purchasing a hoverboard for a beginner, one of the most significant things you should consider is the speed of the scooter. You see, kids are only starting to learn the hoverboard riding. They are not at all adept in the form so if you but a model with extra speed, it might result in causing accidents.

The speed of this product reaches up to 7.45 MPH which is suitable enough for first-time riders. It is not too fast and not too slow which could bore the rider. I think that the speed is suitable for all kinds of riders.


The performance of battery is of utmost importance. Since this is an electric-powered machine, you need to ensure that the battery is safe in usage.

To begin with, the overheated batteries can cause accidents. You wouldn’t want such a thing happening to the child. Well, you can rely on this product as the battery has undergone stringent tests and has come out with flying colors.

This model has got 36V 4 Ah lithium-ion battery that can be recharged. In every charge, your ride for up to 8.4 miles. The battery indicator is there on the deck near your feet. You can see if the battery is full or need charging.

You cannot find such amazing features in the leading models like CITY CRUISER Off Road Hoverboard Dual Motors Electric Self Balancing Scooter.


The overall performance of a hoverboard is based on many features. To begin with, what kind of speed you get from a hoverboard. Will it be safe for your child as he/she is just beginning with the self-balancing board?

This product has got great performance. You get decent speed and the wheels make sure that you don’t have to stop midway.

Also, the battery is promising enough to give you large diameter of area in a single charge. This is a splendid hoverboard available on the market.

Bluetooth Speakers

Just like many other high-end products like Cho Electric Self Balancing Dual Motors Scooter Hoverboard, you get Bluetooth speakers in this product as well.

The speakers installed in this model are of high-quality. You will be impressed with the noise quality and your kids can have fun on the road.

Smart App

One of the biggest strengths of this product is the Smart App which give full control to the parents. You can install the app on your smartphone and check the speed that your child is using.

There are various other features like turning on/off the led lights and so on. The app also gives you the location of your child. Plus, it tells how much battery is left. This way, you can take care of your children even when they are not at home.


Well, the design is more simplistic than fancy. It is available in black color and has blue LED lights installed on the frame of the hoverboard.

The rubber grips on the footrest gives more stability to the child. Even when they are on the highest speed, the non-slip pads on the frame will give additional support.

UL Certification

To give you the satisfaction that your child is riding a safe machine, this model comes with UL2272 certification.

This certificate guarantees that the battery is safe and the overall product is safe to use. It is essential for the parents to look for the safety certification before they make a purchase.

The Good

Here are some of the great things about this model:

GPS and Tracking

You can track where your child is riding. This feature is admired by many parents as they can rush to their children if there is anything wrong. This is a great security feature.


The hoverboard is pretty lightweight which ensures that your child will not have to wait for you if it shuts down midway. He/she can simply pick it up and walk back home.

Mesmerizing Design

The design is very sophisticated. It is available in a single color yet has the appeal to attract various buyers. If your child is into something extremely fancy then this product is not meant for them.


The UL2272 certification and real-time tracking make this product extremely safe. Even if your child is riding it for long hours and take a long trip, you will be able to track him/her very easily.


The Bad

Some things that you might not like:


Well, if you compare this model with others on the market then you will find it a bit on the pricey side.

Who Is It For?

This product has got minimal disappointments. Therefore, I declare it suitable for all. If you want a smart hoverboard for your child then this comes with unmatched features.


The Hover-1 Titan UL2272 Certified Electric Scooter hoverboard is a great product and comes with various positive reviews. People like that it gives them the power to track their kids and monitor all the major features and settings of the hoverboard.

Everything about this product is very dependable. Rest assured that your child’s safety is given utmost priority and make purchase of this brilliant hoverboard.