Welcome Back to the Future of Radical!


The web department is going to be in China next week so there will be no site updates till at least the 27th.

Broussard has a handful of clips in the new Hi Fi Wheels promo video that just made its web debut. Go broo boo.

If you live in (or near) Austin and care about art you might want to check this out on Thursday.

And per Stacy’s request here’s another SBTB graphic.

That’s all we got right now. Have a good weekend and a good week and we’ll talk to you guys later.

Oh, and don’t forget to ride your skateboard.


Did you watch that Nate Broussard video we just posted? Probably not since we just told you about it. Well, check it out dude!

Brandon just sent me this photo of a skate stopped spot that he figured out how to skate. That’s our boy. (photo by Mefford)

Roger sticker team member sighting. Booyah Bratrud on the FLIP Burnout Blog. Thanks for reppin’ the Rog.

Saved By The Bell series in progress (pending copyright permission.)

Have a good Little Friday everybody. Try not to cry.

Tax Day

Holy crap, did you watch that Chris Cole video yet? I wonder if that’s the future?

Here’s our new ad.

Spider Bite graphic series coming… never.

Keep it real stupid everybody.


Whoah, we’re four days late on this update. Excuses:
1. Easter
2. Taxes
3. It’s Stacy’s fault
4. The economy
5. We were tied up on the message boards talking about shoe sponsors

Anyway, we’re pleased to announce that April’s Roger of the Month is Dorian Warneck from Columbia, SC. We chose Dorian to be this month’s Roger because we just liked the dude’s vibe. Simple as that.

Here’s a link to Dorian’s website. What? He has his own website? Yep. And apparently he also makes skate videos. Multi-tasking is Roger approved. Dig around on Dorian’s site and check out some of the videos. You’re already on the internet. Give your weiner a rest.

We’ll try to do as many updates this week as possible because the webmaster is leaving for China on Sunday so next week our site is going to be crickets.

Still working on new stuff for our Summer line. What do you guys think about this graphic?

Rejected Working Title for the Roger Video: Olliewood The Musical

Oh yeah, no soap of the month this month. We’re keeping it dirty in April.


Ryan Spencer (this month’s ROTM) just sent us this little outro video that he filmed during his month as a Roger. Anybody who feels the urge to say anything bad about it should go try to film their own video part in under a month. Or not. Whatevs.

Ryan also sent us this Roger coaster that he made with one of our stickers. Look how tidy his computer desk is. Look how tidy mine is.

As always, we’re hard at work on new and innovative products. We’re still trying to get the rights to this image so we can print this graphic. But if that doesn’t work out it’s cool, we always have a backup plan.

Oh yeah, almost forgot – We got the raddest email from Andy Collins over at the Program Zine. Apparently Cole Wilson’s ROTM status caused his local shop to take more interest in him which somehow led to Jamie Thomas personally calling Cole to invite him into the ZERO/FALLEN flow program. This is third hand information but hopefully it’s all true. Congratulations Cole!

Check back tomorrow for the Roger of the Month April 2009 footage. Roger that, dudes.


Our sincerest apologies for the lack of activity on the site as of late. Stacy was in China for a business trip and Sieben was lost in a SXSW haze. Speaking of which.

So what’s been going on? Well, here’s a little interview with The Art Dept. that was just posted up at espn.com. We’d like to thank Josh Brooks for giving us the opportunity to spread some words about our friend Roger.

ROTM Ryan Spencer just sent us these links. This one is for a video titled A Recipe for Happiness that his buddy Aryeh Kraus is making. And this one is “a random little video of skateboarding one night in Hollywood with some friends from up there.”

Remember Bill Pierce? Our very first ROTM? He sent me some stuff too. Here’s a link to a video that his buddy Phil Gushue is making. Oh yeah, that photo of Bill doing the backside flip was taken by Brian Kelley.

He also sent this flyer for an art show this Friday in Santa Anna, CA that he’ll have some work in. Good on ya’ Bill.

We’ll announce our next ROTM the second week of the month since we were late last month. We’ll get back on schedule in May. Maybe.

Company News: hard at work on our Summer 2009 merchandise.

Team News: LaCoste might be going to Art School, Broussard might be coming to Austin for a visit, Brandon might be working on a Reggae album. Probably not though.


Our Canadian Comrade Nate LaCoste just sent us a weird (cool) little mini-ramp video. Check it out BRO! His buddy David Ehrenreich edited the piece together. Check out more of Dave’s projects at this location inside the internet.

Ryan Spencer sent us this photo to illustrate how his popularity has risen in his home town of Maui since being named ROTM for March. Good job Ryan.

And Porous Walker sent us this photo of the mini mini mega ramp that he’s currently prototyping. In his own words: “Brother, I hope you are well. Please brother I think I know what can jump start this eeekonomy. Yes you guessed it’s a mini mini mega ramp. I am working on a informercial for this fuckka and it seems to work wonders. I can mega the shit out of eggs to a fryin pan, some meatballs to my wife’s mouth and pay the mega shit in coins to the cashier at my local poor store. Videos coming soon -Porous” We’re looking forward to that video.

TX News: R.I.P. Death Star

Industry News: Is there a Roger Collab on the horizon… or did we just find that on facebook…

Rejected Working Title for the Roger video: Ollie Slutz


We are pleased as punch to announce that the Roger of the Month for March 2009 is… Ryan Spencer from Costa Mesa, CA. Check out his video part over yonder on the video page. We picked Ryan because we thought he was awesome at skateboard dance partying. We’re going to let him stay on the team for ten days into April since we lagged on getting his footage up on the site. We’ll blame that on the economy… and Lone Star.

Here’s Ryan’s ad we can’t afford to run. His buddy Sam Muller took the photo. Check out more of Sam’s work here. Lots of great photos including this one of our very own Nate Broussard and this one of Roger Sticker Team member, Shortbus. Good stuff.

Speaking of Broussard, I ran across this the other day. I thought it was pretty sweet.

Soooooo…. what else is happening down at Roger? Well, we’re still working on developing some new products for our next batch of bullshit, Sieben has achieved Brimley Status, Stacy has begun his graffiti career, a dude named Eby sent us an album cover, Preston Harper sent us a picture of a furniture store, and apparently we just sponsored a squirrel.

Rejected working title for the Roger video: Wizards of Diaper Rash

Hope for the best, expect the worst, and never piss into a sandstorm. Or something like that. Later dudes.


Today’s splash page was sent to us from a guy named Jason Adams. Not Jason Adams the professional athlete. Just another dude with the same name as that dude. Jeff Phillips R.I.P.

We kicked Cole off the team a few days ago. He cried a little, we cried a little, but overall it went okay. Who’s next? We’ll tell you just as soon as we get the footage. Here’s a hint though, it’s not this guy.

It seems like the rest of the world is dealing with some sort of economic crisis or something like that. But not Roger. We just moved out of our 1 bedroom apartment and into our new headquarters. The future’s so bright…

We’re currently brainstorming new merchandise ideas. Kids still smoke, right?

Seen this?

Go topless shakabra! (Be sure to watch the video.)

And… soap of the month

See you as soon as we get that footage…


Today’s splash page was sent to us by David Dittmeyer. Thanks David.

Instead of doing the regular ROTM interview on our site, we got Andy Collins over at The Program Zine to do it for us. Actually it was his idea. And he got Isaac McKay-Randozzi to conduct the interview with Cole. Click on the zine cover and check it out (pages 6 -17.) Good job everybody.

We’re working on our Summer line right now. So far so good… I think we actually might be getting the hang of this whole skateboard company thing.

In a freak pop-culture phenomenon – The NO ROGERS shirt has been popping up everywhere in Hollywood lately. From night clubs to the Golden Globes. Better get your local shop to order some before they’re all gone. Like, for real.

Roger staff update:
Stacy is looking for a friend. Sieben needs to work on his ramp.

Roger team update:
Everybody is skating. Or working or going to school or drinking juice.

Have a mediocre Tuesday everybody.


My flight back from London sucked because this guy was snoring like Anthony Claravall. He was so loud it would have been funny if it didn’t go on for 10 hours. Headphones couldn’t shut it out. I have no idea what happened on Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. I’m going to have to rent it now. Look at the girl peaking her head over the seat trying to figure out what kind of beast is making all the racket. The whole plane wanted to do a shoe-bomber style beat down on the guy but instead we just gave him the stink eye at the baggage carousel.
– Stacy

We’ve had a couple of little fake ads poking fun of other companies lately. It’s all in good humor and we hope nobody takes offense. And just to prove that we’re not above making fun of ourselves…

Relax, it’s just skateboarding.

Cole has a little bit of new footage up on the Program Zine site. Look for the “Day Trip To Dayton” video. Andy Collins (the dude that runs the site) had this to say: “Just wanted to let you know that we just took a little day trip up to Ohio with Cole, and there’s new video clip of it up on theProgram. Not a whole lot of ripping because of the weather but Cole can kill anything so he’s got a good amount of dope stuff in there, especially considering the conditions.” Thanks Andy. Check out the rest of the Program site while you’re there. Plenty of rad photos and good words from KY.

Hopefully by now everybody has seen the new Alien Workshop “Mind Field” video. My favorite parts were Omar’s and Grant’s. It’s not often that I buy skate videos but I’m stoked that I spent some money on this one. I guess that’s my video review. Are you supposed to promote other skateboard companies on your skateboard company’s website?

Broussard wants all of you to research face yoga. Thanks Nate…

Rejected Working Title For The Roger Video: Curb Assasinz!!!

This is why you’re fat.


We just posted Whitney Well’s interview. Check it out bro!

And probably the biggest Roger news to date… guess who else is jumping into the shoe biz!

To celebrate we’re hosting a 5K fun run. We hope you can all attend.

Half of the company (Stacy) is going to be out of town for the next week so we won’t have any web updates till next week. Please don’t kill yourself because of our absence. Check failblog in the meantime.

And you’ve probably already seen this, but just in case you haven’t…

See you next week you Rad Dogz.

That’s right, two updates in one day. We’re crushing it!

We got the photos of our new ROTM so we can officially make the offical announcement. We’d like to welcome Cole Wilson from Rineyville Kentucky to the team. That is, until he gets too big to cuddle, then we’ll kick him off. Anyway, check out his video on the video page. Oh, that’s him on the splash page too.

Also, we got a sick photo from Whitney to go with his interview. The web dept. is working on putting that together so check back tomorrow.


Today’s Splash page was sent to us by Adan Garcia.

We just added a bunch of new Ads to the ‘Ads We Can’t Afford To Run’ page of the site. Oh, you don’t believe us? Well check it out Dude!

We’ll announce this months ROTM just as soon as we get a picture of him.

Oh yeah, and Soap of the Month!


We received an email from SLINGZ asking if we wanted to do a link exchange. We’re still considering… Be sure to watch the videos. It might change your life.

Sieben has a little interview on the VOX site. Skate sequence?

Have a good weekend dudes. And check back next week to see who the new ROTM is.


Today’s splash page was sent to us by Danny Goldstein Griffin. If you’d like to see your very own splash page up on the site then send us one. We’re tired of telling you how to do it though so you’re going to have to figure it out on your own.

We finally got Preston Harper’s interview up on the site. Click on the ROTM page and then click on Preston’s darling little face.

Whitney Well’s month as a Roger Skateboards is quickly coming to a close. We won’t be posting any outro footage of Whitney because unfortunately the winter weather has not been cooperative. We told Whitney that if he ever wants to post more footage on the site he’s more than welcome, so maybe he’ll have an outro part up on the site sometime this year. Or maybe a legitimate company will hook the dude up and he can film for a video vs. a website. We’ll hope for the latter.

So who is the next Roger of the Month going to be? We’ll give you a hint.

Team News:
Nate Broussard is probably drinking fruit juice and making skateboarding look like ice skating. But in a good way.
Nate LaCoste accidentally pocket called me the other day. And I think he might be in AZ filming right now.
Brandon Ziskind has been shooting a bunch of skate photos (him skating, not him shooting photos) and has been smiling a lot.

Sticker Team News:
The long awaited theatrical release of Shiloh Greathouse’s life story is drawing near. You can check out the trailer here.

Company News:
We didn’t get invited to be in the Crossroads thing at Black Box so we set up a cardboard box in an alley in Texas and tried to sell some t-shirts. We sold three which we think is pretty good.

Sieben has a photo blog up on fecalface if you’re bored.

We’ll be announcing the February ROTM next week so be sure to check back and also buy tons of our shit all the time. Thanks.


From Whitney Wells:
It’s been snowing out so I’ve been painting lately. This is one of a series I have done. This is what is has looked like the past few days, so no street skating for Whitney.

Before it was snowing in Denver, Whitney told me he’d gone through 2 boards in 2 days. Damn, holmes! I’ve been skating the same deck for three months now… we must skate different stuff. I mainly skate parking blocks and one-stairs.

n other Whitney news, he just sent us a copy of “INCOLOR” which is the Denver Shop’s (the shop Whitney skates for) brand new video. Whitney is listed as the Art Director for the video which we think is pretty awesome. You can get a copy of your own for only $15.95 from thedenvershop.com. Or you can just keep watching pixelized YouTube crap. Your call. The video is really good by the way. Good job everybody. Oh yeah, Whitney also sent this cool little drawing with the video. Thanks dude.

Also just got a copy of the newest issue of “How Dare You” zine in the mail the other day. Issue 12 already? Bangin’ em out. I liked this issue but it seemed like it was a little light on the clever shit talking. I guess the the pull-out center spread of Hosoi makes up for it. If you want to try to get ahold of a copy, send an email to nicelife9000@yahoo.com with “Roger Told Me To Email” as the subject line.


Today’s Splash Page was sent to us by Thomas Dupere. Submit your own splash page to: roger@rogerskateboards.com (800 x 600 pixels 72dpi please)

I just got back from California and while I was there I got to swing by our distributor’s warehouse and stock up on the new goods.

Shirts are available now. If you turn the Weed & Cobras shirt inside out it looks like an old faded shirt your weird uncle gave you.

The new boards turned out really nice. Thanks Prime.

And our sticker packs finally showed up. Each pack (Red & Orange or Blue and Green) comes with over fifteen stickers. Bug your local shop to order some. Otherwise my ’92 Honda Civic is going to be covered with them.

I got to hang out with Broussard for a night while I was out there. He came up with a solution for what to do with his previous sponsor’s t-shirts.

We’re developing some cutting edge products for 2009 right now…. actually we’re just sticking stickers on lighters and watching Static III over and over

We’re still working on Preston’s interview. Should be done by March. April at the latest.

Rejected proposed title for the Roger video: “Jeans Creamers Part IV”

– Sieben


36 hours of sleep is incredibly restful. It’s like a mini-coma. I feel recharged and ready to reveal the new ROTM. It’s Whitney Wells from Colorado! Check out his video, he’s real good at playing skateboarding.


Happy New Year friends of Roger.

We just added Preston’s Outro video to the Video page. Click it while it’s hot. Interview coming soon. And by soon we mean, as soon as Preston sends some photos for his interview.

We decided that our team has now reached such a high level of raditude that it was time to update the team section of the site. Check it.

So… who’s the very first Roger of the Month for 2009? We’ll tell you tomorrow. We’re sleepy right now. Here’s a hint though: he’s not from California.

Oh yeah, almost forgot – Soap of the Month.


Today’s splash page is a photo of Brandon Ziskind doing a switch wallride fakie ollie out (landing switch or fakie or whatever. Not the cheating kind where you land rolling forwards.) Photo by Shaun Mefford. The photo on the left is the actual photo. I just thought it looked cool with the mirrored image next to it. Because we’re getting trippy. Just like everybody else.

Nate LaCoste is on the cover of the new Concrete Skateboarding. Good job, Sir.

Our buddy Bill Pierce has a part in this video that just premiered at KCDC on Sunday night. Hopefully you’re not using this site as a calendar for upcoming events. We’re pretty much a week in the past over here. Bill also wanted you guys to know that he plays Call of Duty 4 and his name on it is HandEatinToaster. I’m too old to know what that means, but I’m guessing if you want to play army with Bill then that might mean something to you.

Just got a copy of Potpourri in the mail yesterday from Preston Harper. This video is definitely worth checking out if you can get your hands on a copy. Preston has the first part which further validates our ROTM decision. The video is presented by Brimley which reminded me of this graphic I made in 2007. Anybody know what the (brimley) status of that thing is?

In other Preston News: “go blog or go home!” And “I know what everyone is thinking… Why does this poser wear a stupid elbow pad? Wellll this should answer your question…”

If we don’t update this thing again before the 25th, then have fun doing whatever you’re doing. We won’t assume you’re Christian. It’s a big world out there.


We just added our new Summer 2009 products to the GOODS page. (Instead of admitting we’re running behind on production we just decided we’re actually way ahead.) Bender is bound to the break-out graphic of the year for dudes over 30. You know… the dudes that don’t buy skateboards…

The photo of my friend Brandon that’s on the TEAM page right now was taken with my crappy little digital camera. This photo that Shaun Mefford took of Brandon is way better. But we’re not going to use it for the new TEAM page because Brandon wants something better than a back tail photo on that page. And because you can totally tell he’s skating a Toy Machine board in the photo… buy toy machine. (or roger.)

From Preston:
Why watch full downtowned when you could watch fully pecos skatepark!

I messed my back up the other day so i wasnt able to skate for like 4 days, soooo in the mean time i finished this painting for my friends bathroom.

oh yeah and i hope you like blink 182!!!!!!!!

Just 11 days left to procrastinate before shopping.

As promised, Nate Broussard mini-interview. Nate LaCoste and my friend Brandon mini-interviews coming soon (minus the heartfelt rambling intro.)

Bill Pierce emailed us and told us he’s sharing a part with Dan Zvereff in FLIPMODE 4 which is premiering at KCDC at 3pm on Dec. 21st. Here’s the flyer.

And from Preston:
Soooooo why watch fully flared when you could just watch fully downtowned!!! It’s also like 1/9000 as long!!!

Here’s a flyer for a another video i gotsta part in! This video is more like an Illinois video though. So if you live in that area you should proooooobably go!!!!!

The other day I was pulling out of my neighborhood and i saw some KILLER! burn out marks!!! But they led straight into this little guy! woops

You should probably get down to the nearest american apparel store and pick up the new hot item!


i went to get my ENDER ENDER for the month but when i showed up to the spot matt was already rolling up to it, and i didnt want to show him up and do it right in front of him… soooo i guess im gonna have to think of something else to do.

In Roger the company news: check the site next week for new products with our logo on them.


If you saw today’s splash page on the site then you know the big news for the day.

Nate Broussard is skating for Roger now. They already took his name off the Skate Mental website… oh wait, they never had it up there.

Mini-interview and more information coming sooner. Welcome home Brou-boo.

And Preston wanted you guys to watch this skit that he and his brother and some friends made… Whoah….


Here’s a few video links from ROTM Preston Harper:
Here’s a little digi cam montage from the other night. I’m always making little montages and putting them on this site called skateaz.com.
And here’s a couple trailers for my friends video that I have a part in. its premiering next weekend. its called Potpourri.
OH! and here’s a trailer we made for my brother’s video from a couple years ago! It’s a little funnier if you’ve seen that movie “The Basketball Diaries”

We found out that Nate LaCoste didn’t win the Tampa Am. We also found out that he’s Canadian.


Roger of the Month December 2009 just happens to be… Preston Harper from Arizona. Check the video page for Preston’s footage. You might remember a few of Preston’s clips from the SLAP OIAM runner’s up montage. Or maybe you won’t. It’s hard to say how much you’re retaining. You know, because of the public school system and all.

In Tampa Am news, Nate LaCoste qualified for the finals or some shit like that. We haven’t checked back yet so we’re just going to assume he won the whole thing. Congratulations LaCoste!

And soap of the month.


Today is Bill’s last day on Roger. We’re gonna miss you Bill, you’ve been a great Roger. Here’s Bill’s final blog:

Thanksgiving update: Hometown skatepark. Mark Wetzel fs lipslide kickflip out.

6 stair beer step.

My pops, lumberjack surfer.

This is a wood block piece I had to pack at work. My friend Max and I thought it was a flamboyant Evel Knievel… but then the older guy in the woodshop told us it was Fred Astaire.

Jamie Thomas making moves!

And Bill’s final toilet bowl analysis:

Handle type: Metallic nub
GPF: 1.4
Amount of Toilet Paper needed to accommodate ass: 3 Rolls, 2 toilet patties, 1 bottle of disinfectant
Comfort Rating: -3 of 5. Wouldn’t touch this if i was immune to anything or if I had every disease possible.
Summary: Possibly the best toilet design I have seen. Modern, functional and very streamlined. As you can see there is an exclamation point sticker. That sticker is meant to caution you about every single thought you have about using this toilet. There is weird scum residue built up all around the seat and a possible aborted baby. I like it though, ugly is beauty to me. This poor fellow is betrayed by the train when it stops and people are just forced to pee all over it. Let alone the one time I was sleeping in the car with the bathroom in it, some dude went in and smoked crack. He did that as we pulled into Asbury Park, one of the prominent heroin buying places in NJ. The locals were freaking out on this dude, and he responded saying “You people…” Never say that to anyone in Asbury unless you wanna get murked.

We just posted Bill’s interview on the site. Go to the Roger of the Month page and click on Bill’s face if you want to check it out. And we also just posted Bill’s outro video part. Go to the video page and check it out if you like skateboarding videos.

We were going to announce December’s Roger of the Month today but we decided to wait till Monday instead of posting two videos on the same day (since we forgot to post Bill’s outro video yesterday.) Actually we didn’t forget, we just didn’t do it. Sorry. Here’s a hint who the next Roger of the Month is: elbow pad.

In other Roger news, did you hear that Nate LaCoste is skating for us now? And in other Roger news, did you hear the rumor about our other new team rider? It’s getting serious over here.


Bill’s Blogs:
You know the economy is bad when Robin Williams quits acting for working on the railroad. I say we should be concerned and call the MTA.

Too much milk. Skatehouse status needs to stop one day. We just need to own our very own cow.

You know you’re doing something right when you go to McDonalds thinking your going to get lunch, but you make it for breakfast. Somethings just telling you to buy 5 hashbrowns when that happens.

Tom Kruper, Mac and I went and saw Role Models on a rainy day.

They dressed as KISS for a LARPING sesh. Radical

Me updating this blog, while blogging Mac, who is blogging Kruper, who is reading a blog. Its a technology blackhole

And another toilet review from Bill:

LOCATION: REGAL CINEMA. 2nd stall to the right, 2nd floor, 13th street and Broadway, New York
TYPE: Unknow
Handle type: Metallic
GPF: 1.6
Amount of Toilet Paper needed to accommodate ass: 0, I peed. O wait, 1 good fist full to clean the seat then flush.
Comfort Rating: 5 of 5, wide opening on the seat so I had a nice trench to pee through. Splatter sucks.
Summary: This was a very elegantly designed piece of toiletry. The seat looks like it would cup the but cheek very nicely when in the prone position. The wide mouth opening allows for maximum fecal spiraling.

12.2.08 (Happy Ryan?)

We’ve granted Bill a grace period on his Roger of the Month status because we were out of town for a good chunk of his month and didn’t get around to posting much of his News. So we’re saying Bill’s on the team till the end of this week. We’ll post his outro video on Thursday and then Friday we’ll be posting our December Roger of the Month’s footage. Big week.

Here’s a toilet review courtesy of Bill:
LOCATION: SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS, East 21st street, 7th floor
TYPE: American Standard
Handle type: Porcelain
GPF: 1
Amount of Toilet Paper needed to accommodate ass: 4
Comfort Rating: 5 of 5
Summary: Personally, this is my favorite toilet in all of New York City. I really enjoy this toilet bowl due to the ease of just laying 4 even sheets of TP on each side of the seat. No slipping of the paper into the bowl occur due to the lack of excess weight of unnecessary toilet paper. Also, the toilet is placed far enough away from the urinal and sink, so when fecalizing, no awkward stopping of deuce dropping is needed.

And here’s a rad little video Bill made the day he got out of the Hospital from the wine/pit bull/crack in the sidewalk incident.

Happy Ham Hocks Everybody.

Dan Zvereff sent us some lifestyle photos of Bill. This one is titled:”Bill with a hat.” And this one is titled “Bill pees in bottles.” We like Bill.

Speaking of Bill, did you hear that the other night he was skating through Bushwick on his way to a Middle Eastern Feast and a pit bull jumped lunged at him and he fell and the bottle of wine that he was carrying to the dinner totally smashed in his hand and then one of the girls at the dinner totally drew a face to go with the disgusting mouth-like wound and then Bill totally ate and drank and then went to bed instead of going to the hospital and then when he woke up and there was blood all over the place and the girl that was sleeping next to him totally had blood on her forehead? And Bill didn’t say anything to her about it? Well, it’s totally true.

Have fun today everybody.

Oh, and if you get an email today saying that you’re the next Roger of the Month, then congratulations. Because you’re the next Roger of the Month.

I was supposed to do this update on the 14th. I’m a little late, sorry.

More updates from Bill:

I painted something. It doesn’t have tits though. It still alright.

I got this off the best blog. http://www.ignoredprayers.blogspot.com/

It would of better if it was set on Hoth. On Tatooine you have Jawas and Sand people watching. At least on Hoth you can have Wompa skinned condoms.

I bring this out just incase I have to slice my own pizza. But instead all I did was this lousy frontside swordslide.

Bill also wanted you to know that he has a new pet. It’s a pop and lochness monster.


Update from Bill:
One, Two, Three.

Bill is also working on a “Breakfast with Bill” column for the site. Here’s what he sent so far…

In other news: Soap of the month!

My friend Brandon kickflipped to fakie something.

The New Beginning

Holy shit.

We self-destructed our website yesterday by posting Bill Pierces’s footage. I don’t know what 19.92 GB of traffic means, but that’s what made our account shut down. Our apologies. We didn’t really anticipate that happening since before yesterday only fourteen people had visited this site.

Anyway… Bill wanted you to watch this video.

Oh and did you hear that we’re going to have a new president? Stoked.

Super Tuesday, 2008

Today is the day that we announce the very first winner of the Roger of the month program.

Are you ready? Yeah?

The very first winner of the Roger of the month program is none other than Brookyln’s own Bill Pierce.

In Bill’s own words: “Yerp, my name is Bill Pierce, I am 20, a Libra, I live in Brooklyn, I dig transvestite humor, and play Final Fantasy video games on my free time.I thought I’d send footage to you guys because if I never tried, I would of regretted it somehow in the future. Thank you. -Bill”

Check out Bill’s winning footage on the Video page of the site. And check back because Bill will be posting news on the site for November and will also have an interview up on the site later this month.

Congratulations Bill!

On a side note, if you’re old enough to vote and you’re registered then you better get your ass out there today and do it. If you’re old enough to vote and you’re not registered then please don’t skate Roger brand skateboard products. We’re not down with dipshits.


Hi there.

Welcome to the weekend.

Jeremy Holmes doesn’t skate for us anymore. Which sort of makes us wish we hadn’t spent an hour making this animated gif the other night. Actually we don’t really care about the lost hour. Jeremy is one of our favorite dudes ever and we wish him the best of luck with his future endeavors.

Half of the company is going to be in London for the next week. So if updates are slow… blame Europe

The baby animal of October is definitely the tapir.

What day is it?

Whoah, sorry about that. We forgot we had a skateboard company for a little bit. Did anything happen while we were away? Has the Mega Ramp gotten any bigger? Are tie-dyes still acceptable? Are kids still saying “epic?”

Anyway… we just notified the winner of the very first Roger Of The Month for November 2008. If we notified you then you won. If we didn’t notify you then don’t slit your wrists just yet. Remember, the contest is monthly and the footage rolls over month to month. So maybe you’ll win next month… or maybe not. We’ll be announcing the first winner and posting the footage the first week of November.

In other news, Jeremy Holmes has a trick or two in the new fourduos montage. If you haven’t seen it yet then check it out. If you have seen it then you can watch it again or not. Totally up to you dude.

We’re working on some new graphics right now. This one almost made it into the catalog before we realized it had a cuss word on it. And was promoting drug use. So we just made it into a sticker instead.

This rabbit’s ears look like little fuzzy airplane wings.

Sieben nose wheelied something.

Today’s cobra splash page was sent to us from Brecon White. Thanks Brecon.


Thanks to everybody who has already sent in footage for the Roger Of The Month (ROTM) program. The first winner will be notified mid-October. There is no cut-off date for footage because the program will be ongoing so keep it coming.

We just ordered some Roger shirts. They should be available sometime around Christmas or maybe in a few weeks. If you’re under thirty, this helps explain the joke.

This was a graphic we really wanted to run in our first line but we decided against it because we didn’t want to get our asses sued off. We still think it’s funny though.

If you like Sieben’s drawings but you hate Roger you could skate one of these. (Thanks John.)

Seven minutes and twenty one seconds of rad.

…and soap of the month.

(Today’s splash page was sent to us from Danny Griffin. If you want to have your splash page on the site, send an 800×600 (pixels) jpeg to sieben@rogerskateboards.com. If we like it we’ll stick it up there. If we don’t like it… we’ll probably stick it up there anyway.)


We just launched a new page on the site. See it over there? Bottom right corner. Yeah, that’s it. Roger of the month. What’s Roger of the month? Click the button silly. (more details coming later.)

In other news, Porous Walker sent us this amazing new wheel idea.

Working on some new board graphics for Holiday ’08. We’re joking…

My friend Brandon back tailslid something.


We never met you Van Wastell, but our hearts and thoughts go out to your friends and family. Rest in Peace young man.


Our front-man Sieben has an interview on the Slap site right now so check it out.

Since Marc Johnson turned us down we’ve decided to go a different direction with our team. Get your footage together ladies and gentlemen, I think you’ve got a shot. We’ll explain everything next week.

Jeremy Holmes nollie-flipped something.


Sieben has a little online interview over at the Citrus Report. So doesBen Colen. And Cody Hudson.

We’ve been interviewing bands for the Roger sitcom theme song. So far these dudes are in last place.

And if you haven’t watched Jack Sabback’s part in the new Traffic video yet then you’re totally blowing it. That guy is ridiculously awesome.

Half of the company is going to be out of town for the next month so if updates are slow… blame it on Stacy.

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