Heelys Men’s Launch Fashion Sneaker Review

If your kid is passionate about skating, then it is only imperative that you get them the right equipment for them to follow on their career paths. By the right equipment, we mean skateboards and skate shoes. When dwelling on skateboards, there is an array of options to choose from, but when it comes to skate shoes, Heelys Men’s Launch Fashion Sneaker stands tall above the rest, way above options like the Aikuass Roller Skate Sneaker Shoes with Wheels.

We don’t know when your kid’s birthday is, but one thing we do know; this pair will make a perfect birthday present. Your kid will fall in love with it right from the word go. They are stylish and comfortable for everyday use.  We recommend it for its elegant design, but more importantly, its performance, comfort, and construction material. A lot is in store with this pair, as outlined below.

Features and Specifications

Manufacturing Design

Kids are precious, and so are their shoes. This pair was designed carefully, with each feature being brought out clearly to perform its function to the fullest. Different features are incorporated for the larger advantage of the user. First, removable wheels are included below for kids between ages eight and twelve. This is the age where balance is new to them, and they require a little bit of assistance. Please note that the wheels can be removed at the outsole.

Secondly, the upper part of this sneaker is made using a lightweight and breathable canvas, for apparent reasons- easy maneuverability and comfort of the feet. The insole is cushioned for added comfort with the midsole stripped to absorb any impact. The laces are tied up the vamp to avoid tripping the mostly clumsy young ones.

When it comes to the size of the shaft, it is compact and lightweight- a mere three inches from the arch. The outsoles, on the other hand, are made of rubber with Ninja Grip Treads that provide maximum traction. The sole is 100% synthetic and highly durable. The construction of this pair is epic. It is made exclusively to give kids all the confidence to conquer the skating world.

The design of this shoe is impeccable, no doubt about that. Every feature brought into it plays a significant role in ensuring that the rider has the best of experiences. Heelys have their signature look and design. Loyal fans will be ecstatic to have this pair among the many others to choose from.

The Good

Removable Wheels for Added Balance

This sneaker comes with removable wheels so that when it is time to flip the board, all you need to do is remove the wheels at the outsole, and you’re good to go. Young ones might find it challenging to balance on their own, and they require a little assistance before they master that difficult art. Well, this pair here has gotten that covered.

We love the fact that the wheels are removable so that when they are old enough and capable of skating on their own, they can safely remove the wheels, without the need to get them another pair. This is convenient as well as budget-friendly.

Well Executed

Some pairs in the market are hated because of their poor design. Some manufacturers usually are in a hurry to release new shoes so as to keep up with the current trends and end up making inferior products in terms of design and performance. This isn’t the case with this sneaker. This pair receives high ratings when it comes to design, performance, support, and comfort.

Every detailed has been carefully put together and well-executed. The manufacturers were keen on the quality, and it paid off. The soles, for example, are designed to absorb hard knocks and impacts and at the same time, allow users to perform complex tricks.

Beautiful and Appealing

Kids love what they see, and they will fall in love with this pair, right from when they take it out of the box. This pair is simple but unique, and we loved how it looks, and we’re sure your child will too. The pairs are available in an all-black version, navy blue, black-orange and black-red.


The Bad

Attaching and Detaching the Wheels is Tiresome

As much as the removable wheels are convenient, putting them on and off can prove to be complicated. Attaching and detaching the wheels every time your kid wants to skate can be a hassle. Moreover, it is highly recommended that you equip your young one with a helmet to avoid severe injuries in case they fall. Also, be keen when picking the sizes as some reviewers complained that the pairs run a little bit larger than the regular sizing.

This might inconvenience a lot of parents. KIKOSOCKS Boys Girls Sneaker Shoes are a better alternative to get yourself out of this trouble.

Who Is It For?

Roger Adams invented this pair after he saw kids skating up and down the streets while on their inline skates. Form that moment, Heelys began designing and manufacturing shoes that young kids could wear to skating. The Heelys Launch Fashion Sneaker is an excellent example of such. They are for kids who are looking to begin their skating experience.

The pair has removable wheels at the bottom that assist in balance. This is mainly for kids aged between eight and twelve. They provide them with the balance required until a later stage when they can do without them. Reviewers have testified sending their kids to the malls and groceries while they rolled in these shoes. One thing is for sure; every kid has this pair at heart!


What are good skating shoes? Good skating shoes are those that provide riders with sufficient balance, top-notch performance, and exceptional comfort. Pairs such as the NIKE SB Check Solarsoft Canvas are a good example. This pair also doesn’t come any bit short with these features. This brand has earned itself a seat in the table of the best, thanks to this product. Users can attest to its high performance and the balance it brings to the table.

Your kid will be ecstatic to have the Heelys Men’s Launch Fashion Sneaker for a present. Heelys made this sneaker purposefully for young ones who want to train and master the art of skating. Skating isn’t easy, but with the right sneakers, impossible is foreign.