Gyroor Swift Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter Review

It is difficult to distinguish among good quality hoverboard and a bad one given all the options available on the market. These days, the competition is such that all brands will come high and try to convince you to buy their products.

However, sadly for us, not all the models are worth your trust. But today, I am going to help you with one of the leading models on the market Gyroor Swift Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter.

This one is a fantastic machine. You can find it giving cut-throat competition to other superior models like FLYING-ANT Hoverboard UL 2272 Certified Self Balancing Electric Scooter.

Well, without wasting any time, let’s get down to the business, shall we?

Features and Specifications

The hoverboard from Gynoor has got various excellent features. You can explore them below:


Something that I haven’t seen in various products online is the dual mode. It comes with 2 modes that makes it suitable for adults as well as kids.

When you select the children’s mode, the speed of hoverboard slows down and it becomes suitable for kids to ride, without hurting themselves.

If an adult wants to ride it then simply switch it to adult model and you can try the tricks and stunts that you want. It is equally suitable for first-time riders as well as experienced riders. Also, you don’t usually get such features in other hoverboards.


These days, it has become compulsory for the hoverboard companies to make sure that their products pass the safety test. These tests are on the battery and performance of the machine.

If the batteries of hoverboards get overheated then it can blow up causing lethal accidents. The UL2272 certification makes sure that this product has passed all the electrical tests.

Also, if you think that something is not right with the hoverboard then you can simply contact the company and get the issue attended.

You can find the same safety standards in other competitive models such as EPCTEK 6.5″ Self-Balancing Hoverboards.

Smart App Control

There are not many products on the market that comes with smart app control feature. Through the app, you can check location of your child, the features in use such as speed of the hoverboard and battery left, mode changes, etc.

Basically, this feature is very useful for all parents. They can monitor the activity of their child without personally going with them.

Another interesting thing about this app is that you can change the speed from a remote location.

If you think that you child is using wrong mode or speeding up too fast then you can simply turn down the speed through the app. You can also change the color of LED using the app.

This function has raised the standard of this product to a large extent.

Music Speaker

One of the best things that I like about hoverboards these days is that the companies make sure to give them everything possible. The built-in speakers have become more common than ever.

This model has got an exceptional-quality speaker built in the hoverboard. You can find the same feature in CHO POWER SPORTS 2019 Electric Hoverboard Scooter as well.

The quality of speaker is high and it is great for the kids that like to enjoy music as they ride. You can make a list of favorite songs of your child and play them as the child is enjoying the ride with his/her friends.

Self-Balancing Mechanism

You cannot ask for anything more than the self-balancing mechanism from a hoverboard. You see, your child might be riding a self-balancing scooter for the first time, it is essential to get them a product that is reliable.

Well, this product is exceptionally dependable as it does not shake and takes full control over to help your child learn balancing. This also gives them the confidence of stepping on a hoverboard.

The self-balancing mechanism is especially beneficial for the first-timers than avid riders. Your child will really appreciate the quality.


Well, everything about this product is pretty great. You will find it suitable for all kinds of buyers as far as performance is concerned. The dual-motors helps in giving you smooth and seamless riding experience.

The 6.5 inches rubber tires are ready to take the challenges on road. This one can run on a maximum speed of 8 MPH and you can enjoy 15 – 30 degrees maximum climbing angle. It is a highly suitable product for all.

The Good

Smart App Control

This feature is genuinely one of the best things you can find in a hoverboard. It gives you full access to your child’s hoverboard and you can keep a check on them as well.

Stunning Design

No wonder that the design of this model is exceptionally well-constructed. Your kid will enjoy his/her rides as it has various LED lights installed all over the hoverboard and has beautiful style.

Dual Mode

The hoverboard is equally useful for kids as well as adults. You can switch the models and enjoy the rides as you like.


The Bad


So, the price of this model is a bit on a higher side. However, the features completely justify the price of the product. You will not find these features so easily anywhere else.

No Color Options

Unfortunately, this product does not come in multiple colors and gives you the opportunity to have a selection.

Who Is It For?

This product is for the parents that don’t mind spending a little extra on a hoverboard. It has got amazing features that you will surely appreciate.


I definitely give Gyroor Swift Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter heads up because of the kind of features it has to offer. It is better than many leading products on the market such as Felimoda Self Balancing Hoverboards with LED Light and Carrying Case.

The qualities of this product will surely demand a round of applause. Also, the cost might seem a little much but it is completely justifiable.