Gullwing Sidewinder II Skateboard Trucks Review

We’ve already gone through some of best cheap skateboard trucks and I thought to review another one for you.

The Gullwing Sidewinder II is a crazy truck for your skateboard with an incredible turning radius which is great for performing some sharp stunts and sliding. However, if you are a complete beginner, these trucks may not be the best one for you, though they can still get the job done for you.

Below, I’ve discussed some of the core features of Gullwing Sidewinder II Trucks, who should use it and a quick comparison of its price with some other noteworthy brands.


If you are someone who use softer duro wheels for your board, its pre-drifts are fantastic. But you should still remain vigilant as some beginners complain sliding out on the corners. That also depends on how sharp these trucks turn.

In simple, if you turn really tight around the corners, more chances are that you may start to slide, though once you get used to these, you can easily gain control. To be honest, getting a hold on these trucks will later on help in making those drastic corner turns easily.

Important: You shouldn’t perform wolf slides, as the trucks shudder and wheels slide go back and forth.


One reason which makes these trucks unique from any other truck on the market are the two separate kingpins. This provides you with two separate points of turn, eventually making your board ride higher, giving you a nice and smooth ride.

Also, these two kingpins make it turn very tight and gives a smooth surfing feeling on the road. This makes it a great carving truck for pushing around the town

Another thing you can try with this truck is take out the middle joint and revert it back into a single kingpin truck. Voila! There you have a regular standard kingpin truck.


Gullwing Sidewinder also features a nice and wide 10-inch hanger giving you a cool feel as you ride. You can put it on a big ol’ pool deck.

This is a solid aluminum hanger on the base plate and can easily withstand those rough bumps as you perform those crazy stunts on the road or diving into the pool.


If you were to ask me what’s the best thing about these trucks, I would say the ‘bushings’. They really make up the trucks a good deal for its users.

These bushings have a cone motion which is roughly around 86 to 90 in durometer. The durometer basically tells how hard or soft it is.

It also has a barrel bushing and on the top set are the cone bushings.

The purpose of these bushings altogether is to make the turning a lot better, especially when you are around those really sharp turns. As a result of better and smoother turns, you’ll get good carving and cruising around the town.

Also, the bottom of the bushings makes the truck bounce up. When you’re carving, it gives you more control over your stunts and turns, very much similar to parish truck.


I thought to share some tips that you can do with this truck.

If you get the bottom kingpin up, which makes it tighter on the bottom changes the carving and gives it a better bounce. This also gives you a good turning radius. However, it is only recommended for individuals weighing 120 to 180 pounds.

If you are above the range, then make three notches on the bottom and one notch on the top and this will elevate seventy pounds.


  • Great for carving and cruising
  • Dual pivot hanger for a better turn
  • Barrel and cone shape bushing for a great bounce and stability
  • Dual kingpin for tightest turns and surf-like ride
  • Strong aluminum hanger


  • No drawbacks


Overall, the Gullwing Sidewinder II Truck comes at a very reasonable price and is great for cruising board. You can improve your performance on the road with this truck and get a better balance on the sharp turns.