Grande Juguete Soft Top Longboard Surf Board 5’5″ Review

Just because you have a need for speed when surfing doesn’t mean you should only pay attention to that. Your safety is still more important, so you need a board that can keep you stable no matter what you do as a surfer. With the Grande Juguete Soft Top Surf Board, expect sufficient traction and maximum movement even on flat waters.

Now, the question is: “What size longboard surfboard should I get?” Is five feet and five inches right for you? Find out the answer as you go over the features, advantages, disadvantages, and other details about this product.

Features and Specifications

Expanded Polyethylene (EPE) Foam Deck

While expanded polystyrene (EPS) is used for the foam or deck of other longboards like the Hybrid Surfboard series, the Grande Juguete Soft Top Surf Board uses EPE. EPE is tough and soft, perfectly balancing durability and comfort. Its softness is also essential for protecting you against impact. Meanwhile, its texture is non-slip even when wet.

In addition, the foam is placed on top of a wooden surface to enhance support. Wood can also add a bit of flex for a more dynamic performance.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Core

Unlike surfboards that completely resort to either EPE or EPS, this one combines the two materials by having EPE for the foam deck and EPS for the core. EPS is a good match for the softness of an EPE top for it can stop seawater from entering the foam, hence the constant lightness and buoyancy.

Thruster Fin System

With three fins, this surfboard can easily increase speed without losing traction to quickly catch waves. You can remove the fins after use for hassle-free travel and storage.

A thruster system is great for catching and surfing on steep waves. Also, it can help you control your surfboard so you can maintain balance. It’s so versatile that it can be used on big and small waves.

Additional Details

  • 64 inches long and 20 inches wide (5 feet and 5 inches)
  • Can support 150 to 200 pounds
  • Slick polypropylene bottom
  • Comes with a comprehensive instruction manual for assembly
  • Unique patterns

The Good

Basic Assembly

If you’re not exactly good at DIY work, the Grande Juguete Soft Top Surf Board promotes simplicity. Every component is easy to install, thanks to the instruction manual included. Simply use the screws to fasten the fins and attach the safety leash. Just like the Empire Ehukai Soft Surfboard, you don’t need complex tools with this product.

Youthful Colors

Of course, style is pretty important, too. After all, surfers tend to have a better vibe with their boards if the deck perfectly represents their personality. The bright colors around this surfboard stay rich in quality despite frequent exposure to seawater.

Comfortable Rides

Again, the EPE foam deck makes a huge difference in the level of comfort this surfboard has. You can use this board for hours without experiencing body pain afterward. You’ll be able to position yourself perfectly on the deck, improving your performance.


The Bad

Weak Adhesive

Some units of the Grande Juguete Soft Top Surf Board use a weak bonding agent, causing the structure to fall apart. To be more specific, the glue of malfunctioning boards fails to secure the foam, resulting in side gaps. An unsealed board can make the foam soggy and less buoyant.

Possible Breakage

Some faulty units split into two even when the waves aren’t too heavy. The long wooden pieces supporting the structure can’t completely prevent breakage for they don’t cover the whole length of the board.

Who Is It For?

Even though the 5’5” model of this product isn’t exactly ideal for people exceeding five inches in terms of height, the Grande Juguete Soft Top Surf Board is still a great option for many types of surfers. More and more kids, teenagers, and petite adults try to enjoy the world of surfing, and they can definitely achieve that by using this longboard.

Aside from the size of this product, its user-friendly features guarantee better control. That makes this surfboard safer for children. Even kids as young as six years old can ride on its deck as long as they’re wearing the safety leash and closely supervised by their family.

If you’re planning to buy multiple boards for your family or friends, we recommend the BIC Sport PAINT Surfboard with its generous number of size options.


The EPE-EPS combination of the Grande Juguete Soft Top Surf Board is a smart design for ensuring comfort and durability. The EPE foam deck is soft while the EPS core is waterproof for buoyancy. We should also highlight the thruster fins that expand the purpose of this longboard from gentler waves to steeper ones.