Giro Zone MIPS Snow Helmet Review

Any talk about the best ski helmetwouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Giro Zone MIPS Snow Helmet. And do you know what qualifies it to be in that class? It packs several vital features like the POV camera mount and the vertical tuning. That is, it provides more than a protective head cover. It contributes to a high level of enjoyment in skiing. So here are the features that define this Giro Zone MIPS Snow Helmet.

Features and Specifications

POV camera mount provision

As you cruise down the slope there is the temptation to record the action. The Giro Zone MIPS Snow Helmet makes it easier. It gives you the provision to mount a point of view camera on your helmet for easy recording while on the move.

Adequate ventilation

A helmet without proper ventilation soon heats up to a non-comfortable temperature. To check on the heating, it uses the thermostatically controlled adjustable vents. Such a provision ensures that the helmet’s interior remains at the optimum heat level thereby reducing the fogging effect. Moreover, the thermostatic control is easy to adjust by pressing a button.

CE EN1077 Certified

The Giro Zone MIPS Snow Helmet’s features have been tested and approved by CE EN1077. Thus you can invest in it, having the assurance that it’s a quality product approved for skiing.

The Good


In contrast to the Bern – Summer Lenox EPS Helmet, Small, the Giro helmet features dual adjustment. In addition to the adjustable strap, it also allows you to fine-tune the vertical position of the helmet to achieve a comfortable fit.

Giro accessories compatible

The ultimate wish for every ski rider is to have the helmet that blends nicely with a ski goggle. You don’t have to look further. Giro Zone helmet is designed to fit flawlessly with any Giro goggles and audio systems. So provided you get the Giro gaggle that fits your need, you are guaranteed it will fit seamlessly with the helmet.

Anti-odor protected

It is the accumulation of sweat and excess heating that finally results in the disgusting smell of a helmet. Imagine your head locked into a helmet and breathing stale air. This brand of helmet prevents that by using the XT2 anti-odor protection. At intense heating, the XT2 anti-odor protection technology prevents the air inside the helmet from going stale. The technology relies on the use of pure silver salt to thwart the development of bad odor.

Extra comfy padding

At the interior of this helmet, lies the Polartec power grid fabric fitted to be close to the skin. The technology uses dual knit fabric to wick away moisture from the skin and quickly dry it off. When you combine it with the XT2 odor protection, then you get the comfy padded helmet that doesn’t produce an offensive smell.

Fidlock magnetic buckle closure technology

The AKASO Ski Helmet, Snowboard Helmet – Climate Control Venting and this helmet share one type of closure technology_ Fidlock magnetic buckle closure. So owing to the magnetic force the buckle snap in easily but locks tightly. You can thus ski with full assurance that the buckle won’t snap out accidentally.

Superior impact protection

Using the multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS) the helmet provides superior impact cushioning. It employs an elastomeric attachment system sandwiched between interior form liner and low friction liner. Consequently, it manages to curb down the significantly excessive rotation of the head as a in the event of an angled impact on the helmet.


With a vertical height of 10 inches and a width of 11 inches, this Giro helmet feels very spacious. Such a volume is large enough to house an average person’s head. You won’t feel like the helmet is hanging over your head.

Extra sturdy

The entire helmet comprises a hard shell, an in-mold lower shell, and sidewalls for extra strength. At the same time, it also incorporates the shock-absorbing EPS liner. As a result, it feels 2.4lbs light but strong enough to withstand hard impacts. However the AKASO Ski Helmet, Snowboard Helmet – Climate Control Venting, Dial Fit is still lighter than it.

As you can see, it packs many essential features that promise to improve your skiing experience. Click below to see how it has benefited the previous customers before you make up your mind.


The Bad

Go Pro mount requires improvement

For the helmet to provide a reliable provision for holding a camera in place, it needs a slight improvement in its strength’s holding ability.

Who is it for?

The helmet is ideal for the person looking for a sturdy and luxurious helmet. If you need the helmet that gives you the impression of belonging to a class, then the Giro zone makes a viable consideration.


Even though it requires a slight improvement in the Go Pro mount provision, the Giro zone helmet still has good features worth noting. Its hybrid construction, thermostat-controlled vent, and anti-odor protection are just but a few notable features. Do you wish to give it a try? Here is a quick link;