Genesis Hellfire Electric Skateboard Review

The high performance Genesis Hellfire is designed to run at a top speed of 20mph for 20 miles range and climb a slope of 15 degrees inclination with power and agility. The designers have crafted the best small electric skateboard deck to carry a maximum payload of 260+ LBs that is relatively higher for the speed and range offered. The top features of the skateboard are built into the motor, battery, wheel and the truck, while the deck design is in perfect coordination with these parameters. The remote contains most of the operations under its control, including the acceleration, deceleration, braking and reversing. The other best electric skateboard reviews you can read is about is the Boosted Dual+.Genesis Hellfire

Genesis Hellfire –Value for Money

  • Brushless Hub Motors: – The Genesis Hellfire has two brushless hub motors built into the rear wheel and truck assembly. The short cable distance between the battery housing, charging port, power button and the motor makes the Genesis Hellfire highly energy efficient in nature. The designers’ decision for the brushless architecture ensures near zero friction between the moving internal parts. The assembly of the pulleys and the belts makes it possible to derive maximum RPM for the wheels which measure 90mm X 52mm in dimension. The torque generated by the motor is powerful enough to attain the top speed even on the inclination of 20º uphill. The other compatible motor you can find is onboard the Acton Blink S2.
  • Energy Efficient Battery: The Genesis Hellfire is equipped with an energy efficient battery with a capacity of 4.4Ah and 36V. The lithium ion made assembly can supply power consistently for a lifespan of 1,500 cycles. The energy conserved by the twin motors for every RPM variation makes the battery highly durable in nature. This factor is also responsible for the long life of the motors.
  • Polyurethane Board Wheels:   The Polyurethane wheels of the Genesis Hellfire are highly flexible in design. They are ably supported by the wheel bearings that allow free rotation around the axis lines. The ball bearings within the assembly are aligned at equidistance by the retainer. The protective shield on the bearing sides provides additional strength to the assembly. The designers have taken maximum care to align the cone and the wheel core with the axle that connects it to the truck assembly. Precision manufacturing standards have ensured efficient spinning and rotation. The coordination between the inner and outer diameters of the wheels, their density parameters, and the width make them highly reliable and durable.  All the parts of the wheel and bearings are power coated for maximum protection from dust, moisture, and heat. The polyurethane material is known for its high volume of tolerance to radian inconsistencies, with, and eccentricity. The designers have considered the runtime wear out factors which affect the wheels along the horizontal lines and the radial axis. The elasticity modulus of the wheels is high enough to make them flexible on uneven surface roads.  The high value of hardness factor combined with the impact resistance makes the wheel strong and resistive to abrasion. The gripping characteristics of the wheels get enhanced due to the design of the exterior sides.
  • Torque Efficient Trucks: The assembly of the trucks in the Genesis Hellfire is based on the intricate design of the components. The construction of the base plate is made to withstand the forces exerted from the axle. The first type of force comes in the form of rider weight. The second force is the friction from the wheels. The third force is the sum of all the potential drags that arises from the ground and the board assembly. Hence the base plate weight, design, and the material are designed to steer the skateboard with the minimal resistance to motion in the forward direction. The other parts of the truck are designed to work in perfect coordination with the base plate. For example, you can consider the kingpin and the lower cup washer. Their centers of axis run through the base plate at a perfect 90-degree angle with the plate. The positioning of the riser pad, pivot, cup, bushing, and the bush ring are perfectly in line with the hanger and axle assembly at the upper part of the truck. The strong hanger has twin axles (one on each side of the wheel) that balance the deck weight along the board’s centre of gravity.  Hence, the entire board is energy efficient and durable.
  • Board Deck Design: The design of the board deck is based on the efficient geometric model for load bearing, alignment, orientation, balancing, and speed. Composite laminations of the board layers ensures high tensile strength and stress resistance. The Genesis Hellfire uses high density light weight ply model of the construction material. The ply settings in every layer of the board are stacked in perfect order to ensure flexibility and elasticity. The load distribution throughout the board originates from the center. The distance between the axis of the twin trucks and the board’s center of gravity plays a key role in the balancing act. The Genesis Hellfire designers have ensured complete alignment for optimized weight distribution.Genesis Hellfire

Genesis Hellfire –Workhorse in Action

The Genesis Hellfire combines the most efficient features of acceleration and speed to maintain efficient movement. The torque forces that propel the motor components from the core are distributed equally into the core of every wheel onboard. The remote sensor is designed to connect with all the key powering parts of the Genesis Hellfire like the battery output, motor, brake, and the other controls. Hence, you can perfectly control the skateboard for varying the acceleration and speed factors according to your convenience.


  • Energy efficient battery and motor
  • Flexible remote control
  • Best traction for speed and acceleration
  • Best stance and body balancing deck design


  • Remote battery life is only for 7 days


The Genesis Hellfire is best suited for the intermediate level of skateboarders, as it offers high speed to 20mph and range of 20 miles. If you are a beginner, you can opt for products like the Acton Blink S.