FLYING-ANT Self Balancing Hoverboard Electric Scooter Review

What’s the best self-balance board? The one who is equally suitable for a beginner as well as an avid rider? The one which gives you great stability and performance? Or the one that has high safety standards? Well, the word best means different things to different people.

Some might say that the one that has all the listed features makes the best hoverboard for them. Well, that’s true because when you are spending your hard-earned money, it doesn’t make any sense to compromise on any of these qualities.

Hello, today I am going to review the Flying-Ant Self-Balancing Hoverboard Electric Scooter which has gained a lot of appreciation among the buyers. This one is a little different from its sibling, the FLYING-ANT Hoverboard UL 2272 Certified Self Balancing Electric Scooter but not in major ways.

Features and Specifications

Let’s quickly take a look at the features of this model.

Color Options

The first thing that I was totally amazed with was the kind of color options you get in this product. I have not seen such massive variety offered by any other brand.

There are almost 15 colors and designs you get in this product. All the shades are equally stunning and you give sufficient choice to your kids to select their favorite color. Trust me, they all are so good that your kids will find it difficult to settle on one.

Bluetooth Speakers

The feature of Bluetooth speakers is more prevalent than you know. These days, to modernize the hoverboards, companies are giving them some kink of entertainment.

Thus, you get Bluetooth speakers in undefinable quality. Some people might think that it is a toy eventually and companies will not offer something really spectacular with great voice quality but you are absolutely wrong to think so.

The brands are giving exceptional-quality speakers that can be attached with the smart device. You can thus play music while your child is enjoying the ride. One of the best products that has amazing speakers is Felimoda Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker and LED Wheels.

Self-Balancing Technology

It is very important for a hoverboard to provide optimum balance so that the beginners as well as experienced riders can ride it without worrying about falling down.

The experienced riders usually like to try stunts with the hoverboards. Therefore, it is equally essential for an avid rider to have self-balancing technology as much as a beginner will appreciate it.

This model has got optimal balancing mechanism that will help your kid to learn how to balance.


Waow, I must say that the design of this model is really impressive. Well, it has got so many lights. The futuristic LED accent lighting on the wheels makes it a stunner for all.

The rear and front units have got strong shell and sturdy structure that helps in reaching high levels of balance.

Unlike various other products, the lights are of high-quality. You can find such fantastic lighting in CHO Electric Smart Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard which is one-of-a-kind product.


For all buyers, it definitely comes down to the performance of a hoverboard. Well, this one runs on 6.5 inches vacuum tires that can take up on any terrain of your choice.

Your kid can enjoy speed of 12 MPH for up to 9.3 miles. The whole machinery is powered by dual-motors that ensure that your child can enjoy unbeatable performance. In all these aspects, this is a great product to consider.


Well, just like many leading models on the market, this one is also created abiding by all the safety rules. You get UL7727 certification on this product that makes sure the safety of your child.

The batteries and all the components of this model are tested and verified for safe usage. The batteries will perform to their best calibre and will not cause any accident.

The Good

Here are some things worth appreciating in this model:

Stunning Design

There is no denying the fact that this model has got an exceptionally impressive design. With all the stunning lights and strong structure of the machine, this is one of the most stylish hoverboards available on the market.


One of the biggest strengths of this model is its affordable cost. I have seen many hoverboards and their features are not as much resourceful. Yet the companies are charging heftily for these products.

Fortunately, this model is surprisingly low-priced and comes with great features that you will largely appreciate.


With the safety certification of UL2272, this product is a safe model to purchase for your child. The performance of the product is great.


The self-balancing technology helps in creating trust among the buyers. If this is your child’s first hoverboard then it will support in making balance.


The Bad

So, here are some things that I disliked about this product.

Not Scratch-Resistant

The design is stunning but the body is not scratch-resistant. This means that during the wear and tear on the road, the body of hoverboard will not be able to resist scratches.

No Warranty

Unfortunately, the brand is not giving any warranty with this model. For some buyers, this could be a dealbreaker because warranty helps in securing the purchase.

Who Is It For?

This hoverboard is a stunning piece of technology, suitable for all kinds of buyers. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to afford it. Also, it comes inclusive of all the amazing features that you get in high-end models. Overall, this is a great product.


I completely recommend the Flying-Ant Self-Balancing Hoverboard electric scooter as it is a great model in every way. Starting from giving safety of your child to self-balancing mechanism, you get stunning features in this model.

If you require something great on a very affordable price then this is a model you should consider buying. Your child will be thanking you for it. Also, it is a great gift for birthdays and Christmas. Consider it for these occasions.