Flow Fuse Snowboard Bindings Review

The Flow Fuse Snowboard Bindings has set the bar for high performance within the snowboard bindings line. From intermediate style performance to advanced style performance, they are made for all snowboarders’ convenience. What makes the Flow Fuse bindings an appeal is its distinctive reclining high-back. Unique to the flow bindings line only, snowboarders are making them their top preference in the snowboarding arena. That is not the only fantastic spec about these bindings; a lot more is in store for you. Let’s check out the rest of its mind-blowing features and specifications.

Features and Specifications


The baseplate is a fuse series model. It is made up of glass-filled nylon rocketed and aluminum-alloy side wings. These materials are essential when it comes to distributing pressure evenly and directly to the board. It also comes with a multi-disk compatible with all snowboard system patterns. Be it the four-hole, three-hole, or the channel system pattern; the baseplate fits in all of these categories of snowboards.

A 2.5-degree canted bank bed rests on top of the baseplate. The bank bed aligns your ankles, knees, and hips together. This, in turn, gives you a comfortable ride and reduces fatigue. The EVA style is also incorporated in the baseplate model. It really comes in handy in impact and shock absorption. What makes the EVA style even more exciting is its adjustability feature. It can be adjusted if maybe your foot grows or to accommodate the size of your boot.


Also made of glass and nylon materials, this high-back is a reclining one, as mentioned earlier. It has a lever that reclines the high-back when pulled back and down.  This makes the bindings have the dual-entry property. The dual-entry property makes it possible for you to remove your boot from the back by pulling the lever down or by the sides by opening the straps. To top it up, the high-back has adjustable micro-style adjustments to fit and secure your boots in place.

Straps and Buckles

The fusion power strap is the 3-D model strap that is used in these bindings. It fuses the ankle and the toe region. It is padded for the comfort of your foot. The padding on the straps also distributes pressure across the top of your foot, so you don’t get pain points. These straps come with Active Strap Technology (AST). This technology works the high-back and the straps sequentially. The straps open up automatically when you open the reclining high-back and tightens back when you’re close the high-back. This saves you from regular adjustments of the straps when you put on the bindings.

The Locking Slap Ratchet (LSR) buckles secure your foot on the bindings according to your preferred tightness. This even makes it easier for you to get your foot in and out easily. An excellent attribute of these straps is that once you set the straps and make adjustments on the sides, you won’t have to adjust them again anytime soon. Meaning you can use them for snowboarding all season long without unstrapping. Pretty exciting.

The Good

Comfort and Cushioning

This is achieved from all the padding on the straps, heel, and toe area. The padding acts as an impact and shock absorber. The EVA bed styling compliments the baseplate in impact absorption too. Paddings on the straps, heel, and toe regions distribute the pressures to the board without you necessarily feeling its impact. Let’s put your imagination to test. Imagine wearing bindings that feel like you are wearing pillows on your feet. Such a Cush feeling, right? Having this binding on will remind you so much of the K2 Lien at Snowboard Binding 2019.


The versatility of these bindings goes to a great extent. The reclining high-back provides a dual-entry system. This is the mother of all adjustability in a binding. Not to forget the Active Strap Technology that adjusts the straps automatically when the high-back opens and closes. The EVA bed styling, as mentioned before, is adjustable to the boot size and the rate of foot growth. The micro-style adjustment on the high-back accommodates a perfect fit for any boot that you wear together with the bindings.

Support and Flex

The Flow Fuse Snowboard Bindings has a medium-stiff flex with a rating of 6/10.  The Locking Slap Ratchet buckles provide a secure fit of the bindings on your foot without loosening up. The Canted bank bed supports your ankles, knees, and hips as you slide and spin on the snow.

Warranty and Eco-friendly

The bindings come with a one-year warranty. If you find them faulty within this warranty period, you can return them and get a replacement. Made up mainly of glass, nylon, and aluminum alloy, Flow Fuse Snowboard Bindings are eco-friendly. Flow Fuse manufacturers work towards reducing plastic utilization in the manufacturing of their bindings.


The Bad

Snow gets trapped in between straps

As much as these babies are worth the money, they have some tiny limitations as raised by some reviewers. They raised concerns about snow getting caught in between the straps. This makes the straps a little bit tighter than their initial adjustment. Also, from the regular flexing of the lever, the binding eventually loosens up to a small extent. Apart from these slight shortcomings, they are still an excellent binding choice. An alternative all-mountain binding that lacks this problem is the System MTN Men’s 2020 Rear Entry Step in Style Snowboard Binding.

Who Is It For?

The Flow Fuse Snowboard Bindings are designed for all snowboarders. From beginners to advanced level riders, these bindings cut across the board. All riders who use these bindings will attest to how they spiced up their marvelous adventures on the icy grounds. It is specifically great for mountain-climbing, which makes it the best all-mountain snowboard bindings the market has to offer you-ascend the mountains with great ease.


These bindings come a long way as must-have equipment for all snowboarders. With its fantastic design, versatility, cushioning and comfort, makes it fit in the current snowboarding trends. Its performance is equally good, as the Flow Alpha Snowboard Bindings Men. Make these bindings your best buddy and watch as you elevate from an intermediate snowboarder to an advanced one.