Flow Alpha Snowboard Bindings Men Review

Winter is here! If you are a snowboarder, then you’re definitely up for some fun on the icy grounds. A pair of bindings would come in handy in providing you some of that. Well, the Flow Alpha Snowboard Bindings should do the trick for you. These bindings are versatile-performance driven. They are designed for convenience and power with a power style triangle incorporated in its design. These bindings sure do go on that extra mile to provide a lot of power on the snowboard.

There is a reason why this product is among the best bindings that the market has to offer. Let us excite you with more features that this pair brings to the table.

Features and Specifications


The baseplate comes in a molded composite rockered H-series design. It has been engineered in this particular way to reduce contact points on the board. Meaning that the board would be able to flex a bit more naturally. As far as flex is concerned, the cores of the baseplate also play a role in that too. The cores are lifted to compliment the baseplate in providing that natural flex.

Resting on the baseplate is the EVA inserts on the toe and heel area.  The EVA paddings reduce chatter during riding and landing. This means that you get that a nice and smooth ride down the hill or mountain without the worry of getting pain points on your feet. A combiDisk also comes along with the baseplate. It is universally compatible with all style pattern mounting system on a snowboard.


On the back, there is a one-piece mold composite uni back high-back. It comes as a traditional reclining Flow’s high-back. It is a lightweight high-back that reclines for an easy in easy out speed entry. Support and binding response should not be a worry as the high-back provides that in plenty. It comes with a lean forward adjustment. The adjustment regulates how far forward you want to go with the high-back.

The EVA linings on the high-back give you comfort, cushioning, and reduces pressure as you execute your tricks on the board. The steel cable on the high-back forms a power style triangle. The triangle provides an optimal energy flow straight from the high-back to the baseplate.

Straps and Buckles

The Exo fit power straps make up the strap region of the bindings. On the inside of the straps is an EVA 3D frame that provides that comfortable feel when you’re locked into the binding. The straps provide maximum support and energy transmission. This, in turn, ensures you don’t get fatigued that much.

The Locking Slap Ratchet buckles lock in your boot into place. They stay put and loosen up. You can buckle up and not have to adjust ever again all season long. Therefore, you spend less time buckling up and more time riding. The buckles also help use the binding as a traditional side entry binding. The mini ratchets on the buckles ensure fast and secure binding closure.

The Good

Flex and Warranty

The binding is a soft and medium flex one. With an easy in and easy out speed entry, a snowboarder’s convenience is put into consideration. It has a one-year warranty on all parts of the binding. This warranty only works if the defects are on the manufacturer’s side.

Cushioning and Comfort

The EVA padding on the toe and heel area absorb shocks and impacts generated on heavy landings. The padding also rests your foot in a comfortable zone. The EVA 3D frame on the straps plays equally the same role as the baseplate padding. They secure the ankles and toe regions comfortably and help spread impact evenly on the binding and the board.

Support and Adjustability

The forward lean adjustments make the high-back adjustable to suit the style of the rider. The mini ratchets on the buckles ain’t lagging on the adjustability trait. They make it possible for a rider to adjust the buckles only once the entire season. This saves up strapping time on the next ride adventure. The straps secure your foot on the binding to a perfect fit. Therefore, you are assured of maximum support on the snowboard.


The mold composite rockered baseplates have a resilience like no other. The material is long-lasting and not easy to wear out. This prolongs the life of the baseplate, saving you the effort and time of replacing these bindings. In addition to that, you won’t have to incur extra charges in repairing them regularly. Talk of being budget-friendly, Flow brand is taking the lead on that.


The Bad

Difficult to Adjust

Great as the bindings are, they come with their disadvantages too. Adjusting to these bindings is one of them. This quite a common problem majorly for beginners. Some beginners say it poses a challenge getting in and out of these pairs. This is because of not properly adjusting the straps and the reclining high-back well to suit the boot size. But with enough practice over time, this challenge slowly fades away. Other than that, this pair of bindings deserve a thumbs up. Not only for their design but also for their performance delivery.


If you want something that is easy to adjust, try out the Burton Genesis Snowboard Bindings. It is superb and will work miracles.

Who Is It For?

Just like the Flow Fuse Snowboard Bindings, these bindings are designed for all entry-level male riders to intermediate riders. Not only limited to those two parties, but veterans can also give them a go. They are designed specially to be a powerful pair of bindings. This feature makes most riders fancy them big time.


With their versatility reputation, these flow bindings have got what it takes for your boarding ventures. This is more so possible because of its power high-back. You can smoothly gun down on all-mountain terrains. There’re no regrets in purchasing a pair of these as you get what you pay for.

Another pair that is keeping the Flow Alpha on toes is the Liquid LQ 2500 Men’s Snowboard Bindings Large. Go make runs with a pair of these and test your riding skills to the limit!