Etnies Scout Sneaker Review

Etnies Scout Sneaker is among the newest versions and releases from Etnies. It adds to the footwear’s collection and packs with it lots of fresh and exciting features. Few its specs have been borrowed from the Etnies Marana, and if you’re a fan, then you’ll definitely love this one. Nevertheless, Etnies was keen to add more to this pair, to spice things up and cause some stir in the market. There is a lot in store for you with this pair. The only way to find out is to read through this guide, and you’ll love it.

Features and Specifications

Board feel and Grip

As earlier mentioned, this pair here is a lot similar to the Etnies Marana, and so expect more similarities than differences between the two. Just like its predecessor, this one also comes with the Michelin rubber compound in its outsoles. Etnies Scout has an updated version with a difference in the pattern trend.

The board-feel of this shoe is excellent. Its construction is cup sole, and so it might be a little bit stiff in at first during the break-in period. After this period, however, it becomes flexible and nice, and you will enjoy every moment that you spend skating on it. An advantage with this one is that the Michelin outsole has already been tested in the previous versions of the Joslin and Maran models, and it doesn’t disappoint.


This pair’s shape is also similar to the Marana’s, and if you compare the two carefully, apart from the colors, differentiating the two can be a daunting task. The toe area is a replica of the Marana, being long and pointy and providing users with a pleasant and comfortable flip. The tongue comes with ‘toe holders’ immediately before the second last lace loop that you can use to adjust the position of your tongue.

This pair is made lightweight and not bulky. Maneuvering around with it will be secure, and you can wear it for long periods. Overall, the shoe is slim and provides users with a secure fit and a nice grip.

Manufacturing Style

Etnies have their signature when it comes to the style of their pairs. This is what differentiates them from other brands in the market, such as Adidas and Vans. All their creations such as the Marana, Veer, Joslin, and now the Scout are made in similar styles. This one differentiates from the Marana when it comes to the insole, placement of the logo on the sides, and its sued toes different from the rubber compound found in Marana.

Apart from these differences, there are some similarities too. For example, both of them come with a nice cup sole skate shoe look. We personally find this pair stylish and appealing, balancing between slim and bulky. It is worth trying out and feeling the excellent performance that it brings to the table.

The Good

Accurate Sizing

There is no need to avail yourself to the store to personally try every pair and choose the right one when it comes to Etnies Scout Sneaker. This pair is different from others, such as the Heelys Men’s Launch Fashion Sneaker. Etnies are keen on the sizing, one of the reasons why we love this pair. The sneakers are true to their sizing, and we suggest that you order them in your standard size.

You can comfortably purchase this pair online without any worries. They are nice, no heels slip off, and provide a secure fit. Kudos to Etnies on this one!

Durable and Long-lasting

You can doubt the durability of this pair at first, just like we did. This is due to the presence of stitches in the toe area. Let not this fool you even one little bit. This pair is very durable and will last you lots of skating excursions to come.

The suede and stitching have some excellent bond in between them, and even after ten sessions, they remain intact. As for the Michelin outsole, there is no doubt about its durability. This sole is thrice as durable as the other normal outsoles making them a beast in their area of specification. They are designed to thrive under the hardest of conditions and immense pressure. You will absolutely love them.


The Bad

Average Cushioning

The cushioning of the Etnies Scout Sneaker isn’t as aggressive as those of DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe, unfortunately, but still, they aren’t that bad. We were a lit bit disappointed, given that they are made using the standard foam insole and not better and more superior options like the STI foam insole.

This, however, isn’t to mean the performance in terms of cushioning is whack. The cushioning provided by this sole is nice and comfortable and ensure that landing hard after long jumps don’t hurt. The Michelin outsole works hand in hand with the insole to absorb much of the impact and ensure that you remain safe and unhurt.

Who Is It For?

Everyone under the sun is welcome to try this pair out. This is a shoe unisex for both men and women and universal for the old and young alike. It is a shoe for those who love a simple but unique look and different from the rest. It is a shoe for those who appreciate excellent performance, durability, and comfort. But more importantly, this is a shoe for skate lovers. If you want something that will support you and absorb the impacts as you take those long and massive jumps, this is the pair to settle for, thank us later.


Etnies have a new release in town, and if you haven’t tried them out, then you don’t know what you’re missing out on. This is a great pair, and we love almost everything about it apart from the fact that we feel that they could have done better when it comes to cushioning. Other than that, there is nothing else to complain about. The sizing is great, as well as the sole’s performance. This is a good skateboarding shoe to start your skating game as you rise to higher levels.