Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoe Review

Skate shoes are grasping quite the attention in the current shoe market trends. Big shoe brand companies are at the cutting edge of skate shoe production. One brand name that doesn’t miss from this honorable mention is the Etnies. Etnies has over time excited skateboarders and fashion lovers with their brilliant skate shoe designs, ranging from their Etnies Jameson 2 LX, Etnies Jameson Vulc, and now the Etnies Jameson 2 Eco skate shoes.

Etnies Jameson 2 Eco skate shoes as the name hint out are eco-friendly. Yes, they are made entirely from recycled materials. Talk about being eco-conscious, Etnies is taking the lead on that. Buckle up as we check out why you should get a pair of these kicks.

Features and Specifications

Shoe Design

The Etnies Jameson 2 Eco shoe is a low cut, low profile fancy looking pair of kicks. It’s made of a one-piece toe cap that has no stitches. This feature maintains the durability of the shoes as there are no seams and stitches to wear out. The corner panel is made of canvas for excellent breathability of the feet. The upper part of the shoe is majorly made up of textiles with some touch of the synthetic lining. The inner lining comes in either mesh style or herringbone style giving it an elegant appeal.

The collar and the tongue are thinly padded for comfort. This also acts as a cushion to the ankles while you skate and flip the board. The padding on the tongue also cushions the upper part of your foot in case of the board tosses over to your feet accidentally. In addition to the padding, the tongue showcases the Etnies signature logo. Every original pair of these kicks have the signature logo on the tongue and on the corner side of the collar.

Rubber Soles

The upper part of the shoe rests on top of a recycled faux cup sole rubber outsole that keeps it firm, nice and steady. The rubber soles provide a solid perimeter around your foot. This sees to it that you can’t roll on your foot that much while skateboarding. The rubber soles offer a flex effect to the shoe and makes it easy to break in during skating. Not to forget the good board field that these rubber soles provide on your skateboard.

The bottom part of the rubber soles has pyramid triangle-like treads with the Etnies trademark. The treads provide traction and grip on the board. The EVA internal midsoles of the shoes provide lasting cushioning and support on the skateboard. The inner soles are made of recycled open-cell PU foam innersoles that are none removable.

The Good


From the design specifications of the shoes, the one-piece toe cap achieves the durability attribute of the shoe. Wearing out is not a significant concern here since there are no stitches and seams. The canvas reinforcements on the corner panels of the shoes top it all. We know how strong and sturdy canvas materials are. Etnies incorporated some touch of it on these kicks to achieve that durability effect.

Support and Traction

The Etnies sole is basically made for support and steadiness. From the EVA internal midsole to the rubber outsole, firmness is a common trait. The pyramid treads on the bottom sole add grip effect on the skateboard. Support and steadiness are essential in skateboarding, and these kicks don’t disappoint even one bit when it comes to that.

Fancy and Fashionable

We award a double tick to this pair when it comes to fashion. People with a sense of class and fashion will love it. The Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoe has a blend of simplicity and elegance. Are you a sucker for a good shoe game? Then you add these shoes to your collection.

That’s not all; this pair comes in a range of colorful designs to choose from, similar to the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top Sneakers. The options range from light grey and dark green to dark brown and ox-blood red. Whichever your preference in color is, Etnies has got you covered.


The Bad


As much as this is a perfect pair of kicks, some downside concerns have been raised by some reviews. Among the few cons associated with this pair is that it is slightly heavy. The paddings on the collar and the tongue make the upper part of the shoe somehow bulky. Skaters prefer less weight on their shoes for easier flips and swerve. Heavy shoes limit them to movements, not to mention performing sophisticated tricks and turns.

Inaccurate Sizing

Another con with this pair, just like many others in the market is that their sizing is incorrect. Some reviewers suggest that these shoes come in bigger sizes than the one ordered. So, when ordering for these kicks, opt for a smaller sized shoe. Preferably two sizes below your normal shoe fitting size. The better option, however, would be availing yourself to the store and pick the right one for you, to avoid any inconveniences.

Who Is It For?

These shoes are designed for men’s wear but can cut across the board. Ladies can also rock in them too. What’s even better is that they go well with almost everything for casual. It compliments a casual, stylish, and simple look from a pair of jeans and shorts to cargo or sweat pants.  If you are a vegan, then these shoes are suited for you. They are not made from any leather material. In short, you can sleep in peace, knowing that no animal was killed to make these shoes.


Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate shoe is worth the attention. Their design and make remind us of the legendary Etnies Scout Sneaker. From both skaters and fashion lovers, these kicks should be a priority pick. From its amazing features and designs, I don’t see why you should settle for less. These are good skateboarding shoes that you should add to your list. The shoe also contributes to environmental care. The inner soles of the shoe come with the message, “Buy a shoe, plant tree.”