TIM AND ERIC – Roger Skateboards


Names: Tim Olson and Eric Risser

Eye Color:  Tim- cold, dead, blue.

Eric- Blue

Mom’s Age: Tim- hi mom!

Eric- Undisclosed

Best Vert Trick: Tim- wooly mammoth

Eric- Telling people I could probably drop in if I really had to

Preferred Hair Style: Tim- on me? hat. on others? soccer mom.

Eric- Something I can set my watch to

I Can Ollie This High: Tim- nope.

Eric- Probably an inch or two more than Tim, and that’s all I’m concerned about

Preferred Wheelbase: Tim- I don’t know

Eric- Enough space between trucks for boardslides

Favorite Roger Graphic: Tim- ‘shroom blader

Eric- Bender

Go To Switch/Fakie Trick: Tim- frontside pressure flip

Eric- Switch mongo

Go To Non-Alcoholic Beverage: Tim- caffeinated anything

Eric- High fructose corn syrup

I Get Free Skateboards From Roger Because: Tim- been asking myself that question since forever. We made a video once and some people liked it, I guess.

Eric- Just because…

My Favorite Skateboarder Who Doesn’t Skate For Roger Is: Tim- Nick Sommer

Eric- All my friends!

When I’m Done Skateboarding I’m Gonna: Tim- make skateboards

Eric- Go home and nap

Other People That Give Me Free Stuff: Tim- Adidas, Autobahn, Alchemy grip and Nature hardware. Thanks, dudes. Oh, and Bill lets me skate free at the best skate park ever; Cream City. Thanks, Bill!

Eric- Adidas, Alchemy, Autobahn, Nature

Favorite Skate Video Quote: Tim- ”I do the tricks! Not you!” – Mark Gonzales talking to his shoe.

Eric- “but I have no teefff… What else am I supposed to do?”

Favorite Rap Song Quote: Tim- ”What’s that in your pants? Ahhhhh human feces!”

Eric- “Lose yourself.”

Pizza, Tacos, Or Burgers: Tim- Pizza

Eric- Pizza!

Favorite Websites: Tim- wiskate.com, cheesebonk.com, nathanieltheis.com, thefriendshipskateboards.com. This one.

Eric- Facebook.edu

Favorite Movie: Tim- Real Genius

Eric- Airplane

Advice: Tim- Wear comfortable clothing.

Eric- “Lose yourself.”

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