EPIKGO Sport Balance Board Self-Balance Scooter/Hoverboard Review

It is really difficult to find an appropriate self-balancing scooter given all the options that you get on the market. There are off brand hoverboards that gives you exceptional quality and technology, more than what you expect.

Epikgo is not an unusual name in hoverboards. The brand has given some really amazing and high-quality products like the Epikgo Sports Balance Board Self-Balance Scooter Balancing Hoverboard. This model is a keeper and something that will give you uncompromised performance.

In this review, I am going to talk about this wonderful model and how it is such a great product worth your fancy.

Features and Specifications

The hoverboard has got excellent features. Let’s take a look here.


Most of the Epikgo products comes with 8.5 inches tires. Same is the case with EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Hover Self-Balance Board as it also rocks in 8.5 inches tires that are derived to walk on any terrain of your choice.

The alloy wheels are performance tires that are constructed with superior material. You can expect a lot out of these. They carefully make their way on any surface and does not give up too soon. You can rely on the wheels to give you bump-free rides.


Eventually, for every buyer, it all comes down to the performance of a hoverboard. When we speak of performance, the first thing to come under consideration is the motor of a hoverboard.

This model has got 400W dual motor that has amazing performance. It generates seamless running of the hoverboard on all kinds of surfaces like sand, grass, mountains, mud, etc.

It doesn’t matter how convenient and smooth or unsmooth a surface is, because of the high-power motor of this hoverboard, you will be able to take it anywhere you want. This is definitely one of the biggest strengths of this product.


I am not sure if I am completely pleased with the design or not. You get products like CHO Electric Smart Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard that are very expressive and smart. Kids like such products because they are more playful.

When we see the design of this model, it is not completely kid’s friendly. It has got plain black frame and simple tires without any lights on them. Yes, you get LED lights on the frame but they are only to illuminate the roads while you are riding in the dark.

They don’t have any special effect that can stun and impress kids. Some children might find the design rather boring.

Safety Standards

Well, safety is one thing that should never be overlooked. I am personally very protective of children’s safety while purchasing anything that my kid will ride.

Since kids are fond of hoverboards, it is not unusual that the batteries overheat. Well, with this model, you get UL2272 safety certification UL2271 certification essentially for battery performance.

The product undergoes 159 tests before it is given out in the market for sale. The brand takes care of all the essential tests to make sure that you get the best out of the hoverboard. With this, you will not have to worry about your child’s safety.


The construction of this model is done with aluminum material. There are not a lot of products on the market whose construction is done so carefully.

This one is lightweight because of its construction material and yet durable. The material is scratch-resistant and your child will be able to enjoy unforgettable rides for the longest time.

As far as the grip is concerned, this model gives you the safest grip and there is no scope that your child will fall down from the hoverboard. It is an absolute best selection for first-time riders, so much like CHO 6.5″Wheels Electric Smart Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard.


Interestingly, this hoverboard can charge 2 times faster than any other model on the market. It consumes less energy and comes with 30% more power than any competitive brand is offering.

Your child can ride the hoverboard for 2 hours at stretch. This is a great product and also comes with a year long warranty to protect your purchase against any faults and damages to the hoverboard.

The Good

Here are some points that might ring a bell for purchase.

Great Performance

There is no denying the fact that Epikgo hoverboards have exceptional performance. Because of its 400W dual motor, you can expect great speed and amazing performance from this model.

Stylish Looks

I don’t say that the looks of this product are super stylish but if your kids like simple yet trendy products then this hoverboard is for you guys.

Heavy-duty Construction

The aluminum construction makes it an absolute best choice for the buyers. It keeps the weight of the hoverboard low but at the same time it is sturdy and durable enough to not get damaged too easily.


Fortunately, this model is waterproof which means that if in the middle of the ride your kid bumps into a pond of water, the hoverboard will not stop on its account. Also, your kids can enjoy their rides during rain as well.


The Bad

Very Expensive

Of course, quality comes with an extra price and this notion is established with this product. It is super expensive but have high-quality standards.

No Choice of Colors

If your kids are selective about the color of their hoverboard then this model won’t be able to help a lot. It does not bring a lot of color options on the table.

Who Is It For?

This is an excellent product but only for the people who cannot compromise on the quality because of the price.


The Epikgo Sport Balance Board Self-Balance Scooter is a perfect hoverboard for your kids. It does not have any major flaws and shortcomings. You will really like the concept of this product and admire its quality to the fullest. I give heads up for this hoverboard.

Happy Shopping!