Airwheel M3 Electric Longboard Skateboard Review

The Airwheel M3 Electric Longboard Skateboard gives you the top surfing experience on any kind of surface with its power packed features. Named as the cheap electric skateboard for sale in our review, its rides at a top speed of 12.4 mph and a range of 10 miles on standard road conditions. The motor assembly … Read more

Atom Electric B.36 Electric Skateboard Review

The Atom Electric B.36 is a giant Longboard with a power packed 3600W motor power (dual motors having 1800W each). Its operates on the new technology software system called the Field Oriented Control (using the Sine Waves) which was originally developed for the high range of motor powered vehicles. The main feature of this technology … Read more

Maxfind Max B Electric Skateboard Review

The Maxfind Max B is the most brilliant and colorful dual motor skateboard you can hope to get in the light weight and the lightest budget plan. It weighs just 12 LBs, but can carry a payload of 220LBs. It is meant to be for the kids and teens, but it can travel at a speed … Read more

Swagtron Swagboard NG-1 Electric Skateboard Review

The Swagtron Swagboard NG-1 offers top throttling features for the best acceleration and deceleration actions during runtime. Incidentally it is called the top gear electric skateboard for the beginners. It can travel up to a maximum speed of 11mph and a range of 10 miles. The motorized rubber wheel generates a power of 24V supply … Read more

Lift Board Electric Skateboard Review

The Lift Board is the best single motor skateboard to offer a maximum speed of 16mph and a long range of 16 miles. This top rated electric skateboard derives its energy and efficiency factors from the power packed motor, sleek truck assembly, highly engineered deck design, high performance wheel assembly, high capacity lithium battery pack, … Read more

Benchwheel Dual Electric Skateboard Review

The Benchwheel Dual is powered by the 1800 watt twin motor to give you a maximum speed of 18.6mph and a range of 12.4 miles. The super cheap electric skateboard has earned its place with its efficient design, powerful battery, torque acceleration, high performance wheels, and a lightweight fiber glass deck design. The stated maximum … Read more

Dynacraft Surge Electric Skateboard Review

The Dynacraft Surge is the latest smart wheel wonder for the kids in the age group of eight years and above. It’s a cheap off road electric skateboard and runs at a maximum speed of 6mph and a range of 5 miles. It can carry a payload of 145Lbs at three distinct speed levels. The … Read more

Stary Electric Skateboard Review

The Stary is the fastest beginners’ skateboard with a top speed of 18.5mph and a good mileage range that satisfies your requirements. The best all terrain electric skateboard is powered by a 1500W brushless external motor and a long lasting Li-Po battery with a capacity of 91Wh. The manufacturers have introduced the latest version of … Read more

LEIF Esnowboard Electric Skateboard Review

The LEIFTech Leif Snow Board is perhaps the first of its kind with 360-degrees rotation in this cheap electric skateboard. You could be a beginner, an intermediate level rider, or an expert. The skateboard gives you the best of experiences you can imagine. The brushless motor has a capacity of 2,000W that can push the … Read more

ZBoard 2 Blue Electric Skateboard Review

The power packed single motor of the ZBoard 2 Blue can drive the skateboard at a top speed of 20mph for a range of 16 miles. You can control the best and cheapest electric skateboard with the help of weight sensing footpads alone. All you need to do is stand on the deck and lean … Read more

Genesis Hellfire Electric Skateboard Review

The high performance Genesis Hellfire is designed to run at a top speed of 20mph for 20 miles range and climb a slope of 15 degrees inclination with power and agility. The designers have crafted the best small electric skateboard deck to carry a maximum payload of 260+ LBs that is relatively higher for the … Read more

Pure Energy Electric Longboard Skateboard Review

Sleek dimension, lightweight, powerful acceleration, top performance, and comfortable ride are some of the notable features of the Pure Energy Electric Longboard. This best electric skateboard on the market offers you many added features like the efficient motor, high speed belt & gear system, solid deck, high density wheels, and intelligently designed trucks. This Longboard … Read more

Onewheel Electric Skateboard Review

The giant single wheel located right at the center of the Onewheel electric skateboard may make you wonder about its balancing, payload, and accelerating powers. The best affordable electric skateboard has proved its critics wrong by offering a maximum speed of 12+mph and range of 6miles and rider weight capacity of 275lbs. The design of … Read more

Yuneec E-GO 2 Electric Skateboard Review

Board weight of 21 pounds, maximum speed of 12.5mph, and a positive braking system in the Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard Skateboard may sound like too basic features. The best electric skateboard under 500 has many good features to offer, one of them being the range of 18 miles on single charging. The ultra mechanical properties … Read more

Acton Blink Board Electric Skateboard Review

The Acton Blink Board California Bear Electric Motorized Skateboard has an attractive appearance and great functionality. The vast numbers of fans have also attached the best affordable electric skateboard tag to it. The board weighs just 9LBS and its dimension is 3.94” X 5.91” X 27’. The package includes a 350W motor, LED strip, remote control, … Read more

Pure Energy Longboard Electric Skateboard Review

If anything could be said about the Pure Energy Electric Longboard, then it is the fact that there would be little by way of competition as far as performance is concerned. With operational parameters that could well stand out on their own, this is a skateboard for the very serious boarder. This could well and … Read more

Onewheel Electric Skateboard Review

From time to time certain disruptive products come on to the market that are not just path breaking in itself but offer a new refinement in terms of applications of technology is concerned. There is none quite like another when it comes to the best value electric skateboard as the Onewheel. The application of a … Read more

Yuneec E-GO 2 Electric Skateboard Review

There is never sufficiently stress the role that budgets play in deciding the success of skateboards, and often there has to be a tradeoff between performance and the cost of the piece.  Thus designing a board takes not just effort but a good understanding of what the typical target customer would want out of the … Read more

Acton Blink Lite Electric Skateboard Review

The ratio between board weight and the payload carrying capacity (7.7LBs: 180LBs) is the key factor that differentiates the Acton Blink Lite from the other skateboards in the market today. The designers of the best off road electric skateboard have shaped it for optimum level of safety, torque, speed, durability, and functionality. The board dimension … Read more

Maxfind Dual Motor Electric Skateboard Review

Riding across the length and breadth of your city landscapes on the Maxfind Dual Motor skateboard is an incredible experience. If you were to ask “what is the best electric skateboard” with top speed, ultimate style, best payload, comfortable deck size, and the climb angle, you need to look no further.  The power packed dual … Read more