Parts of An Electric Skateboard

The best electric skateboards have one thing in common: high-quality components. They’re constructed with long-lasting materials to maintain the system for years. Still, a responsible skater should know the basic components to manage proper maintenance and common technical issues with electric skateboards[Common Problems with Electric Skateboards & How to Fix Them]. The five main parts … Read more

Out of Business Electric Skateboard Companies

Most electric skateboard companies that have permanently stopped operating over the years aren’t well-known at all. Their products are generally subpar and not worth anyone’s money. That’s why e-skate enthusiasts couldn’t care less about a small short-term company going out of business. However, there were two big names in the electric skateboarding industry that had … Read more

Are Chinese Electric Skateboard Manufacturers Trustworthy?

Products made in China generally trigger mixed reactions from people all over the world. Some work perfectly fine while others are disposable without meaning to. The same idea goes for electric skateboards manufactured by Chinese companies. Some units have world-class features despite their cheap price. On the other hand, others are expensive but can only … Read more

Benefits of Having an Electric Skateboard

A lot of people around the world still prefer skateboards with a traditional design. However, some skaters won’t use them anymore once they finally experience riding an electric skate board. That can be a good thing since e-skates come with several advantages. Electric Skateboard Benefits Easier Commute A skater can arrive earlier in the target … Read more