Eggboards Mini Longboard Deck Cruiser Review

When evaluating options for top rated longboards, the length is one of the most important considerations. The length often ranges from 33 to 49 inches. If you prefer something shorter, one of the best options to consider is the Eggboards Mini Longboard Cruiser.

With a length of only 19 inches, the Eggboards Mini Longboard Cruise isn’t conventional. Despite its shorter body, however, this is impressive in terms of its performance. Once you get used to its size, you are guaranteed to enjoy the use of this longboard deck.

Keep on reading this short review and learn from the valuable insights we’ll share.

Features and Specifications

To start our review, let’s have a quick look at the notable features of Eggboards Mini Longboard Deck Cruiser.

19-inch Deck

One of the most noticeable in this product is the shorter length of the deck. This is a mini-cruiser, which will also make it challenging to use for beginners. With a limited platform where you can stand, cruising can be a lot trickier if you are a newbie.

7-inch Aluminum Trucks

The trucks are made of a lightweight material, which also contributes to the portability of this longboard. Plus, it is designed in such a way that it will improve the board’s stability. This is similar to the trucks that you will find at Playshion 39-Inch Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Cruiser.

Bamboo Deck

Bamboo is a great alternative to plastic, especially if you are concerned about how your actions impact the environment. The durability is hard to rival since bamboo does not chip or crack. If you are looking for a longer board that is also made of bamboo, make sure to take a look at Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard.

65mm Polyurethane Wheels

The size of the wheel is average for longboards, so as the material. However, there are some complaints about how it can be quite rocky, especially on rough surfaces.

ABEC-9 Bearings

With the design of the bearings, it will let the wheels spin for a long time. This means that the deck will keep moving forward without the frequent need for you to push with your foot.

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The Good

Looking for compelling reasons to buy Eggboards Mini Longboard Deck Cruiser? Here are some of the benefits worth highlighting.


The stability of this longboard is one of its best assets. One of the reasons for this is the use of bamboo as the main material for the deck. This is unlike other materials that can flex when the weight is too heavy.


At its price, it is impressive that this longboard is durable. Bamboo does not crack under pressure, unlike maple. You can expect this longboard to withstand years of use without compromising its performance.


If you are looking for a longboard that you can bring easily with you, this is a great choice. With a length of only 19 inches, it can easily fit in your bag. It is also lightweight. It is accepted by most airlines as a carry-on item.

The Bad

Despite all the good things, there are also some problems that you might encounter with Eggboards Mini Longboard Cruiser.

Not for Beginners

This is not designed with the needs of beginners in mind. The short length of the board means that it is reserved for those who can handle faster speed and narrower turns. For those who are looking for an entry-level model, a good alternative would be Atom Drop Deck Longboard (41-Inch).

Bearings Can Be Better

Looking at the components of this longboard, the bearings can benefit from an upgrade. The performance is decent, but it would have been better if it is smoother. Especially considering that it is designed for the pros, we expected the bearings to be more premium.

May Not Do Well on Rough Surfaces

The overall design is nice, resulting in an incredible performance. However, once you use it on rough terrains, you will see a problem. It can be slower and you can feel the bumps, which will compromise your comfort.

Who Is It For?

The Eggboards Mini Longboard Cruiser is suitable for experienced users. This is what the pros use to show off their tricks. The shorter size of the deck compared to a traditional longboard makes it suitable only for those who have already mastered the fundamentals of longboarding.


In sum, Eggboards Mini Longboard Cruiser is a great choice for experienced riders. It is affordable, stable, durable, and portable. If you prefer a shorter deck, this is an option you will not regret.

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