Demon Phantom Snowboard Helmet with Brainteaser Audio and Free Balaclava Review

Have you been browsing through various ski helmet reviews for a comfortable and brain-teasing helmet and met with no success? Demon United understands the importance of having a comfortable, sturdy and entertaining helmet.  It, therefore, packs those features into Demon Phantom Helmet with Brainteaser Audio and Free Balaclava. Besides, its features have been verified and certified to provide adequate protection in skiing.

Features and Specifications

Go Pro helmet mount compatible

Being able to record your action as you slope down a mountain adds more thrill into the sport. To make that easier, this helmet just like the Giro Zone MIPS Snow Helmet gives you the provision for mounting a Go Pro POV camera.

Built-in audio ear pads

Tired of skiing while experiencing endless boredom? Demon Phantom Helmet is equipped with a pair of ear headphones. Moreover, it is furnished with a built-in female audio cord. So you can simply plug it into your audio device and boost your ski enjoyment. However, if you don’t need the headphone you can eliminate it since it is removable.

CE and ASTM certified

Not all the helmets in the market have verified quality protection. And just like Anon Men’s Rodan Lightweight Ski/Snowboard Helmet w/ BOA Fit System, this head cover equipment is CE and ASTM certified. That means its features have been thoroughly tested and approved to provide adequate protection during skiing.

Comes with free Balaclava face mask

As you ski in extreme cold weather conditions, at times cold air penetrates through tiny openings on the helmet and makes you uncomfortable. As a seasoned company, Demon United gives you a free Balaclava face mask to go along with the helmet. So when you wear under the helmet, it provides extra warmth.

The Good

Ample ventilation

A good ski helmet must have ample ventilation. For that reason, Demon Phantom Helmet has both the front and back vents. So as you cruise down the slope, air enters from the front face and warm air leaves through the back vent. Consequently, you won’t feel excessive heat or coldness on your head.

Wide range of sizes

Demon United targets a larger group with this helmet. Thus it designs the helmet in various sizes. When you compare it to AKASO Ski Helmet Snowboard Helmet – Climate Control Venting, Dial Fit, this equipment provides a wider choice of sizes. They are available in five different sizes beginning from extra small size (47-52cm) to extra-large size (61 to 64cm).

Warm earmuffs

Cold air hitting your ears is enough to spoil even the best skiing expedition. To countercheck that, this device gives you a pair of comfortable ear muffs. That helps to cushion the ear and keeps it warm amidst cold weather.

Wide color variety

A careful choice of a helmet of a particular color that blends with your outfit or board is enough to boost your image and even mood. For that reason, this head protective wear is available in four different colors. That includes black, blue, white and gray.


A heavy helmet wearies you down and even contributes to bad health. That’s why the Demon Phantom Helmet with Brainteaser Audio measures 9 x 12 x 12 inches and weighs just 2lbs. That provides a manageable weight most people.

Smooth ABS shell and EPS foam padding.

From the outward appearance, the helmet boasts a hard ABS shell. That makes it sturdy and crack proof for inmost ski accidents. The helmet’s interior has molded EPS foam padding that cushions the head from injuries. So the combination of ABS and EPS makes it light but strong enough to provide appreciable protection.

Fits most goggles

Have you ever have had a hard time selecting a goggle to match a helmet you had previously bought?  To void such inconvenience, the Demon Phantom helmet has a standard size thus will fit most goggles seamlessly.

From the sneak peek of the features above, it’s evident this helmet caters for your safety and comfort. Surely you don’t wish to let it go. It has garnered over one hundred buyers. Click the button below to grab your pair today.


The Bad

Flimsy audio cord

Many previous buyers of this model testify that the audio cord that comes with the helmet is relatively flimsy. So if you need longer performance, then you have to change the cord. Fortunately, it allows for replacement.

Who is it for?

If you need the sturdy helmet that also permits you to get entertained from your MP3 player, then the Demon Phantom Helmet with Brainteaser Audio and Free Balaclava is good to go by. Besides, it’s available in many sizes; you won’t miss your fit.


Except for the flimsy audio cord which you might need to replace (and it won’t cost a fortune), this helmet isn’t the one you can easily ignore. It packs a sturdy shell, adequate vent, POV camera mounting provision, and the certifications. Doesn’t that give you a glimpse in the quality of this helmet? Click the button below to read what other people had to say about the helmet.