DC Men’s Villain TX Slip-on Skate Shoes Review

We are used to the same manufacturing style from DC. Don’t get us wrong; their construction design is superb, something that has earned them a place in the list of the best. Dc decided to be creative and bring us something out of the ordinary – the DC Men’s Villain TX Slip-on Skate Shoes. This is unlike anything that we usually see from Dc. It is one of the coolest skate shoes available right now, and worth trying out. You’ll love it!

Features and Specifications

Board-feel and Grip

The DC Men’s Villain is among the newest release from DC alongside other models like the DC Infinite. With this, there’s a lot of hype about it. Everyone wants to know what’s in store for them with this pair. In terms of its board-feel, we give it a tick, and a double tick if possible. This shoe is made super flexible, and therefore you can expect its board-feel to be on top of the game.

The manufacturers got a little bit creative and blended vulcanite and cup-sole to make this pair. The result is amazing. The main construction incorporates vulcanite but brings out the feeling of cup-sole. This is something new that we rarely see in other models, and we loved it.

The grip provided by the rubber cap is sticky. This gives the shoe a good grip and at the same time, makes it durable enough for extended life. The tread pattern that comes with this shoe is durable, as well as grippy.

Construction Design

The shape of this pair will bring back memories of the Etnies Marana, as their construction design is almost similar. Both of these models come with a low-cut style and a rubber toe cap. On the first look, this pair might seem a little bit wider, but this thought is erased once you try them on. They fit perfectly, and there’s nothing to complain about when it comes to their fit.

The low profile of this shoe doesn’t affect its skating in any way, and you shouldn’t be worried about it. Another thing that we loved about it is that the added rubber that the shoe comes with enables for a snug fit, and loosening up as with other models is a thing of the past with this one. The rubber also assists in maintaining the shape of the shoe.


The style of this shoe is unique. It doesn’t look like any other of Dc’s previous models. Dc is trying to keep and maintain the heritage styles, but at the same time coming with brand new styles to suit everyone’s tastes. The colorways incorporated in this pair is dope, and you will fall in love with it right from the word go. This pair will fit with every outfit.

The Good

Accurate Sizing

Like the DC Men’s Anvil TX Skate Shoe, this one also fits true to its size. The sizing is accurate, and there is no need to order for a size larger or smaller. The shoe provides users with a snug fit, and heel slip-offs are a thing of the past. This is especially important in skating where you don’t want your shoe to slip off while in the air. It thus plays an essential role in improving your skating skills.


The sole purpose of the construction of this model by DC was to bring to the market a super durable model that would compete with big wigs such as the DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe. Also, the manufacturers mastered the subtle art of combining durability, flexibility, grip, and comfort, and the result was the DC Men’s Villain TX Slip-on Skate Shoes.

This shoe is very durable, no doubt about that, apart from slight discoloration of the kickflip area as a result of the difference in construction material of the inner and outer materials. You will use this pair for prolonged periods without noticing any signs of damages. The upper part of the shoe is made using suede. This means that even if its rubber begins to peel off, then there is suede beneath it to last it a very long time.


The Bad

Lacks Cushioning

One downside of this pair is that it lacks cushioning, and so limits the user to a lot of activities. Dc Men’s villain is designed for skating low. The insole that comes with this pair is the Ortholite foam. This foam, unfortunately, doesn’t provide you with the needed protection from impacts but is packed with comfort.

This shoe doesn’t come with any cushioning. For a more comfortable feeling, we, therefore, recommend other models such as the DC Shoes Men’s Shoes Pure. This pair will go a long way in helping you absorb all the impacts and protecting your feet from getting hurt. Dc had a shortcoming with this pair in this area. Skating bigger stuff with this pair will hurt your feet. The only solution that is there to fit this menace is to incorporate the FP Insoles, which have a reputation for doing wonders when it comes to absorbing impacts.

Who Is It For?

This shoe is designed for anyone male that has fallen in love with the skating sports. If you are looking to begin your skating career or improve it to a higher level, then this is a great option to settle for. The only problem that we have with it is that it lacks cushioning and, therefore, doesn’t absorb any of the impacts.

Making massive landings with this pair will be tricky and will hurt your feet a lot. We, therefore, recommend it for skating around flat and smooth terrains. Its style is unique and outstanding. The color combinations that are present are great and will fit with almost any outfit. This pair thus makes an excellent combination for casual occasions and daily routines.


Dc decided to halt a little bit with its heritage style of shoes and bring a new style to the market that we hadn’t seen before. More than anything else, we loved it. It is appealing to the eyes right from when you take it out of the box. If this style doesn’t appeal to you for whatever reasons, DC isn’t short of options, and you could try out the DC Shoes Men’s Shoes Stag. Its performance is equally good, and you will love it!