DC Men’s Stag 320188 Skate Shoes Review

DC once again storms the market with yet another incredible skating shoe- the DC Men’s Stag Skateboard Shoe. This is a high performing, stylish, super durable, and comfortable pair. It is designed to help you maneuver easily on the board. With this pair on, your skills will shoot to the top-notch level in no time. A lot is in store with this pair, read on!

Features and Specifications

Board-feel and Grip

The bord-feel of this pair reminded us so much of the DVs Comanche. The grip and appearance also resemble that of Comanche from far. These are two different brands that designed an almost similar pair- great minds think alike. This is a pair that combines a lightweight silhouette with excellent skating performance.

The first thing to notice once you put this shoe on is how comfortable and flexible it is. Another great thing about this pair, unlike pairs such as the NIKE SB Check Solarsoft Canvas, is that with this one, you won’t have any problems breaking in them. From the first time you put your feet in them, they will feel awesome. The pair is massive, even from the look of it, but it is equally flexible due to its molded midsole and has plenty of board feel. Its outsole, on the other hand, is grippy with tread patterns that work perfectly.


The shape of this pair is an old skool one, from the early ’00s. This was a design that was loved back then. The manufacturers not only managed to maintain that look but also gave it a fully functional shape. By fully functional, we mean that the back and mid of the pair are puffier and broader with the front part, and especially the toe box being lowered down.

This shape is excellent for people with more extensive and larger feet. This bracket is usually discriminated against when it comes to shapes of shoes, and finding the right one for them can be intimidating. If you lie in this bracket, worry no more. Here is a pair for you. Putting on as well as removing this pair, won’t be a problem for you at all.


To be honest, we were a little bit worried about the longevity of this pair when we first tried it out, and we greatly apologize for that. The thought of this shoe wearing out any time soon should disappear from your mind. It is a pair that has been made durable and long-lasting to pass the test of time and take the hardest of knocks and beatings.

There aren’t any signs of this shoe ripping off even after its extended use. A significant reason for it is that it comes with a double cup with extended wear, as mentioned in its description. This seems to do the magic, as this pair is relatively long-lasting. Its outsole is very durable, and it will take lots of time before you start seeing flat spots on its tread patterns.

The Good

Accurate Sizing

We love this pair for its precise sizing. Many a time have we tried out shoes only to find out that they are either too big or small for us. This even makes purchasing such pairs online tricky. Such shoes can only be bought if you avail yourself personally to the stores and try them out. An example of such pairs is the

This isn’t the case with the DC Men’s Shoe Stag. This one here is true to its sizing. There is no need to order more substantial or smaller sizes, or even to avail yourself to the store. You can comfortably order your regular sizing online without the worry of having to return them upon arrival.

Great Cushioning

The manufacturers of this shoe deserve all the accolades that come their way when it comes to the cushioning of this pair. They did an outstanding job in that sector. Vaporcell technology was incorporated in this shoe, and we have to admit that the results are excellent. The Varpocell not only takes almost all the impacts, but it also makes the shoe flexible and lightweight.

An extra feature added to maximize the cushioning of this shoe is its molded insole. It makes the inside of the shoe comfy, and you will love every second that your feet are inside. If you’re looking for cool skate shoes that will provide you with adequate comfort and cushioning while you skate, this one here fits the description perfectly.


The Bad

Slightly Heavy

Even from the look of it, this shoe looks heavy, and this is true. The sole is made thick, and this significantly contributes to it. It isn’t that heavy to the extent that it will limit your movement, but when compared to the likes of Etnies Scout Sneaker, you will undoubtedly feel the difference. A point is deducted from this pair when it comes to this.

Who Is It For?

This pair comes in an old skool design; a design that was trending in the era of the early 2000s. Back then, names such as the DC Legacy Og were the big wigs of the market. If you have an appreciation for the old trends and are an old-fashioned guy, this pair is what you should be looking for.

This pair is also made for people with broad and large feet. Also, it is also for people who dislike slim and vulcanized skate shoes that don’t give them a sense of safety for their feet. The grip and traction provided by this pair are incredible and makes it an excellent option for skating and performing flip tricks with the board.


Old is gold, and this shoe here is worth more than that. Coming at an affordable price, you won’t have to break your bank to own it. Everything that you could want in a pair of skating shoes is provided here; durability, accurate sizing, and excellent cushioning! Grab your pair today.