DC Men’s Pure 300660 Skate Shoes Review

If you think DC is giving it a break on their exquisite shoe production, you might want to hold that thought. Once again, their reputation precedes them. Known for making an extensive profile comfortable shoes, DC Shoes Men’s Shoes Pure 300660 doesn’t come short of that. This pair of kicks bring that old school nostalgia back when thickly padded skate shoes were running the game. Its style will remind you so much about the DC Men’s Shoes Anvil Tx. Let’s scout through some of the features that make it an outstanding pair of kicks.

Features and Specifications

Shoe Design and Padding

This is a low cut, large profile pair of kicks with thick paddings. The shoes contain a fusion of leather and suede materials all through the overlays and the side panels. The overlays are reinforced with triple stitching that makes it abrasion-resistant. You won’t have to worry about running stitches and worn out seams for a very long time. Since this is a thickly padded shoe, your feet are prone to sweating.

The DC Men’s Shoes Pure 300660 host ventilation pore on the toe cap and the side. The breathability of the shoes is achieved by these pores and keeps your feet sweat-free. The side panel contains the stylish metal signature emblem that acts as a proof of the shoe’s originality. This is one way to tell off a counterfeit from an original.

The collar of the shoe is thickly padded for extra comfort and cushioning of the ankle. It also has a thickly padded mesh tongue. The mesh tongue aids in creating a breathability effect inside the shoe. On top of the back panel rests an Achilles notch that provides an added comfort to your feet.

Cup sole and Treads

The entire shoes sit on a wrap cup sole that resembles a vulcanized rubber sole. The only difference it has with the vulcanized sole is that this is a bit rigid on flex. The outer soles are made of rubber material for maximum impact absorption and cushioning of your feet while skating. The EVA footbed and Ortholite insoles add up to the comfortability these kicks bring to the table.

DC went along and became a little innovative on the outer rubber soles. These soles are made with Dynamic Grip Technology with pill pattern treads. With this, the sole is divided into three sections. There’s the hard section on the heel for abrasion resistance. The mid-section on the center of the sole that is responsible for the flex of the shoe. The soft section on the toe box for flips and flicks. If you are a skater and you are reading this, I bet you’ve already been blown away. What are you waiting for, grab one of these kicks while stocks still last?

The Good

Durability and Abrasion Resistance

Durability and Abrasion Resistance are evidently portrayed in these shoes. The triple reinforced stitching on the overlays is proof that the shoes are made to give you a long ride. The combination of leather and suede material I’d say it’s genius. This is because if over time, the top suede material will start wearing out, the leather will still keep the shoe in shape. Looking at the soles of the shoe, the Dynamic Grip Technology is here to last you quite a long while. With the roles played by all the subsections of the sole, impact absorption and durability are well taken care of. The cup sole is also long-lasting due to its semi stiffness.

Fashionable and Stylish

We can’t shy from the fact that this is a glamorous pair of shoes. It has got the old school vibe in it that is picking pace in modern trends. It comes in multiple vibrant colors in one shoe, making it even more elegant.it can come in black and grey color, black grey with a touch of ox-blood red on the inner lining and black, grey and white combination too just to mention but a few.

Comfort and Cushioning

Since this is a thickly padded shoe, there’s lots of comfort that comes with it. The paddings on the collar and the Achilles notch on the back of the shoes create a comfortable feeling around the feet. The thick padded mesh tongue plays an equal role to the collar but has an added feature to its breathability.

The padding provided by this pair is similar to that of the Vans Women’s Old Skool. You’ll love every moment that you spend wearing it. Moreover, you can comfortably wear them for prolonged periods without feeling the pinch.


The Bad

Bulky and Rigid

Remarkable as this shoe is, some reviews have raised a few concerns about the bulkiness and rigidity of the sole. Since it is a thickly padded par of kicks, it is, therefore, a large profile shoe. Most skateboarders prefer a low-profile shoe that is light and easy to make flips and flicks. The cup sole of this shoe is semi-rigid, which makes it a bit difficult to break in on the skateboard.

Due to its broad profile characteristics, some skateboarders say it is hard to feel the board while skating. Performing flips and other tricks with this pair might be next to impossible. For a lightweight pair, the Heelys Men’s Launch Fashion Sneaker plays the role perfectly. Aside from these few downsides, this is a pretty good shoe.

Who Is It For?

This pair of shoes has a lot of masculinity features in it. It would sit in well with a males’ audience as opposed to the ladies. It is a good shoe if you want to kick it in for a casual outlook. It is also designed with the skateboarder’s interests in mind.


DC once again have outdone themselves to prove why they are a big fish in shoe production. The DC Shoes Men’s Shoes Pure 300660 provides quite the proof of this reputation. With all its amazing features and specifications, these kicks deserve a place in your shoe collection. It is with no doubt that they are among the best shoes for skates that money can get you.

If for whatever reason, this pair doesn’t cause a stir in you, you could try out the DC Men’s Net Shoes. These are equally good.