DC Men’s Net Skate Shoes Review

Imagine the feeling of wearing a pillow on your feet. Comfy right? Well, DC just brought that imagination to life. With the series of its net shoe design, DC is giving other shoe producers a run for their money. DC Shoes Men’s Skate Net Shoes will make you quench for more of its comfort every time you take it off. Not limited to skateboarders only, the shoes have gained quite a public eye among males.

In the list of the top 10 skateboard shoes, these appear beside big names such as the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star High-Top Sneaker. Let’s check out its features and see why it should be on your wish list.

Features and Specifications

Cup sole Construction and Treads

The construction of this pair will remind you so much of the DC Men’s Shoes Pure. The sole is a key component to look for when selecting kicks for skating. That’s why DC skate shoe soles have got what you need. The sturdy cup sole construction is there to ensure you do not roll on your ankle and injure yourself. To top it up, they are shock absorbers. Meaning you won’t feel a pinch as you execute your skateboard maneuvers.

The outer soles are made of abrasion-resistant sticky rubber. In addition to that, they are styled with a good amount of pill treads with flex notches and the DC trademark. The pill pattern, as we see in all other DC brand shoes, appears to be their signature treads. These outsole features pay off on the board by creating grip and field board. Not to forget the traction that they also bring about. It already sounds pretty cool, right? Well, there’s more to that.

Shoe Design

The shoe has a suede material design at the toe cap. The back panels of the shoes are reinforced with leather material. This not only makes it captivating to the eye but also bring about a long-lasting characteristic. The paddings form a thick perimeter along the collar of the shoes. The mesh tongue is also super padded, almost two inches thick. These paddings provide cushion to the ankle areas and the tongue padding to the top part of the feet.

The EVA styling footbed, midsole, Achilles notch, and the Ortholite foam insole add icing on the cake. They give your feet a super comfortable resting platform. With all the comfortability these shoes have to offer, literally feels you are walking on air.

High wear areas are double stitched so that they can hold in place.  The mesh tongue is designed that way for breathability. As much as the shoes are heavily padded, air circulation and ventilation have been put into place. This through the ventilation pores on the toe cap and the side panel. Keeps your feet sweat-free and shoes smelling good.

The Good


From all the thick padding perimeter the shoe has, you can tell that the shoe offers quite the comfort to your feet. The EVA styling footbed and midsole compliment the paddings in providing comfortability.   The collar paddings provide cushioning to your ankles, ensuring that you don’t sprain your ankle as you skate.

The thickly padded tongue provides a cozy feeling for the top part of the foot. The ventilation pores keep your feet sweat-free. This ensures the shoes doesn’t produce foul odors from the sweating.


The cup sole and the rubber outsole act as shock absorbers to the shoe. The sticky rubber soles make them abrasion resistance. This means the shoe won’t wear down when subjected to substantial impact. The double stitching on the high wear areas makes sure the seams hold in place.

The signature pill treads on the outsole barely wear out as they are sticky and abrasive resistance. This ensures the gripping power is maintained for a longer period. The leather reinforcement keeps the shoe intact just in case the suede peels off.

Fashionable and Stylish

The multiple colors that the shoes come in do not require a second look. The first look will have you falling for them. Bringing back that old school look, one can pull out a perfect vintage swagger on. The large profile shoes easily complement every piece of Men’s wear. With its multiple color combination, it gets the attention of the eye really quick.


The Bad

Bulky and weighty

The bulkiness of the DC skate shoes is once again on the receiving end of critics by some reviewers. The thick paddings and rubber cup soles add extra weight on a skater’s feet. This acts as a challenge to the flips and flicks executions.

Who Is It For?

These shoes are unisex from just its outlook appearance. Best suited for males, it comes as both a skate shoe and a casual shoe for non-skaters. You can step out in these kicks to the skateboarding session. Top of that, you get to spice up your wardrobe with the elegance of these kicks.  Talk of killing two birds with one stone? The shoes can go with almost anything but preferably a pair of jeans.


The comfort that comes along with this shoe makes your feet yarn for more shoe time. All the amazing specifications and features are worth the dig-in to the pockets to get you a pair of these. DC has never disappointed when it comes to the field of shoes, and they are not about to start. For a large profile shoe, these shoes are a good pick for a male’s preference. Aside from these, we’re sure the DC Women’s Trase TX Skate Shoe will also have a special place in your hearts. What are you waiting for? Go get yourself a pair of these and make your skating and styling experience superb.