DC Men’s Court Graffik SE 6 D M Skate Shoe Review

DC Men’s Court Graffik SE Skate Shoe 6 D M is a cousin to the DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe, two impeccable products with outstanding, stylish, and fashionable design. The two stand out from the rest and have left a significant mark on everyone’s heart. Just like its cousin, this one here is also good enough that it qualifies among the popular skate shoes that the current market has to offer.

DC aims at providing its customers with outstanding, high-performance, and quality shoes in a bid to make an impact in the skateboarding world. True to their words, that is what they have showcased with the DC Men’s Court Graffik SE Skate Shoe 6 D M. Once again, they have proven to be the giants in the game and deserve all the accolades. The market is full of options, and if you are lost in what pair to settle for, then let us recommend this pair for you. There is a lot in store for you.

Features and Specifications


This pair comes in a one-color design with the logo branded at its side. There is no better way of getting assured that you have settled for an authentic DC product other than looking for its symbolic logo. The logo appears at one of its sides and a little one at the front. The black version is cool and will match with all outfits. The white version is for those who want to create and catch attention.

The laces are thick and are tied inside its vamp to prevent the laces from entangling the rider to the board and causing accidents. When it comes to the sole, they are made to provide the rider with maximum grip and traction. Your balance is taken care of by this sneaker, and you can now focus on improving your skating skills.


Manufacturers of this pair were keen to design a sole that will provide riders with a firm grip and traction for the needed balance when skating. More is in store with the soles. For starters, stitches are incorporated for maximum strength and durability of the shoes. Secondly, there are pillow cushioned panels added in a bid to prevent your feet from hard knocks. At the bottom of the soles are pill pattern treads for an excellent grip.

The purpose of a sole is to ensure the shoe lasts a long time, protects the user from hard knocks as well as providing them with good traction and firm grip. The sole of this pair gives its all in these functions. This is the result when craftsmanship meets creativity.

The Good


Comfort, comfort, comfort is all we can think of upon the mention of DC Men’s Court Graffik SE Skate Shoe 6 D M. some features are added to maximize the comfort of this pair. One, vent holes are included for a relaxed feeling and maintain your feet dry. Second, the mesh tongue and collar are made lightweight for easy maneuverability.

Third, the interior is made of leather for a warm and cozy feel. Lastly, the soles are made thick for firm grip and traction. Once you put this pair on, you will not want to take them out.


Leather was used in the making of this shoe for two purposes- maximum comfort, durability, and longevity. This shoe has been made to take on the hardest of knocks and impacts. Skating is a vigorous activity that requires a sturdy pair. Nothing will come in between you and your skateboard once you have this pair on.

Another great thing is that it is highly comfortable and so you can wear it for long durations without getting uncomfortable.


The Bad


The manufacturers of this shoe were keen to bring out every detail and perfect on everything. The downside with it is its pricing. Don’t get us wrong, considering its performance and quality, its price is justified. The problem is that not very many people are willing to go that far into owning a pair.

The price of one Graffik SE Skate Shoe will comfortably buy two Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers. Price is an essential factor in choosing the right shoe, and this one might be above your budget. It is a norm that the higher the quality, the higher the price, to compensate for the material and expertise used in the construction. Only skating fanatics and enthusiasts are willing to go that far with footwear.

Who Is It For?

DC Men’s Court Graffik SE Skate Shoe 6 D is designed for people who have a taste for fashion and style. If you want to look cool and at the same time, be in your own unique class, this is your type. This pair is a versatile one, and isn’t restricted to skating- as the saying goes, sometimes skating isn’t all about skating. Whatever the occasion, this pair will fit in perfectly.

Above all, this pair is for male skating enthusiasts who wish to take their skating to the next level, or simply have fun skating. It is designed to provide riders with the needed grip, balance, and stability. It is durable, thanks to its thick sole, and you will have a feel of the skateboard. Check for the correct sizing for a snug fit.


Perfect would be an understatement when describing this pair. On a scale of ten, this one scoops a solid 9.5. There only notable difference between this and the DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe is the weight, with this one being slightly heavier at 2.4 pounds. This one caught us by surprise, and we were satisfied with its make, apart from its high price, which is a turn off for many buyers.

A great alternative that you can settle for, if for whatever reasons this one doesn’t appeal to you, that much is the Etnies Scout Sneaker. Just like this pair, this one is also unique and fashionable in design and won’t disappoint you when it comes to its performance.