DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe Review

You don’t need to be a skater to appreciate the grand design that the DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe comes in. Hands up- and once again, DC has left everyone mesmerized by the impeccable product that they have produced. In honest opinion, you have to appreciate the kind of effort that this company is putting into ensuring that its customers are settling for nothing short of the best.

On a scale of 10, this shoe scoops a solid nine, its most significant boosts being its design and look. It is closely related to its other counterpart the DC Men’s Court Graffik SE Skate Shoe 6 D M, with the only differences being the size and pricing. You will fall in love with it right from when you set your eyes on it. DC has a reputation for great design, something that has earned them multiple positive reviews and a place in the seat for the best in the game- a subtle art not enjoyed by many. A lot is in store with this pair. Buckle up and read more to know why this is one of the best skateboarding shoes that money can get you.

Features and Specifications

Cup Soles for added Protection

The soles of a shoe play a significant role in determining how long the shoes will last. This isn’t an exception to this pair. This shoe comes with stitched rubber soles with air vent holes, similar in construction as those of the VANS Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual High-Top Skate Shoes. The stitches not only make the shoe appear trendy and stylish, but they also ensure maximum strength of the pair. The vent holes, on the other hand, are there for natural breathability.

A great advantage with this sole is that it gives you a firm grip and enables you to feel the board. It has pillow cushioned panels that protect your feet from hard impacts. Also, its treads are of pill patterns, which ensure that the grip is excellent. The laces have been made to be tied on the vamp to eliminate entanglement in the wheels.


Black lovers will love this pair most. Its all-black finish gives it a beautiful look, one that will match perfectly with any outfit. It has the signature DC logo on its side and a little one at the front. DC has definitely marked its territory with this pair. The lacing incorporates thick laces that will tight your firm. We love its lacing most because they are buckled inside the vamp to prevent laces from being entangled on the board or the rider stepping on them and causing accidents.

This pair sole is made using rubber for maximum strength, and a firm grip. DC has combined art and science in this pair to bring out fun and safety. This is something that we don’t get to see every day. Expect this footwear to be stylish and durable. Boost your skill while confidently looking good!

The Good

Durable and Long-lasting

The material used to design this pair is pure leather, and you know what that means-comfort and durability. Its leather ensures that this pair withstands the test of time, being able to take the hardest of knocks. It is ready to face any challenge that comes along its way. That’s not all; the interior is super comfortable, thanks to its leather make. You can wear the pair for very long durations without being uncomfortable.


The durability of this pair doesn’t compromise on its comfort as with some shoes. To ensure that this is the case, the manufacturers have added several features to it. For starters, they have included vent holes for a more relaxed feeling. The vents also maintain your feet cool and dry, eliminating any possible occurrence of illness.

Next, the collar and mesh tongue is designed lightweight to enable easy maneuverability. The sole, on the other hand, is thick with the Signature rubber sole to ensure a firm grip and traction.

Fashionable and Stylish

Men are so keen about their shoe game, and this pair here puts a smile on every male owner. DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe fuses class and fashion to bring out nothing short of excellence. We couldn’t ask for anything better with this pair. It is available in an all-black. There is also a white version of it for people who aren’t so fond of black, or who want to catch everyone’s attention.


The Bad

Unsuitable for People with Wide Feet

Everything with an advantage has its disadvantages. This also applies to this pair. As good as it is, we found this pair to be too slim for people with wide feet. If you are such a person, then we recommend that you settle for other pairs. Also, another problem lies with its sole. Its cup sole makes it unsuitable for hardcore skating, that which entails tough and sophisticated tricks.

Inaccurate Sizing

The sizing of this shoe isn’t that accurate, and we, therefore, advise that you take keen note of this. The men’s standard sizes are different from those of women. This makes it difficult for women who want to purchase this shoe. Ensure that you try them out before making your purchase.

Who Is It For?

This pair was designed initially for male skating enthusiasts in mind. It was for male skaters who wanted to sharpen on their skating skills or simply enjoy the game. However, this isn’t the case. The pair isn’t restricted to men, but women too can enjoy the benefits that come along with it. You don’t even have to be a skater to own this pair.

This pair is a fashion-killer, no doubt about that. Its black color with the DC logo on it is appealing, not to mention unique. It will do a great job of making you look good at a casual event. More importantly, we would rather you stick with its intended purpose and take your skating skills higher with this pair.


In conclusion, DC Shoes are one of the most sought-after brands, thanks to their fashionable and high-quality shoes. The Court Graffik Skate Shoe isn’t an exception either. This shoe comes in an all-black color, but you could settle for its white version if you aren’t fond of black. A great alternative to this pair, with equally nice design and performance is the DC Shoes Men’s Shoes Anvil Tx. Its white version is also as good as this one’s.

This pair here is stylish and unique. Its features are tailored to provide you with a memorable skating experience. We couldn’t ask for anything better when it comes to the make. Take your skating skills to another level as you look good with the DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoes.