DC Men’s Anvil TX 320040 Skate Shoe Review

DC created a pair specifically for men. However, women have also fallen in love with it and want to enjoy the benefits that come with this pair. This is the DC Men’s Anvil TX Skate Shoe 320040. What this pair brings to the table is a blend of comfort, durability, and high performance. It is simple and will go well with any outfit. Still interested? Great, read on!

Features and Specifications

Board-feel and Grip

In terms of the board-feel, this pair reminds us of the DC Net Men’s Shoes. Iconic, we would say, with the only difference being the stitching pattern on the sides. The board-feel is excellent right from when you take them outside the box. It is super flexible and will allow you to do flips and all the other sophisticated skating tricks.

The grip of this shoe is also great, and it allows you to feel every inch of the board. This pair comes with a cup-sole, but its feeling is that of a Vulc. It is incredible.


When it comes to the shape, this is unarguably one of the slimmest productions of DC and cup-sole shoes that the market has seen. You will undoubtedly enjoy every moment that you spend wearing this pair. The sole gets thinner as you move towards the front from the back. The toe area is made pointy, which will assist in getting your flips much easier.

When it comes to the tongue of this shoe, it is short, and minimal padding is present, unfortunately. This is due to the always centered elastic straps. Even after multiple use and sessions with this pair, its shape remains unchanged, and the shoe doesn’t widen.


Models such as the DC Legacy Slim set the bar too high in terms of the durability of the shoe. When it comes to this shoe, we will divide its durability into three components; the toe cap, the ollie area, and finally, the sole. The construction of the shoe makes the toe cap to hold up, and even after lots of kickflips, it will still be as good as new.

Secondly, we have the ollie area. The ollie isn’t as durable as the toe cap. After two weeks of use, some stitching will be visible; no need to worry about this, however. This can be solved by adding some super glue on the stitching to guarantee prevention from any further damage. Comparing the ollie area to the toe cap, the toe cap emerges the winner as the most durable one of the two.

Third and last, we have the sole. The sole goes hand in hand with the toe cap in terms of durability. Even after two weeks of use, the sole will look like brand new and no signs of wear and tear. This, thus, makes it an excellent choice for skating or other vigorous and intense sports.

The Good

Accurate Sizing

Just like the DC Men’s Shoe Stag, this pair’s sizing is also correct. DC was keen on its sizing after numerous complaints about some inaccuracy of the sizing in some of their pairs. You don’t have to order for a pair that is a size larger or smaller with this one. It is true to its sizing and will provide a snug fit. The internal tongue has elastic straps that assist in keeping your feet safe and secure while inside.

Cushioning and Comfort

Dc Men’s Anvil TX Skate Shoe features the Vaporcell insole that is famous for superior cushioning and comfort. Nothing beats this insole. With this, there is a big plus when it comes to cushioning and comfort. What is advertised about the comfort of this shoe is nothing short of the truth- put this pair on, and you’ll not want to take them off.

Also, the insole comes with enough padding and a shock-absorbing property to absorb all the impacts and hard knocks that you might encounter. The insole comes with extra heel padding to maximize on the cushy feeling. Kudos to DC on this one!

Appealing and Fashionable Style

This pair is a simple one but unique in its way. Its color combinations go well and aren’t shouting, such as some pairs available. When wearing them, you won’t create much attention but will equally look good. Its style will match with anything that you want to wear, whether it is jeans, khaki, or shorts. There is no trying too much with this pair, and we love it for that.

The black and grey versions are our favorite, but the white one also looks good. Its style will also make you look good as you go about skating.


The Bad

The Ollie Area isn’t Durable

The sole and toe cap of this pair is very durable. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with the ollie area. After only two weeks of wearing this shoe, you will start noticing stitches in it. To prevent further damage, users are advised to apply super glue to the affected area. This, however, has its side effects as it might tamper with the overall durability of the pair.

Who Is It For?

This pair was initially designed for men, but we don’t see any harm with women going for it too. Its design allows women to put them on and enjoy the benefits that it comes with. The shoe is made for skating, but you can also wear it out for daily routines and casual occasions.

This pair provides users with maximum comfort, and so you can put them for long durations without being uncomfortable. The air vents present to provide for adequate air aeration, maintaining your feet fresh and crispy.


Once again, DC has proven to us what they’re capable of by producing an excellent product with amazing results. Everything is there to love about this shoe- from its look to the comfort and cushioning that it brings to the table. Moreover, this pair is made durable to pass the test of time. It is comfortable, and you will love every second that you spend wearing it.

A great alternative to this pair and one of the best skateboard shoes that has equally good performance and style is the VANS Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual High-Top Skate Shoes. If you love DC Men’s Anvil, then you will love these too.