COOLOO Ski Goggles Review

Have you gone through different brands in the search for the best snow goggles in the market? Some will be good, some will be bad, but there will always be one to stand out. If you have checked the COOLOO Ski Goggles, you may actually come to realize that this may be something that you have been looking for. There is more to goggles than just its lens; this model caters to different aspects as well. Read on to know more about it. Let this take your snowboarding experience to a whole new level.

Features and SpecificationsCOOLOO

Anti-Glare Lenses

The best part of these goggles is that it comes with anti-glare lenses that offer UV400 protection while giving you excellent wind resistance and ventilation. It comes with a light weight build and is equipped with a wide screen coverage that gets you the best view while skiing. Then you can choose among beautiful, multiple colored lenses, rainbow, transparent, tawny, orange, gray, and yellow.

Strategic Build

Similar to OutdoorMaster OTG Over Glasses Ski/Snowboard Goggles, this model has frame width of 7 inches, height of 3.1 inches, lens width of 6.7 inches, and nose bridge width of 1 inch, and it comes with a structure that is compatible with almost all helmets. This is designed to work well in different sports other than skiing. It can be used when bungee jumping, skydiving, skating, and others.

Impact Resistance Lenses

This is a feature that definitely protects you from heavy snow fall, strong winds, or glaring sunshine. It also comes in shades that enhance your experience. It can come in yellow and orange lenses, thereby making it easier for you to determine slopes and ski fields even in the most challenging weather conditions, or in multi-color or gray lenses to block harsh sunlight that can cause damage on sunny weather.

The Good

Good for the price

If you compare the aesthetic, function and features of this model to Ski Goggles, OTG Anti-Fog Snowboard Skate Snowmoblie Interchangeable Double Layer and other more expensive goggles, you will realize that the quality, aesthetic appeal and functionality is mostly at par. This model is design to endure long-term use, plus it can be used in other activities too. Plus, it gets rid of harmful lights, cold air, dust, wind and sunshine to make sure you have a smooth ride.

Comfortable to use

Unlike other brands, this model offers maximum comfort when in use. It comes with an elastic ABS frame that is lightweight and impact resistant. It is also built with a soft and thick sponge layer that works as padding around the eye sockets to keep your skin from being irritated due to prolonged use.

Comes with a warranty

You instantly get peace of mind the moment you purchase these goggles because similar to the OutdoorMaster OTG Over Glasses Ski/Snowboard Goggles, it comes with a 12-month warranty. You can reach them by email and be assured that you will be accommodated and assisted until your problem is resolved.

The Bad

Material a bit poor in quality

Some users say that the overall material of the frame is too thin and malleable. Therefore, it does not give a snug or good fit to all types of faces. This is not ideal for those with very narrow shape faces as it can be uncomfortable to wear. If worn on heavy and prolonged ski rides, the material has a tendency to wear out. The foam separates from the goggle frames after a couple of use.

Clarity not so excellent

According to some users, the lenses create a star burst of rainbow colors when looking at bright and glaring lights. The visual can get a bit wavy on clear lenses and may cause discomfort or fatigue on your eyes. There were occurrences of fogging in the glasses too. It is recommended that you try out and check the visibility on your end before using it for an actual ride. This is a good safety practice that you can do to avoid getting into accidents.

Sizing is small for adults

A lot of those who purchased the goggles mentioned that the goggles are a bit small for a standard adult’s head. However, it perfectly fits teenagers and kids. This can work if you are on the average size; however, it may be uncomfortable and may not fit at all if your head size is leaning on the bigger size. It is always good to check out the exact dimensions and measurements to make sure you are getting one that actually suits you.

Who Is It For?

With the number of brands and models of goggles in the market, it can be a challenge to find the right fit for you. If you are someone who wants goggles that are strategically built, go for these COOLOO Ski Goggles. This is ideal for those who engage in different activities that require eye protection. This is designed to function in different settings and activities. Also, this works well for those who have a problem with visibility in glaring lights. A good choice for those who do not want to feel a heavy presence on their face when engaging in the sport, plus, this is ideal for someone who wants value for their money. It comes with a 12-month warranty and is available in different colors.



The COOLOO Ski Goggles is a good item to have for casual snowboarding trips. However, this may not be enough to give you long term protection for harsh weather conditions and for prolonged use. It provides comfort and ease of use with or without helmet so you can consider using this for different types of activities. It works well for people of different ages, but may be a bit small for adults. It has an impact resistance feature which makes it sturdier than other models. If you are looking for an economical choice that delivers and compares to other goggles of higher price brackets, you can go with this one.