Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top Sneakers Review

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top Sneakers are a close relative to the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star High-Top. The only substantial difference between the two is that one is a high top with the other being a low top. There is a difference in consumers’ tastes and preferences. And this pair was designed as an alternative for those who don’t like the high-top design of the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star High-Top Sneakers.

These are one of the best skate shoes that money can get you, courtesy of a reputable brand. They are versatile and will fit into all the casual occasions that you go to. More importantly, these are the pairs to turn to if you’re looking to polish on your skating skills. They have your back!

Features and Specifications


One significant difference between this pair and the All-Star High-Top is that there is providence for air vents with this pair. This can be translated to mean their breathability is sufficient. You know what that means- you can wear this pair for long durations without being uncomfortable. Moreover, your feet are kept dry and cool.

The manufacturers found a way of combining heavy leather with breathability. This is probable after consumers complained about the shortcoming of its other pair. This is a significant improvement, and we have to applaud them. One secret to success with Converse is that the customers are their priorities- the customers’ wish is their demand.


The design of this shoe reminds us so much of the Converse JP Jack OX Men’s Skateboarding Shoes. The Chuck Taylor All-Star High-Top is designed to extend above the ankle, protruding towards the upper leg and offers cover and protection above the ankle. The design of the All-Star Low Top is contrary to that. This one cuts just below the ankle, making it a simple pair of sneakers.

The upper part of the shoe is made of suede, offering the pair a beautiful look and long-lasting property. Its construction also incorporates Vulc, which brings to the table outstanding flick and grip. The lower part makes use of leather composition to give users a cozy, warm, and comfortable feeling. We also found this pair having excellent breathability thanks to their eyelets.

The Good

Available in Multiple Colors

Just like wine gets fine with time, this pair also does the same. Different colors have been added to it in the past few years, making the list intimidating. Converse doesn’t come short of colors when it comes to their shoes, something that has earned them a special place in people’s hearts. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top Sneakers comes in multiple colors ranging from black and white to pink, grey, and menta.

The white version makes you stand out and easily noticeable, although keeping them clean is a little bit difficult. Black version blends in with almost all outfits and occasions. The pink is a girly version while the grey is dull but unique in its own way.


Sneakers made using leather tend to be pricier than most others. Leather is expensive, no doubt about that. We found the price of this one to be fair compared to other makes of Converse. This good news makes it affordable for most people to own it. You don’t have to part ways with considerable sums to own the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top Sneakers.

Stylish and Fashionable

When you aren’t out skating, it doesn’t mean that the work of this pair is done. These sneakers are stylish, for people with a sense and appreciation for fashion. For your daily routines or any casual occasions, this pair has your back. You will look not only great in them but also feel great. Their comfort is beyond explainable.

The pair is versatile and can be worn with any outfit. Whether jeans, khaki, or shorts, you will kill it as long as you have this pair on your feet. The fact that they are available in many color options is also a bonus.


The Bad

Heavy and Requires Long Periods to Break-In

As comfy as these pairs are, breaking in the leather will be a difficult task. As mentioned earlier, the interior of this pair is constructed using leather. One property with leather is that it can be stiff when new. You will have to wear them for around 70 to 100 hours before your feet start getting used to them. The good thing is that once you get used to them, everything else becomes smooth, and you won’t experience other significant problems.

Another thing that we noticed with this pair is that they are slightly heavier. This limits you from doing some tricks and even negotiating sharp corners while skating.

Who Is It For?

No one is exempted from wearing this shoe, as long as you find the right size. Men, women, boys, girls, the old and young alike are all welcomed to enjoy the benefits brought along by this pair. What dictates the gender of a pair is the color. For example, the pink version bends more to the feminine side, and most males will be inclined to wear it.

These sneakers are versatile, and apart from your daily skating entourages, they are compatible with wear on casual occasions, be it to class, work, or daily routines. They are warm, comfy, and breathable, and so wearing them for long periods won’t be a problem.


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top Sneakers are one of the best things to have happened to skate enthusiasts. All colors are available for you to choose from. Their sizing is correct, and you don’t have to order for a size larger or smaller. They are beautiful, and you will love them from when you unbox them. Speaking of their design, they were up to our expectations, and we couldn’t ask for anything better. Unlike the DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe, this one won’t cause a massive dent in your pocket.